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EDUopinions Student Reviews Guide 2022: Best Degrees for Job Prospects


When choosing a subject to study, one of the biggest questions in your mind might be: can I get a job when I graduate? A university degree is expensive and time-consuming, and with all that time and effort going into it, you’ll need to know that you’ll get a job out of it. Knowing which are the best degrees for job prospects can help you decide which subjects are worth your time, and which have worse outcomes in the job market.

As part of our Student Reviews Guide, we’ve analysed thousands of verified student reviews from universities across Europe to find the best degrees for job prospects. Each of these programmes received positive reviews in the category ‘career prospects’. We also examined which degree subjects received the lowest marks in this category, and included them in our list of the worst degrees for job prospects.

The Best Degrees for Job Prospects

5. Data Science (3.9/5 rating)

Data Science Jobs

Data Science is rising in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. As more business operations go digital, organisations increasingly need employees who know how to handle data. Studying data science naturally gives you skills in data analysis, but also knowledge of other cutting-edge subjects like machine learning and AI. For the technical student, studying data science offers a world of opportunities in STEM.

4. Marketing (4/5 rating)

Marketing Degrees

Marketing is a hugely varied subject, covering all aspects of marketing products to customers. As a result, there are opportunities for marketing graduates in areas like social media, SEO, content marketing, and data analysis. McKinsey considers marketing to be one of the 15 occupations that account for 30% of future job growth. It’s no surprise that students scored it high and that it comes out as one of the best degrees for job prospects.

3. International Business Management (4.2/5 rating)

International Business Management Job Prospects

While many jobs may be at risk in the future due to sector changes or increased automation, management isn’t one of them. McKinsey also predicts that professional roles could grow by 20% in the next ten years, which is a testament to the value that we place on good managers. To lead society through inevitable changes, managers are necessary. Consequently, International Business Management is one of the best degrees for job prospects.

2. Computer Science (4.3/5 rating)

Job Prospects Computer Science Degree

Like data science, Computer Science degrees are seeing a growth in popularity thanks to our increasing reliance on technology. Graduates of this subject will have knowledge of the most-used programming languages and mathematics, leading to a variety of jobs. This includes games development, data analysis, or software engineering.

1. health Science (4.7/5 rating)

Health Science Best Degree for Careers

Given the recent global health crisis, it’s unsurprising that Health Science is the best degree for job prospects in 2021. Combining health study with laboratory experience, it’s one of the most in-demand jobs right now. Graduates can diagnose and treat patients, but they might also work in research.

What are the Worst Degrees for Job Prospects?

Sadly, not all degrees offer promising job returns. As well as discovering the best degrees for job prospects, we at EDUopinions also examined our verified student reviews for those degrees that performed the worst for career prospects.

This doesn’t mean that graduates don’t get jobs after studying these degrees, just that students rated these programmes lower for career prospects. As with any degree, remember to look at your prospective university’s employment data to find out how recent graduates are faring.

5. Civil Engineering (3.1/5 rating)

Civil Engineering Job

The best performer of these degrees, Civil Engineering can be considered an anomaly because engineering, in theory, used to be ranked high for employability. In the UK, 62% of graduates found employment six months after graduating in 2019. This is compared to 56% of all other graduates. However, the sector has struggled over the last year. There was a 50% decrease in new apprentices last year, meaning many graduates simply haven’t been able to find work.

4. International Relations and European Studies (3/5 rating)

International Relations Careers

Graduates in International Relations and European Studies have the skills to work in a wide variety of roles – but that doesn’t mean there’s demand. A common path is to jobs within organisations like the United Nations, European Union, or World Health Organisation, but these jobs are highly competitive.

3. Psychology (2.9/5 rating)

Psychology Degrees

You might be surprised to find Psychology in the top three worst jobs for job prospects. Students can work in a wide variety of areas including clinical psychology, counselling, or social work – but many roles require further study. In the UK, 25% of psychology graduates do postgraduate study, and roles for Bachelor graduates may be limited.

2. European Studies (2.8/5 rating)

Job Prospects for European Studies

Appearing twice on this list, European Studies received some of the lowest scores for career prospects. As with International Relations, students often compete for highly sought-after roles in global organisations, meaning the jobs market is difficult. The curriculum is also broader than other degrees, so graduates may not be as well prepared for roles.

1. Media and Cultural Studies (2.5/5 rating)

Media Studies Worst Degree for Job Prospects

According to our student reviews, the worst degree for job prospects is Media and Cultural Studies. This broad degree may cover subjects as diverse as journalism, television, PR, advertising, and social media. However, for this subject, experience is key. Media jobs are highly competitive, and students with practical work experience will fare better. Consequently, students who are interested in this sector may consider developing a specialism early on.

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