University of Roehampton Review

London, United Kingdom
Review left on:
"Accommodation "

Beautiful campus, great facilities and a really great overall feeling for the lifestyle. But I had a nightmare experience with the accommodation.
I stayed at Spring Mews, where I experienced strange men being allowed to walk into my flat, and more constant intrusion. Unkept promises and very rude staff. There were maybe around 3 members of staff who were kind and understanding but the rest were awful. No aircon or heating in my room for the entire year. Anything I’d report as faulty would never get fixed, or if it did it wouldn’t be done to a basic standard.
Misleading prices for the rooms. Myself and another paid the same amount as everyone else but received box size rooms whereas others got extra big rooms.
Very disappointing.

  • Overall
  • Student Life
  • Facilities
  • Accommodations
  • Professors
  • Internationality
  • Location
  • Value

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