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The 10 best EU countries for Women to Study Business


Are you looking for the best European country to study business? If you are a woman, there are lots of factors to consider before making the final decision. These are, for example, the female employment rate and the gender pay gap but also the number of women with a relevant role in the government of the country you are targeting. Taken these things into consideration, EDUopinions will list the 10 best EU countries for women to study business.

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The 10 Best EU Countries for women to study business

MyVoucherCodes carried out a study to find out the top 10 European countries for businesswomen, taking into account the following factors:

  • Gender Pay Gap;
  • Female Employment Rate;
  • Number of Female Billionaires;
  • Percentage of Females in Secondary Education;
  • Years since Women’s Suffrage;
  • Percentage of Women in National Government;
  • Percentage of Women in Ministerial Positions;
  • Days with Woman as Head of State;
  • Female Life Expectancy;
  • Maximum Weeks of Parental Leave;
  • Percentage Tax on Sanitary Products;
  • Contraception Score.

10. Slovenia


According to this study, Slovenia is the 10th best EU country for women in business. This tiny country in Central Europe is famous for its mountains and lakes. There, the gender pay gap is below 28%, the female employment rate is around 51%, and 15 are the weeks of maternity leave that are paid. Some of the top institutions are the University of Ljubljana and IEDC-Bled School of Management.

9. The Netherlands

study in Netherlands

The Netherlands is the 9th country on the list. The gender pay gap is higher than the one in Slovenia, being over 47%, however, the percentage of female employment is higher, being nearly 58%. 16 is the number of weeks paid for maternity leave. Top institutions are Radboud University and Tilburg University.

8. United Kingdom

Study in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the top European countries for women in business. However, there’s a gender pay gap of 80%. According to The Guardian, last year 8 in 10 companies in the UK paid men more than women. The female employment rate is almost 57% and 52 are the weeks paid for maternity leave, which is a greater number compared to the above-mentioned countries. Top business schools in the UK are the London School of Economics, University College London, and King’s College.

7. Ireland

pros and cons of studying in dublin

Next on the list, we have Ireland, which is the third-largest island in Europe, with a gender pay gap of nearly 52% and a female employment rate of nearly 53%. Women benefit from 42 paid weeks of maternity leave. Some of the best Irish business schools are University College Cork, University College Dublin, and Trinity College Dublin.

6. Finland


The Finnish education system is known for being one of the best worldwide. In Finland, the gender pay gap is around 38%, with a female employment rate of nearly 55%. Women receive a paid maternity leave of 18 weeks. Finland appears first in the 2018 and 2019 World Happiness Report by the United Nations. If you are looking to study in the happiest place on Earth, some of the top business schools are Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and Aalto University, both offering International Business at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

5. Sweden


Sweden is gaining popularity not only among tourists but also among European students, given that many universities in the country offer them free education. The female employment rate is nearly 61% and the gender pay gap is one of the lowest in Europe being less than 29%. Sweden is also home to 8 of the few female billionaires in the world, if that doesn’t motivate you to study there I do not know what can. Some of the institutions worth mentioning are Lund University, Jönköping University, and Stockholm University.

4. Iceland


If you are not afraid of the cold, Iceland might be a place you would want to look into. In fact, back in 2018, Iceland became the first country worldwide to enforce equal pay. 72.5% of Icelandic women are employed and are entitled to 13 paid weeks of maternity leave. The University of Iceland and Reykjavik University are both incredible places to study in Iceland.

3. France

Montpellier, France

Even though the female employment rate in France is lower than the latest countries I have just mentioned, being 50.5%, France still remains one of the best countries in Europe to study business because of the incredible range of courses and business schools available. Some of the best institutions are the Montpellier Business School, ESCP Europe, and Toulouse Business School.

2. Norway


It is time to go back north and talk about Norway. Nearly 61% of Norwegian women are employed and are paid 45 weeks of maternity leave. In addition, the gender pay gap is low, as it does not reach 26%. If you are looking into studying in Norway, some of the best institutions are the University of Bergen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, BI Norwegian Business School, and Molde University College.

1. Germany


We finally reached the number one country on the list. Taken into consideration all the factors mentioned at the beginning of the article, Germany is the best country for women to study business. The gender pay gap is around 45% and 55% of German women are employed. 32 is the number of women that are billionaires in Germany, and that is also because of the amazing education they have access to. Among all business schools, these are some: EU Business School, IESE Business School, ESCP Business School, and Cologne Business School.


Depending on what you value the most, all of the above-mentioned countries are worth considering if you would like to study business in Europe. If you have decided where you wish to study but have not been able to choose a specific business school by yourself, EDUopinions can help!

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