Pros And Cons Of Studying A Master Of Brand Management

Pros And Cons Of Studying A Master Of Brand Management


What’s a brand manager?

Everyone is talking about brands now. What is a brand? Why is this important? Is it different from marketing? I would love to share my study experience in the UK, the master’s degree in brand management. From what I learned, the brand manager’s role is like a brand’s family doctor. He or she needs to have an in-depth understanding of the company’s main core and issues and to control the quality of the brand. The results of quality control will be reflected in the product, reputation and brand value. A good manager should be able to research many different types of areas and then analyze it such as marketing, product development, employee concentration, manager leadership, consumer behavior, and so on. In order to find out the main core of the brand, from the analysis put forward strategies to improve cooperation with various internal departments, so that the business to obtain the best results.


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Who should study this major?

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  • You are interested in knowing a brand or company is very very deep…
  • You have passionate to dig the treasure (value) for the company.
  • You are interested in building a brand or redefining a brand.
  • You understand the basics of marketing.
  • You can analyze from different areas of your business.
  • You have good foresight and good taste.
  • You know how to let teammates work with you.
  • You can become a good listener.
  • You can manage your time well. (Because there are too many things that need to be done)
  • Even if you can’t find the value of the company or it looks like nothing, you don’t feel bored.
  • You know how to use strategies to change weaknesses.

Pros of a brand manager major

Twelve years after I worked as a designer, I completed my dream to study abroad and gain more insights and career prospects. You can learn to use analytical tools to solve problems, check all aspects and find out the brand’s core approach. Through research, it can help you see things from different perspectives and make your mind clearer. Through the global education philosophy and the professional advice of university professors, your capabilities have been further enhanced. Studying in the UK allows me to look at different Western ideas more broadly, to study the root causes of problems and find solutions. This expands my opinion of my creation. But for me personally, this is also an eye-opening experience. In different cultures, it can bring more different learning.

Cons of a brand manager major

After obtaining a master’s degree, this does not mean that you can easily find a job. It also depends on how much effort you put in the research, how much work you did, your past work experience, your personality, and your major. In my case, it does get more interview opportunities. In addition, when you really return to a work, because marketing is to increase sales in the short term, and the brand is long-term, comprehensive, in order to establish the company’s reputation. You need to try a very smart way to convince the boss and customer to make many changes when needed and prove that you are correct. How to make them believe that your point of view is correct and require people to make changes, this process always requires a lot of communication and coordination. 

Best universities to study Brand Management

How does it help me achieve my goals?

After graduation, I worked in brand management in London and then returned to Taiwan to work as a brand manager for a technology company. I have the opportunity to go through a company’s core organization and try to make its brand more valuable, the process is very worth to do so. However, studying brand management in the UK for me represents a large and well worthwhile investment in education. In the master’s program in management, I learned a lot about how to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively. I believe that in addition to the key skills I have mastered, I have become better because I have accepted the challenges of living in different cultures during this time.



Ready for it?

You ready to have an advance? Be brave, leave your comfort zone to face the weakest of yourself. Accept the challenge with a strong and open heart!


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