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The 10 Best Universities in Europe Based on Student Reviews


Europe is fast becoming one of the best and most preferred places for students to study. The world-class education system in Europe coupled with some of the cheapest countries to study has made Europe the best place to study. Though there are many online publications that rank universities on the basis of their education system, faculty, placement programs, international ranking etc, no one really ranks universities based on student reviews. We are EDUopinions, have a huge data of students who have expressed their honest opinion on every university. Which is why we have bought you some of the best universities in Europe based on student reviews.

EDUopinions is a unique platform where you can read real, verified student reviews about universities from all over the world as well as get free information about them.


The students have ranked the universities on the basis of the college environment, campus facilities, international students ease of admission and many other factors as well. Below are 10 universities based on student reviews.

1. Universite Paris 1 Pantheon- Sorbonne

Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne has received an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 with 11 reviews. This is a public research university in Paris It was founded in 1971 as one of the main descendants of the historical University of Paris or the Sorbonne. The university was created as an amalgamation of the University of Faculty of Law and Economics: Panthéon, and a section of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities: Sorbonne. There are three main domains of study namely: Sciences, Legal and Political Sciences, and Economic and Management Sciences.

According to student reviews, Universite Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne is a true French traditional university, it brings together the greatest researchers in France, students and teachers from around the world. It is also ranked third in the best non-English speaking universities worldwide. The students really complement the teachers and exclaim that they are some of the best. The teachers really motivate the students and urge them to do better.

The students also like the fact that the building is so historic and campus make you feel like living at the beginning of the 1900s. Located in the centre of Paris, it is very convenient to reach and the campus is like a landmark in the city.

“The University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne is a true French traditional university, it brings together the greatest researchers in France, students and teachers from around the world. The double degree in history and political science is very interesting in the sense that these two disciplines are complementary and provided by real professionals within the University Paris 1,” says Gauthier on EDUopinions website.

Another student, Morgane, says – “La Sorbonne (Paris1) is one of the oldest and most recognized universities in France. It is also the 3rd best non-English speaking university worldwide. I’d say that the quality of the education and the possibilities that are offered are a chance for the students studying there. The teachers are all very qualified and well know in their teaching field, which gives the student very interesting knowledge. Although there are a lot of strikes that shade the university’s name, it’s a chance to be able to study in a place were students are implicated and want to make the world a better place. Therefore, sometimes it can get a bit irritating to not be able to attend a class for days because of the strikes, that are not always legitimate.” She studied law at this university.

An anonymous student who studied his masters at Sorbonne university says that the class size was small and there were only 20-40 students hence there was a lot of personal attention. He says, “I did my masters degree at Sorbonne University and was lucky that there were only around 20-40 students per course. The majority of professors are excellent in their field and provide passionate classes. I only regret that the teaching style is rather old-school in most classes with professors giving lectures with not many possibilities to participate. I would have preferred to get some documentation other than my own notes in class, as you only concentrate on taking a maximum of notes, but you can’t really pay attention to the content of the lecture itself. Moreover, the equipment of the university is pretty rudimentary in terms of projecting presentations etc. However, I really enjoyed studying at Sorbonne and the quality of the classes definitely made up for the downsides.” Read more on EDUopinions.

2. Toulouse Business School

Toulouse Business School is also one of the most highly rated universities in Europe with an average rating of 4 given by more than 55 students. Even though Toulouse is a fairly new university with only 100 years of history it has already achieved many valuable accreditations like EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB in the Business field. TBS Barcelona offers its students the opportunity to study in three different locations: Spain, France, and England. One can pursue a Bachelor’s in Management, Masters in Management, MSc and an MSc in Finance. The international student rate of the TBS Barcelona is very high, only 24% of the students at this campus are Spaniards, other 24% is French and the other 52% come from different parts of the world, making TBS Barcelona an international campus.

A lot of students have reviewed TBS Barcelona and have frequently remarked on the campus location which is very central. The Barcelona building is small, but the student facilities are good. Here’s what Antoine has to say, “I had a chance to spend one year at TBS for my student exchange. Campus location was perfect as it was at the centre of Barcelona. The building is small but student facilities are enough for studying. Especially at business management school provides many different master programs. For the English language, there is only business administration bachelor and specific master degrees. Based on French students can have more options. I would suggest people study their master both for being in Barcelona and studying at TBS. This combination cannot be found and I can understand why many schools are establishing facilities in Barcelona. It is a gorgeous city.”

Students also remark on the good education system and the fact that the campus is really international and welcomes students from all over the world. Here’s what an anonymous student has to say about TBS on EDUopinions: “Good environment, people from everywhere in the world, small, making you feel like home it is what describes this university. I am so happy to have made this choice and I totally recommend it to everyone who wants experience+international people!”

Students also remark on the good courses that are there at TBS. Even the professors are really involved and help out the students quite a lot. Here’s what the student says about TBS on EDUopinions: “I really like this school because all the courses are really well presented and interesting here and the professors are really involved in here to help us improve our competencies and capacities to work well. In addition, the campus give is what we need to work in good conditions.”

3. Bocconi University, Milan

Founded in 1902, Bocconi University is the first Italian university to grant a degree in economics. Their main campus is in Milan, Italy. Bocconi has become one of the leading institutes for economics and social sciences. Bocconi started the SDA Bocconi School of Management which specialises in MBA, specialized Master Programmes and Open Enrolment/Customised Executives Education.

The average rating of Bocconi University is 4.1 given by 17 students. Here’s what the students have to say:

Students say that the training offered is excellent and gives great job opportunities. Here’s what the students say about Bocconi on EDUopinions: The Bocconi is able to offer you preparation in the field of jurisprudential 360°, but not only, allows you to have a preparation in the economic field. The level is very high, the difficulty in the study, however, I believe that once finished my studies I will be well integrated into the workplace.”

Students also say that the quality of teaching here is very high and the organisation is very efficient as well. Read more on EDUopinions: “The great efficiency and organization, the high quality of teaching, and the possibility to take part in many interesting and useful experiences make Bocconi University stand out. It distinguishes itself from the Italian academic background. Many people say Bocconi is too stressful, but to me, it’s worth it.”

4. EU Business School

This school received an average rating of 3.7 given by 121 students. EU Business School is an international, professionally accredited business school with campuses in Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux and Munich. EU offers foundation, bachelor’s, master’s, MBA and doctoral programs.

Here’s what the students have to say about EU Business School:

Most students say that the personal attention given to students is really great. One will find students from all over the world here. Beliz a student of EU says, “EU Business School is located in Barcelona, Montreux, Geneva and Munich. Students can study at and see different campuses every year. University buildings are not big enough that sometimes the population becomes hard to handle. On the other hand even its prices, there is quite a big demand due to good marketing and education system. There are students from every country in the world. Tutors are assigned to every student and what you pay is earned back by special effort and lessons. School is recognised by many companies and institutions. That’s why at graduation, you will have a reputable university in your CV and support from your known school.”

Other students say that the EU degree is really valued by companies and can give a good edge to students. An anonymous student says, “The degree is very well valued by companies although from my point of view the curriculum and content is very general and does not provide you with the information necessary for tomorrow to become “a great entrepreneur”. There are notions of marketing, finance, economics, etc. In short, a very general degree that opens many doors to the future.”

Other students talk about the environment at EU which is good and even the professors really give personal attention to students.

5. Catholic University of Leuven – KU, Belgium

KU Leuven is a research university in the city of Leuven in Flanders in Belgium. Ever since its founding in 1425, it has become one of the leading universities in Belgium. It was also ranked number 40 by Times Higher Education. Most of the courses are in Dutch, but some courses are offered in English. Here’s what students have to say about the Catholic University:

Renske, a student of the Catholic University says that it is a great university offering a variety of courses. The quality of education is pretty good too, that too at low costs. Renske says, “KU Leuven is a great university offering a wide variety of courses. The quality of education is very good and tuition costs are low (at least for EU students). The university has a good reputation and is known to be the most difficult university in Belgium.

Leuven is a nice city, but be aware that it is quite small. I have been here for three years now and wouldn’t want to stay much longer. However, it’s not too boring as almost half of the population are students. There is also a campus in Brussels, so if you enjoy living in a bigger city you could go there. Overall, I would certainly recommend going to KU Leuven.”

Paulina, another student at KU says that the level of education here is pretty good. “Very good university with tough exams that really check your knowledge. Easy to get accepted, diverse and international atmosphere. Renovated classrooms and nice canteens. Decent teachers.”

6. University College Cork, Ireland

Located in Ireland, it is commonly referred to as UCC. UCC’s main campus is based on Western Road, just a short walk from Cork City centre. The main campus is home to the university’s most famous sight containing historic buildings called the Main Quadrangle or the ‘Quad’ as it is better known. This university received a 4.6 ranking overall. Here’s what the students have to say about UCC:

Robin who studied Commerce with Chinese at UCC says that the opportunities offered here are plentiful. He had the chance to explore China as well. “I enjoyed my time at UCC. I think it’s a great university with many solid options as courses. Having studied Commerce with Chinese I can say that the opportunities in terms of travel and experience in the country of choice “China” are plentiful. UCC, in general, provide good opportunities for students in other courses also such as in the BIS course where the 3rd year placement opportunities are excellent in comparison to other institutes for the same degree.”

Hollie who also studied at UCC says the campus is beautiful and comes to a huge variety of different courses, clubs and societies. “I thoroughly enjoyed my time in UCC. It’s a beautiful campus with a huge variety of different courses, clubs and societies. The facilities there are top class and it’s situated really close to the city centre. I would recommend it to anybody. The lecturers there are excellent and really helpful. The student centre is a bit pricy but other than that it’s a brilliant place to be.”

7. Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Delft University of Technology has one of the largest campuses in the world, with more than 161 hectares. It houses restaurants, bike paths, parks, a media centre, a flight simulator, a botanical garden, and an aerodynamics and propulsion lab.

Delft University has a rating of 4.2 from 36 students. Here’s what the students have to say:

Students say that the level of courses is very high and higher than many other universities. An anonymous student says, “The level of the courses taught is very high, higher than at many other universities. Also, there are lots of other extra-curricular activities provided so the students gain other, practical experience, such as the Nuna or Ecorunner dream teams.”

Students also like the beautiful and large campus which is located in the city centre and it’s a good university overall. Mahdeih from India says, “The culture and work ethics at TU Delft can be best described as “open”. Located conveniently in a quiet but not-so-empty city, it’s proximal to all utility stores, a theatre, the city centre and a 15-minute bike ride from most accommodations (in Delft).”

8. Radboud University, Netherlands

They have a 4.5 rating from 10 students. Radboud University is a public university located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.  It is a medical department linked to e Radboud University Medical Centre. Radboud University has seven faculties and enrols almost 20,000 students in 112 study programmes covering the areas of Business, Economics, Environment, Politics, and many more.

Students say that the university is very broadly oriented and has good facilities like a student restaurant. Read more on EDUopinions – “ This university is very broadly orientated and has good facilities like a good student restaurant and a lot of sports options. The university is located about 10 minutes by bike or public transport from the city centre. Housing for international students will be provided.”

The campus and city are beautiful as the campus is green and forested that is perfectly complemented by modern buildings. Here’s what Constantina, a student at Radboud says, “Radboud is the perfect place for a student who wants the feeling of an active university environment in a beautiful city. The campus is forested and green, the buildings are modern, and the university community is very active. There are many kinds of support services, especially for international students. As a student there you can have a membership at an excellent gym for a very low yearly fee and be active in sports clubs, there are opportunities to be a student assistant for your professors, to be active in student associations, and many more things.”

9. Bashkir State University, Russia

Bashkir State University has a 5-star rating from 15 students. A student from here says it is the best university in Russia as the university has great opportunities to master their future profession. Dima says, “I am a first-year student at the Sterlitamak branch of the Bashkir State University. I work as a bachelor in the Department of correspondence department of the TMO.

At our university students have great opportunities to master their future profession. There are a lot of light, spacious classrooms, lecture halls, reading rooms and a gym. In addition, there are special offices and laboratories where we can improve our language skills and communicate with native speakers all over the world.

We have the opportunity to demonstrate and apply our knowledge in teaching practice at school. A large number of our students are engaged in scientific work. The topics of their research reflect a wide range of their interests.” Read more on EDUopinions.

A student says that in the classical ranking this university takes the 49th rank, but she’s positive that the university will rank fourth or fifth very soon. Aksana a student at Bashkir states, “An ingenious university, professional professors work. explain everything clearly, clearly, and all are interested in questions that give 100% answers. In the ranking of classical universities in Russia takes 49th place, but is confident in the future will take the fifth and even second place. Conditions are excellent, as the student is very happy. I appreciate them very much, their desire is to teach all students, and I do not see any disadvantages.”

10. Lomonosov Moscow State University

With an average rating of 4.9, the Lomonosov State University ranks pretty well.

Students say that the staff and professors here are excellent and the level of knowledge is pretty good as well. Yulia says, “Very high level of the teaching staff. They give basic knowledge, which is used in all branches. there are service dormitories for suburban students, like me) I got the road to a bright future and are very grateful to this institution. Certificates of study (diplomas) have privileges when applying for work in EU countries.”

Another student says, “Moscow State University is a great choice if you’d like to receive fundamental theoretical education with all its advantages and disadvantages. What is more, if you are a foreign student you have a clear set of it’s necessary for the application, lists of examination questions always attached on the site of each faculty. Speaking of the site, it’s one the things that can be improved, in the meaning of digital appearance.”

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