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The Best Masters in Cyber Security


Cyber security is a relatively new but incredibly important field of work. Impacting all levels of society and the economy, cybercrime damages are expected to amount to £5 trillion annually by 2021. For this reason, cyber security is an in-demand and highly lucrative line of work. To learn more, read on! In this article, EDUopinions will list and describe the best masters in cyber security Europe has to offer!

Which country is the best to study a masters in cyber security?

Given the number and range of masters in cyber security offered there, the UK is probably the best place to study this type of programme. Home to some of the best universities in Europe, it is no surprise the UK is a great place to study cyber security. However, it is important to remember that pointing to just one country as the best place to do a masters in cyber security only goes so far. Everyone looks for something different when it comes to graduate studies, so be sure to look into options in a few countries.

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What opportunities will this programme give me?

A masters in cyber security can set you up for a number of different career paths. Many graduates of this type of programme work as security analysts for large corporations or banks. Another popular career you could pursue with this degree is security consulting. Others work in the public sector, as military intelligence analysts or in the civil service.

How difficult is a masters in cyber security?

At the masters level, cyber security is a challenging degree, but for students with backgrounds in STEM, it certainly doable. Common modules in a cyber security degree include IT security, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, penetration testing and security analysis. Having studied computer science or information systems is a major advantage, as many of the concepts of cyber security build off these fields.

EDUopinions’ list of the best masters in cyber security:

Advanced Cyber Security MSc at King’s College London

King's College London Campus

The first on EDUopinions’ list of the best masters in cyber security is the advanced cyber security MSc at King’s College London. This online programme is highly flexible, offering six different entry points throughout the year. The MSc qualification takes two years to earn, but for students looking for a PG dip or PG cert, the course can be completed in 16 or 8 months respectively. Finally, studying at such a prestigious university as King’s College London is a sure-fire way to graduate with great career prospects. All in all, this degree is a top-notch option for anyone wanting to study cyber security at the graduate level.

Computer Science in Cyber Security MSc at IUBH University of Applied Sciences

Providing a uniquely interdisciplinary approach to cyber security, IUBH University of the Applied Sciences offers an MSc in computer science in cyber security. Students can start their studies in cyber security at IUBH at any point during the year, as this degree is offered entirely online. The content of this programme consists of advanced computer science topics as well as relevant cyber security knowledge. Another advantage of this programme is the price, costing only €550 per month. Offering so much for so little, IUBH clearly offers one of the best masters in cyber security.

Masters in Digital Technology with Cyber security at Bologna Business School

Bologna Business School offers the next programme on our list of the best masters in cyber security. This degree in digital technology with cyber security focuses on preparing students for the fast-paced nature of the cyber security industry. The course is structured in three parts, the first two of which are classroom-based. The final part of the degree requires students to undertake an internship to gain first-hand insights on what it is like working in the field of cyber security. Finally, students have the option to choose whether they study this programme in person or online, yet another advantage of this great programme.

Computer Science MSc with Focus on Cyber Security at SRH  Berlin University of Applied sciences

srh berlin

Next up is the computer science MSc with focus on cyber security at SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences. This degree is unique in that it provides an education in computer science and cyber security, while also equipping students with business and legal knowledge to enable them to be well-rounded security experts. Lasting four semesters, the programme consists of both lectures as well as internships and a thesis in the final term. Finally, it is worth mentioning that SRH Hochschule has adjusted its entry requirements due to Covid-19 related disruptions, helping to maintain students’ access to education even during difficult times.

Executive Master in IT Risk & Cyber Security at Antwerp Management School

Antwerp Management School - campus

Located in the Netherlands, the Antwerp Management School (AMS) offers another one of the best masters in cyber security. The MSc in IT risk and cyber security is a top-notch degree for a few reasons. First, this part-time degree is very flexible, with in-class sessions occurring for two-day blocks every three weeks for two years. For students who also work, this is an ideal setup. In addition to classroom sessions, students will learn from a series of industry experts who are invited to be guest lecturers on the course. As if it could not get better, this degree also sets up students to pass further certifications in cyber security, including CISA, CISM, CGEIT and CRISC.

MSc in Cyber Security at Tallinn University of Technology (TALTECH)


Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) also offers an excellent master’s in cyber security, with the option to further specialise in cyber security, digital forensics or cryptography. This two-year degree consists of general and core studies, specialised studies in one of the three aforementioned fields and a masters thesis at the end of the course. If affordability is a concern of yours, then this degree at Tallinn Tech could be the one for you, as tuition fees for EU students are zero! Offering affordability without compromising on quality, this degree is without a doubt one of the best masters in cyber security out there.

MSc Cyber Security (part-time) at Northumbria University

Northumbria University’s London campus is home to a part-time MSc in cyber security. Lasting two years, classes for this course are delivered on 15 weekends across two years, leaving plenty of time for you to focus on your work life too. A unique advantage of this masters programme is that it does not require a bachelors degree for entry. The content of this programme includes some highly relevant and interesting modules like ethical hacking for cyber security, information assurance and risk management, wireless networks and informational governance and security. In addition, Northumbria University offers this programme on a full-time schedule, lasting one year.

MSc in Cyber Security at EIT Digital Master School

Last but not least, EIT Digital Master School offers one of the best masters in cyber security due to its unique mobility programme and high-quality teaching. Students undertaking the MSc in cyber security at EIT choose where they spend each year of their two-year degree, with options available in France, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands and Hungary. What’s more, graduates of EIT receive two degrees, one from each university they spent a year at. In the first year of the degree, students gain a general understanding of cyber security, after which they specialise in their second year. All in all, this programme is an excellent option for anyone wanting to study cyber security, especially those wanting to customise their degree content and location.

Master in Cybersecurity Management at Mykolas Romeris University

Mykolas Romeris University - MRU - campus

Mykolas Romeris’ Cybersecurity Management program is a unique program focused not only on the prevention, assurance and maintenance of cybersecurity, the identification of appropriate solutions, but also combines legal and IT aspects of cybersecurity. It provides the skills needed to deal with current and future cyber security threats, as well as a solid foundation for graduates to pursue a career in public sector structures or in the corporate world. As an additional strong point, Mykolas Romeris University is located in Lithuania, the country which takes the 4th position in the global cybersecurity ranking.

Conclusion about The Best Masters in Cyber Security

Because of the increasing demand for cyber security professionals, EDUopinions have narrowed down a list of the best masters in cyber security. If none of these courses or universities sparked your interest, be sure to reach out to EDUopinions for personalised advice on all things uni-related!

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