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Student Visa Requirements

There are two kinds of visas required for students who want to study in Portugal. There is a short-term visa (referred to as Visa-C) which is for students who apply for a short-term study or course that lasts for 6 months or less.

There is also a longer-term visa (Visa-D) which is for students who apply for a longer academic study course. Both of these visas need to be applied for at your nearest Portuguese embassy or consulate where they will be processed.

There are several requirements for a visa application to Portugal, including a valid passport and photograph, letter of acceptance from the university you applied to, proof of health insurance coverage, a valid ticket or travel document to Portugal and confirmation of application fee – this could be up to €170.

Student Accommodation in Portugal

Most universities in Portugal have their own accommodation with they manage and offer to students as a cheaper alternative to private university accommodation.

The cost of this accommodation is usually €150-€300 p/month, significantly cheaper than the private accommodation which can cost between €350-€500 p/month depending on your location and the style of accommodation you prefer.

Portuguese universities usually have dedicated housing services for students to help them find accommodation for their studies and application should be made directly to them.

Applying to Portuguese Universities

Students are required to prove their proficiency in both Portuguese and English as many courses included elements of both.

There is a centralised system in Portugal which allows applications to be made to up to six universities and programmes in order of preference. Along with proof of language proficiency you also need to provide transcripts of academic records or equivalents, proof that you have passed an entrance exam and a motivation letter.

Portuguese Tuition Fees and Finance

Public universities in Portugal tend to be cheaper however, some private universities offer large discounts on tuition fees according to performance in entrance exams.

For an undergraduate degree at a public university international students can expect to be between €950 and €1,250 p/year which is payable annually, whereas at private universities you are likely to be paying a higher fee
– between €3,323 and €3,872 per year – and pay incrementally over the months.

If you are studying from a country outside of the EU then you may be subject to higher tuition fees.

There are a number of scholarships available in Portugal to Portuguese and other EU nationals to help subsidise the cost of studying in Portugal. The Portuguese government also offers a number of grants to students both foreign and domestic.

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