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The 7 Most Affordable Online Masters in Marketing


Are you in the market for a masters in marketing? Maybe you are specifically looking for a flexible programme? Perhaps affordability is a major concern of yours? If so, you have come to the right place! In this article, EDUopinions will present the seven most affordable online masters in marketing.

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How much do you make with a Masters in marketing?

Completing a masters in marketing is a great way to further your career in the industry, and doing so can help you earn more, too. Graduates of masters programmes in marketing can expect to earn around €40,000 per year. Naturally, this number will vary depending on the job type and where exactly you live, but it should give you a rough idea of a marketing professional’s average salary.

Is getting a masters degree online worth it?

In the time of the pandemic, online study programmes have become increasingly popular and practical. With travel restrictions and lockdowns complicating many students’ plans to study abroad, online degrees are a great way to keep on track with your educational goals. In addition, just because a programme is online does not mean you cannot gain an international perspective from it. One of the biggest advantages of online education is that it is more accessible to people from around the world, meaning you may get to know a more diverse group of people than at an in-person programme.

How much does it cost to get a master’s degree online?

Of course, the fees for an online masters depend on the university and the length of the programme. That said, the fees for most of the programmes on this list hover between €4000 and €6000 per year. Though, the most expensive degree on this list is €16,000. While this is still a large sum of money, it is significantly less than many other masters in marketing, which can run over €20,000 in fees.

Should I get an MBA or a Masters in marketing?

Whether you undertake an MBA versus a masters in marketing depends on your prior education as well as your career goals. For those having completed a business-related undergraduate degree, it make may sense to do a more specialised masters degree afterwards, like one in marketing. On the other hand, getting an MBA does not disqualify you from work in marketing by any means. In the end, which degree you decide to pursue depends on a variety of factors. For more advice, be sure to reach out to EDUopinions for individualised free advice!

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EDUopinions’ list of the 7 most affordable online masters in marketing:

EU Business School


EU Business School in Barcelona, Spain offers a one-year masters in marketing across three terms. The programme provides students with a choice to study either in person at their Barcelona campus or 100% online. In addition, EU Business School offers three different start dates in October, January and March, providing another level of flexibility for students.

One of the more expensive programmes on this list, fees for this masters in marketing are €4,600 per term. Even considering the price, the programme still offers a lot, with industry leaders teaching students the ins and outs of the marketing world, instilling them with first-hand insights from their professional careers.

IUBH University of Applied Sciences – Online

Next, the MSc in International Marketing at IUBH University of Applied Sciences – Online is another top-notch and affordable programme. It is offered in flexible time models: Full-time of 12 and Part-time of 18 or 24 months.

This programme deepens students’ specialist knowledge of marketing and sales-related issues, focusing on International Business Management. The practice-oriented concepts used, are a great tool for students to deal with planning, implementation and control. This also helps advancing knowledge in international market entry and market development strategies.

Global Business University Europe – GBU

Global University of Business Europe campus hallway

The next on our list of the most affordable online masters in marketing is the Global Business University Europe – GBU MBA in digital marketing, offered by their campus in Cyprus. This degree is highly flexible, allowing students to start any time in the year. Further, the programme can last between one and three years, depending on how quickly students wish to progress through it.

On top of all this, the tuition fees for this course are just €4000, making it relatively very affordable. All of this flexibility, alongside one-on-one support throughout the duration of the programme, makes this masters in marketing truly one-of-a-kind.

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia

UCAM campus

The masters in innovation and tourism marketing offered by Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) is also an excellent option to consider. The programme can be undertaken in person at the university’s campus in Murcia, Spain or 100% online. This degree is more specialised than others on this list, with its focus on the tourism industry.

Another advantage of studying at UCAM is that the university provides Spanish language courses, a great opportunity to pick up a new language, especially if you intend to work in the tourism industry. Considering that tuition fees are just €4000, this programme is easily one of the most affordable online masters in marketing without compromising on quality.

Rome Business School

graduates of rome business school tossing their caps

The professional masters in marketing and sales offered by the Rome Business School is another one of the most affordable online masters in marketing out there. Tuition fees for this degree are €5,900, with scholarships offered based on merit, financial need and qualifying experiences.

Students at the Rome Business School should rest assured that their studies will be top-notch even in an online environment, as the institution has over ten years of experience in distance learning. Rome Business School works hard to deliver many of the advantages of in-person masters programmes to their students study anywhere in the world, connecting them with industry professionals and helping them find internships. All in all, this programme is an excellent one to consider and is sure to set you up for future success in the world of marketing.

HTL International School of Hospitality, Tourism and Languages


The Digital Marketing programme offered by HTL International School of Hospitality, Tourism and Languages combines online studies with a paid in-company internship worldwide, giving students the possibility not only to acquire knowledge, but also to put it directly into practice. The Digital marketing program covers a wide range of topics, from Strategic Marketing planning to Marketing campaigns in Social media. During their studies, students will dive into the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, Web design, as well as affiliated and direct marketing, just to name a few. Choosing Digital Marketing at HTL International school will also give the possibility to learn a foreign language such as Spanish, French or Russian, which will further help students to work worldwide. Tuition fees for this degree are €4,000.


EMAS Eurasian Management & Administration School

Eurasian Management & Administration School Lecture

The Eurasian Management & Administration School offers another one of the most affordable online masters in marketing. Known as the “Russian Stanford”, their online MBA in marketing and sales lasts for 12 – 18 months and costs only €5350. The main focus of the programme is entrepreneurship and practical business knowledge, rather than theoretical classroom education. Students at EMAS can therefore expect to learn from business professionals, creating a stimulating innovative environment. As such, EMAS is a great option for anyone in search of one of the best online masters in marketing.

Conclusion about the Most Affordable Online Masters in Marketing

EDUopinions have compiled this list of the most affordable online masters degrees to help you navigate the world of distanced learning as well as to stay on track with your career objectives. You might also be interested in taking a look at our list of the 8 most affordable Masters in Marketing. If you have any more questions about online masters, be sure to check out EDUopinions other content and reach out for specialised free advice!

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