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The 5 Best Places to Study Abroad 


Whenever a student looks at studying abroad, he invariably thinks about the best places to study abroad. Whether that is the best study abroad programme or best countries to study abroad in – we at EDUopinions have found the answers and here’s the list of the best places to study abroad.

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1) Barcelona, Spain

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, this city is rich in mesmerising architecture because of Antoni Gaudi. His magical creations adorn the city and make it a dreamy place. The warm weather and home to amazing beaches- Barcelona is one of the most beautiful places to study in. For centuries, Barcelona has been the heart of cultural activities. There are many universities in Barcelona to choose from like the EADA Business School, EAE Business School, Global Business School, University of Barcelona etc.

The student life in Barcelona is pretty huge and the cosmopolitan nature of these cities draw students from far and wide. Some universities like the University of Barcelona has some great sports and a range of activities for a good lifestyle. There are sports teams, drama clubs, music societies etc.

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2) Sydney, Australia

The high quality of life, laid-back lifestyle and the multi-cultural society all combine to make Australia one of the best countries to study abroad in. Sydney has a big number of students from India and Asia as well. Even in terms of jobs and employability- Sydney is pretty good. Their government has invested millions in innovation, and for students to get scholarships from universities. The number of jobs in the technology sector has also been increasing. The city has a lot to offer, one just has to look.

There are many excellent universities to choose from like the University of Sydney, UNSW University, University of Technology Sydney, International College of Management.

3) Berlin, Germany

Germany has always been one of the favourite countries for students because of its close to free education, great lifestyle, buzzing culture and historical significance. Every corner is packed with history and the art revolution can be felt on the streets as well. It’s a great country to party, study and just live! Germany is Europe’s largest economy and makes for one of the best countries to study abroad in. They have great study abroad programmes as well.

Germany Universities are also known to provide outstanding academic programmes. It’s also a very diverse country. There are many top universities to choose from University of Hamburg, Heidelberg University, Leipzig University, University of Munster and more.

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4) Milan, Italy

Along with cities like Rome and Florance, Milan is one of the best places to study. A capital city of art, culture and fashion- Milan is a great city to study in if you’re an art student. You will also skip a lot of crowds if you go to this city.

Other than that Italy in itself is a great country to study in. An amazing place for foodies, history buffs and travellers – Italy is also a perfect place to study. If you’re a student of art, music, history, architecture etc, Italy is one of the best places to study in. Some great universities you can study at are the University of Turin, University of Milan, Bocconi University etc.

5) Lyon, France

Beyond the fashionable streets of Paris, Lyon is a smaller, quieter town which is perfect for students. Not far from the border of Switzerland, Lyon is a great city near the Alps with amazing mountain views and historic architecture. The city is also a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. It is also a hotbed for technology companies. Lyon is also known for its foodie paradise. Sitting at the confluence of two rivers, Lyon is a wonderful city to study in if you’re looking for non-traditional options.

Some great universities in Lyon are IAE Lyon, National School Fine Arts De Lyon and more.

Best Study Abroad Programmes

Starting a new life and choosing your programme isn’t always easy. With so many options a student often thinks if the heavy student loans will be worth it or how will you adjust in a new environment. While choosing your programmes, don’t just focus on which city you will be going to. Also, study about the programme and how it will benefit your academic life.

You must also make sure that your study abroad programmes are flexible. Though you are going to study in a new country, you would love to explore the city as well and just imbibe the culture. Make sure your programme allows you to do that.

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Here are a few study abroad programmes you can choose from:

  • College Year In Athens:

Study Abroad Greece: Immerse yourself in Greece’s rich history and learn outside the classroom as well. The diverse programmes will allow you to learn new things, learn about Greece’s culture and just experience a new life.

• Where: Athens, Crete, Paros or Santorini, Greece

• When: Summer, Semester, Year-Long

  • IES Abroad Siena Summer

Tradition & Cuisine in Tuscany

The Italian life you always dreamed of having, can be yours now.

Experience the rich Tuscany countryside living and explore piazzas, vineyards and wines while studying in


• Where: Siena, Italy

• When: Summer

  •  Meiji Academy – Study Japanese in Fukuoka

If you’re studying Japanese, there’s no better place to study than this academy. An intense programme that will help you in many ways. They offer multiple excursions, lessons in Japanese culture, and even a course in Japanese business practices


You might also want to check out our article on how you can Study Abroad Without IELTS or TOEFL.

Here are some of the best study abroad programmes. Choose the one that fits you well and does you good!

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