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The Best Universities for Fashion Designing


Are you a creative, business-minded individual? Do you have a passion for aesthetics and style? Have you considered a degree in fashion designing? This type of programme can train students to hone their design skills as well as enhance their business knowhow. To give you an idea of what options exist, this EDUopinions’ article will list and describe the best universities for fashion designing.

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What subjects do I need to learn to become a fashion designer?

While individual programmes in fashion design will vary in terms of their specific curricula, students undertaking this type of degree can expect modules covering the experimental process, fashion culture and history, industry practices, designer identity and critical issues in fashion research. In addition to these classes, it is also typical for students to have an internship and/or capstone project at the end of a degree in fashion designing. In terms of relevant subjects to have studied before this degree, most programmes are flexible in terms of their entry requirements, but many like to see that applicants have studied some form of art before and have at least a modest portfolio.

Is it hard to get into fashion design?

Students Fashion Design

The fashion world can be difficult to establish yourself in, as the industry can be highly competitive. That said, earning a degree like the ones on this list is a great way to gain valuable experience and forge a network of contacts which can help you get your career off the ground after graduation. Students with a degree in fashion designing go on to work for well-known brands, other more-specialised commercial companies and textile studios around the world.

What are the best countries to study fashion in?

As you may have expected, France and Italy are two of the best places to study fashion. These countries both have long histories as European hubs of fashion and haute couture. For this reason, students in Italy and France find themselves learning and working alongside some of the world’s most famous designers. In addition to this, London is one of the best places to study fashion design, as the city is home to numerous highly-ranked institutions in the field and also plays a significant role in the fashion world.

EDUopinions’ list of the best universities to study fashion designing

University of the Arts London

University of the Arts London

First on the list of the best universities to study fashion designing is University of the Arts London (UAL). According to the QS World University Rankings, UAL is the second-best university for art and design in the world. The university is divided into six colleges spread across London, including one specifically dedicated to fashion design. Students applying to the University of the Arts London for a degree in fashion design will have to choose between 15 different undergraduate programmes in this field, each focusing on a different aspect of the industry. For these reasons and many more, the University of the Arts London is an excellent choice for anyone looking to go into fashion design.

Istituto Marangoni

Instituto Marangoni

Next, the Istituto Marangoni is another one of the best universities for fashion designing. Something unique about Istituto Marangoni is that it has campuses in four of the world’s largest fashion hubs, Milan, Paris, London and Miami. At any of these locations, students can undertake an honours BA in fashion design, learning how to create collections, conduct market analyses and how to implement brand design strategies. What’s more, the Paris and London campuses allow students to complete a year-long internship as a ‘sandwich’ year placement, an excellent opportunity to gain industry experience and expand your network of contacts.

American Business School of Paris

American Business School of Paris

The American Business School of Paris offers a bachelor in fashion and luxury retail management for those looking for a more business-oriented degree. This programme was developed at the request of and with the help of many luxury fashion brands located in France. For this reason, students in this degree gain a highly practical set of skills and knowledge which prepares them for work in the luxury market in the country and abroad. Another advantage of studying at the American Business School of Paris is its highly international atmosphere, with its student body being over 60% international and representing 80 different nationalities. All in all, it is not hard to tell why the American Business School of Paris is one of the best universities for fashion designing in Europe.

International School of Management (ISM)

The International School of Management (ISM) is a top-ranked private business school that offers a comprehensive international education and its campus is in Dortmund in Germany. ISM offers an M.A. in Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management. This Master’s duration is three semesters and the practice-oriented Master thesis. Its content includes sales structures, retail strategy, pricing and product development of luxury, customer relationship management, brand management and design management. The third semester of this Master’s in Fashion Management is at a foreign university partner of ISM.

Paris Fashion School by PSL – École Nationale de Mode et Matière

Paris Fashion School by PSL

Also located in the French capital, the Paris Fashion School by PSL offers a master’s degree in fashion and materials. This programme is taught entirely in English via a collaboration between three of Paris’s most prestigious educational institutions: the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, MINES ParisTech, and Université Paris Dauphine. This two-year degree allows students to learn the basics in both business and fashion design as well as embark on an interdisciplinary project, internship and an exploratory project. Further, this course is ideal for international students, who receive assistance with everything from administrative issues to transportation to learning about French culture. As such, the Paris Fashion School by PSL is hands-down one of the best universities to study fashion designing.

The International University of Art for Fashion – ESMOD

International University of Art for Fashion - ESMOD

The International University of Art for Fashion – ESMOD is truly a unique university providing students with a global-minded education in fashion design. ESMOD is a network of twenty schools in 13 countries, allowing students to study abroad for a semester at a time at any of their campuses. The school offers a three-year bachelor’s degree in fashion design, equipping students with everything they need to know in order to design clothing and accessory collections as well as a complementary base in important business skills. Further, students in their final year have the ability to specialise in one of nine specific industries such as womenswear, knitwear, new traditional couture, new luxury couture and more. Offering so many options and opportunities for customisation, it is no wonder why ESMOD made EDUopinions’ list of the best universities for fashion designing.

Institute of European Design – IED

Institute of European Design

Finally, the Institute of European Design offers another one of the best programmes in fashion designing. IED has campuses in cities across Italy, Spain and Brazil and offers dozens of specialised undergraduate degrees in fashion design. Further, some courses at IED included opportunities for exchange programmes with other schools in the network or through the Erasmus+ Program. What further sets IED apart from other fashion design schools is its emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship and trend anticipation, equipping students with practical skills for work in the competitive and dynamic world of fashion after graduation.

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