IESEG Ecole de Commerce Vs Paris School of Business (PSB)

IESEG Ecole de Commerce Vs Paris School of Business (PSB)


Read the EDUopinions comments on the IESEG Ecole de Commerce (located in both Paris and Lille) and you are sure to be impressed. Although you will find only six comments (so far) on the school, each comment is lengthy – describing many aspects of life as an IESEG student. These comments, even more impressively, are all nearly completely positive.

The EDUopinions comments on the Paris School of Business (PSB) are not far behind those of IESEG. PSB, according to its students, is an impressive institute, adept in preparing for the modern business world those who attend. Its comments contain many similarities to IESEG’s ones, so let’s take a closer look at what these two colleges do the same, and what sets them apart.

Let´s take a look at our new comparison article: IESEG Ecole de Commerce Vs Paris School of Business (PSB).



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IESEG’S Many Positives

One positive which repeatedly appears in IESEG’s EDUopinions comment section is their location – more so their Lille location in Northern France. Students rave about how Lille is a perfect city for students, with one commenter even going so far as to say that ‘student life in Lille is, in my opinion, the best in France.


IESEG Ecole de Commerce Vs Paris School of Business (PSB)

As this IESEG student tells us, he believes Lille’s success as a student hub is owed to the presence of many international students there, bringing an exciting diversity to the city and indeed to life studying at IESEG Lille.

IESEG’s Paris campus is not to be sniffed at, either. Located underground at the Parisian financial district of La Défense (specifically, underneath the impressive La Grande Arche de La Défense – a massive arch-shaped building which you can see on the institute’s EDUopinions page), the IESEG campus there is, according to this same commenter, ‘very high-tech.’ Paris is a beautiful city in many ways, but perhaps Lille is the perfect fit specifically for students.

Another frequently commented on aspect of IESEG is its administration and organisation. These elements seem to be a common fault of many universities and institutes in general, yet IESEG students on EDUopinions state several times how impressed they are with how IESEG is run. This student writes how ‘the assistance for administrative procedures is very helpful.’ Although it is not specified exactly the way in which IESEG is so successful with administrative processes, many other universities could certainly stand to be inspired by this business school.

IESEG Ecole de Commerce Vs Paris School of Business (PSB)

Furthermore, as touched on earlier, the internationality and diversity at IESEG is another plus for students. So much so, in fact, that it is mentioned in nearly every IESEG comment on EDUopinions. This international environment is fortunately not confined to the student population at IESEG; this commenter tells us of how much his English has improved – thanks substantially his teachers, and how, very impressively, he can now even recognise English spoken in different accents.

IESEG Ecole de Commerce Vs Paris School of Business (PSB)

Whether it be for making new friends from different countries, or for educational reasons, the internationality that seems to be present at many European universities appears to be one of the most important opportunities available.  

There were also IESEG students who commented on the warm welcome they received at the school. One EDUopinions comment posted earlier in this article mentions that there is ‘an entire integration programme for new students’ at IESEG. Being such an international college, this element no doubt makes a difference to how students – many of who may be either far from home or away from home for the first time – experience their time at IESEG (and if they will enjoy it or not).

A final significant positive point appearing more than once on EDUopinions is IESEG’s aid to students in preparing them for their professional life after their studies. This student explains what it is that IESEG does for students in this way.

IESEG Ecole de Commerce Vs Paris School of Business (PSB)

To help students with their careers even after graduating too – as stated here by Prajat – most definitely sets IESEG apart from the crowd.

Other IESEG praise came in the form of comments on the high number of electives available to choose from, and the teaching methods used at the school.



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What the Paris School of Business Does Right



Located in Paris’ 13th arrondissement and easily accessible by transport, the Paris Business School’s most frequently mentioned positive point has to be its Campus Cluster, which, according to PSB students, ‘[is an] incredible platform where you could meet people – be it students or professors – from all over the world’ and ‘facilitates exchanges between students.

IESEG Ecole de Commerce Vs Paris School of Business (PSB)

In such a massive city like Paris, which unlike Lille is not at the fore a student city, the Campus Cluster idea must be a lifesaver for PSB students.

Coming a close second to the Campus Cluster in how often it is mentioned in students’ EDUopinions comments is PSB’s international diversity on campus. Like IESEG and indeed countless other European third level institutes, PSB is no different in how cosmopolitan a campus it is. The comment posted just above even talks about the ‘vibrancy’ among the student community due to its diversity.

Returning again to the PSB comment used a little earlier in this article, praise of PSB’s teaching must be discussed. As the commenter states, the teachers at PSB transmit ‘not only […] theoretical knowledge’ but also ‘practical examples and key advice and directions that I believe surely make a difference when we enter the professional world.’ This is a critical plus to note about PSB, as it may only be when you are out in the ‘real world’ and in employment that you may come to realise how well your education prepared or did not prepare you for life as a graduate.

Other pros mentioned in the PSB EDUopinions comment section include the option to complete a two-year master in a work-study company, and the year abroad in the third year offered by the business school, as this commenter explains.

IESEG Ecole de Commerce Vs Paris School of Business (PSB)



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PSB Cons


Necessary to mention first on the PSB cons list is its administration and organisation. Three out of PSB’s five comments on EDUopinions mention disappointment in the system at the school. Comments range from this element being ‘not very good’ and ‘not very present’ to there being a ‘problem of communication between pupils and administration.’ Also critical to mention is the comment mentioning that the school is ‘actively working’ on this issue.

It is not exactly a con, but something to be aware of is – as mentioned by this commenter – that at the Grande Ecole at PSB, you agree directly to a masters qualification without it explicitly mentioned in the beginning.

IESEG Ecole de Commerce Vs Paris School of Business (PSB)

Perhaps, it must be said, there is a share of the blame here – an assumption by the student, and unclear language and/or descriptions used by PSB.




As many things as it does right, IESEG still has some slight room for improvement. Two EDUopinions comments on the school refer to the limited number of places for students in many elective options, causing disappointment for many. However, as one commenter tells us, IESEG is working on solving this issue and has set up some online subjects as a result.

Another factor with which IESEG students are not satisfied is the student associations at the college. As comments added to this article have told us, students find it ‘hard’ to get into an association, they find them ‘inaccessible,’ and they claim there is little information available about associations’ recruitment processes.  


Conclusions on IESEG Ecole de Commerce Vs Paris School of Business (PSB)


To put these two French business schools against each other would likely make no sense. Each student out there is looking for something different and specific to them to gain out of their studies, and every college is different. Please keep this in mind when/if you are looking to choose a course/college in which to study! If you happen to end up choosing between these two institutions, you will be in France either way, so you could say it is a win-win situation!

If you are thinking to study in France this article is for you! We have compared two great institutions in Paris to give you insights of these are good places for you to study! Take a look, and if you liked it leave a comment or your opinion about your university :) Real students opinions
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