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The Best Business Schools in the Czech Republic


The Czech Republic is one of the international references for studying in Europe. It is home to the first university of Central Europe and has upheld its standards of academic excellence throughout centuries. Lately, it has been welcoming a lot more international students, therefore increasing its offering of international degrees.

In this article, EDUopinions provides you with ample information regarding education in the country and the options it gives you if you are interested in studying business.

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Is the Czech Republic a good place to study?

The Czech Republic is a pioneer of education in Central Europe. For several centuries, it has been at the crossroad between multiple regions of the continent which has fostered a culturally rich and critical academic system where students blossom. Furthermore, the offer of English-taught programmes has drastically increased over the past decades. Therefore, universities have become even more adapted to the needs of international students.

How much does it cost to study there?

Studying in the Czech Republic is free in all state and public institutions under the condition that the courses are followed in Czech. The country offers extensive preparatory language courses for international students who want to learn Czech and access this free education system. However, if you want to follow courses in English, you will have to pay tuition fees (around CZK 110,000 which is equivalent to EUR 4,000). Whether you follow courses in English or in Czech, small administrative costs are usually charged.

Do not worry about your tuition fees too much because there are numerous scholarships available. Additionally, academic institutions have been working in collaboration with international programmes, like the European Erasmus Scheme, to make education more accessible for all.

Business schools in Czech Republic

Can international students work in Prague?

EU/EEA and Swiss citizens do not need a work permit to work in the Czech Republic. Yet, citizens from other countries will need to apply for a work and residence permit. The labour market is easily accessible upon graduation. There are lots of work opportunities in management, service and sales, associate professionals, and many other fields. Universities have recently created Career Centres which help you throughout the process of getting your first job during or after your studies.

The best schools in the country:

Prague University of Economics and Business – VSE


The Prague University of Economics and Business was founded in 1953. Since then, it has been the largest public university that specialises in the fields of economics and business. Its various faculties are located in the centre of Prague.

VSE is one of the leading business schools in Central and Eastern Europe. Indeed, it combines high-quality education with great student experiences. Additionally, VSE offers amazing infrastructures for students to enjoy their time in this city (sports, students clubs, field trips). VSE also works hard on accommodating students with disabilities with its Centre for Disabled Students.

Anglo American University – AAU

Anglo American University - campus

The Anglo American University – AAU is located in the restored Thurn-Taxis Palace. It was established there as the first English-speaking private university. Hence, it attracts an international student body and students learn directly from world-class teachers through small, interactive classes designed for authentic engagement and discussion. Moreover, it will prepare you for the global marketplace by emphasising practical skills and taking advantage of the unique AAU community.

The University of New York in Prague

University of New York in Prague-campus

The University of New York in Prague is an American university that offers high-quality courses in business administration, strategic communication, marketing, finance and management. It is in close contact with the State University of New York in the US and cherishes its international community of students and faculty members. Students and teachers interact a lot in order to support students throughout their entire academic career.

University College of Business in Prague

University College of Business in Prague-campus

The University College of Business in Prague is a school that focuses on economics and transport. If you are interested in tourism, commercial aviation, and human resources you will tremendously benefit from the niche expertise of this institution. You will gain specific practical skills that will be a great asset to find your first job. Moreover, the school fosters employment opportunities with several Czech companies that you will get to know throughout your studies, such as the National Monuments Institute, the Ministry of Transport, and the Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic.

Conclusions about The Best Business Schools in the Czech Republic

We hope to have given you a good idea of what business schools have to offer in the Czech Republic. However, there are many other great business schools across Europe. Therefore, you could also learn about 10 Business Schools in Europe you Should Consider, the Best Business Schools in France for International Students, and many other interesting topics on our blog.

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