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The 5 Best Business Schools in Spain According to Students


Are you looking to study business and can’t decide about which country to study in? Spain should be on the top of your list! They have some of the best business schools. With its lovely Mediterranean climate, friendly locals and a safe environment – Spain is an ideal city for students. Apart from the amazing weather, Spain is home to some of the best business schools which welcome thousands of foreign students each year. Not only is studying here an amazing experience but while studying you will get a chance to enrich your cultural horizons by being amidst one of the most historically rich countries. From white, sandy beaches and blue seas, to the ski slopes of the Pyrenees and to the ancient villages of Granada, Spain truly offers both natural and urban splendours. Now let EDUopinions tell you more about studying business in Spain.

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Why study business in Spain?

There’s a laid-back atmosphere in the Spanish universities and that coupled with some of the best faculties who teach business is a sure shot winning formula. Apart from business administration, Spanish universities also offer degrees in law, Spanish language, social sciences, computer sciences and more.

Major cities in Spain

In Spain, there are more than 70 universities with a long history and many, always present in international university rankings. While a lot of the universities are in Barcelona and Madrid, you can check out universities in Spanish cities like Valencia, Alicante, Salamanca or Marbella.

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Best Business Schools in Spain

1. ESADE Business School

ESADE Business School is a global academic institution known for the quality of its education, its international outlook and its clear focus on holistic personal development. They have two campuses in Barcelona and one in Madrid. The ESADE Business School provides a modern, innovative and inherently digitalised learning experience geared towards training leaders capable of adapting to new ways of thinking and working.

ESADE Business School is considered number one for women in Europe according to the Financial Times. It’s the number 8 school in Europe according to the Financial Times. They offer a full-time MBA in Spain, Executive MBA, Multinational MBA and ESADE-Aalto MBA For Executives. ESADE Business School offers two divisions of studies: ESADE Business school and ESADE Law School. Both divisions offer undergraduate and graduate programmes for local as well as international students.

According to students, there are excellent professors at ESADE with good methodology and integrity. Here’s what one student has to say, ‘I think it really prepares you to perform in several different roles in the company. It allows you to have strategic thinking and think on your own. Besides, it promotes making a positive impact on society. Furthermore, companies do value the degree in ESADE and you get opportunities to demonstrate your value in interviews.’

Students also consider the environment at ESADE to be quite diverse. One student review states, ‘ESADE is a business school characterized by the diversity of its students (professionally and culturally) and faculty’ according to one student’s review at EDUopinions. He also praises the collaborative spirit announced by the admissions team is present in every school activity. There’s also a strong focus on innovation and creativity which has led the school to be recognised as one of the best. He also praises the case study methodology.

Another review by Rebecca at EDUopinions states,” Even prices are quite expensive, it is worth to pay this amount for priceless education and experience. Students should both be wealthy and hardworking” She also talks about the career options after graduation and says,” After graduation, the employment rate is around 95% in 6 months with high salary starts in the most reputed companies of  the world”

Another student at ESADE, Andy says that education here is good for people with startups as well. He says, ‘good service of entrepreneurs for those who want to start a start-up. Exceptional international agreements with prestigious universities for exchange’

All in all, ESADE has mostly positive reviews from all its students. They all say that the professors, classmates here are one of a kind and if one puts in hard work ESADE can take you places.

2. IE Business School

A graduate and undergraduate school of business in Spain, IE Business School is located in two ideal locations in Spain. IE campus in Segovia (close to Madrid) offers a true campus experience and welcomes students of more than 130 nationalities outside of Spain each year. IE offers a technology-based learning ecosystem, training the leaders of tomorrow to make positive change through innovation, global vision, an entrepreneurial mindset and a unique focus on the humanities.

Many of the programmes offered here have been developed in partnership with other prestigious universities, such as Brown, Chicago Booth, Northwestern University, MIT, Yale. The faculty at IE is made up of both academics and practising professionals. Hence, the students can gain a full-360 degree education combining comprehensive knowledge of the sector and hands-on learning. IE is also a connecting link between the worlds of academics and business. IE has close partnerships with leading companies across sectors which is why  IE students hold some of the most important positions globally and businesses and organisations around the world are led by top talent.

IE has some great reviews at EDUopinions. The students state IE as “one of the best universities at the moment in business worldwide” They attributed this success to innovations in the classroom and the importance on practice rather than theory in all subjects. The faculty at IE also ‘strives to give personalised studies and to look for a good job for the student.’

Another student says ‘IE University is one of the best universities in Europe, with high-quality programs that allow students to integrate a holistic knowledge in any of the areas they offer. The networking and the career management centre are great for the professional future of any of its graduates. However, they could improve attention and details to students who are not part of the business school or do not do a management program.’

Students also say that IE provided them with a great learning experience which had a ‘direct impact on my professional performance as General Counsel and team leader.’ He adds ‘the lessons received on the latest trends in business management did enhance my leadership skills and made me think in a different and more creative way. In addition to that, I met other experienced executives with responsibilities like mine, from different sectors of business, and we all had the chance to share knowledge and experiences during the classes and the meals.’ It’s this hands-on learning and inter-mingling that helps the future business leaders to become powerful and lead their teams in a great way.

Another happy student says ‘I studied my MBA in Spain in the company institute and the passage through their classrooms changed my way of approaching the business world forever, they taught me not only concepts and innumerable practical cases.’

3. IESE Business School

IESE Business School is one of the oldest management schools in Europe. Their programs are often ranked top 10 in the world. With close to 48,000 alumni from across the globe, IESE is also ranked number 1 in the world in Financial Times. Being an initiative of Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Roman Catholic Church, IESE’s number one emphasis is influencing moral and ethical business ideologies. They also have campuses in  New York, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Barcelona, Munchen, Nairobi & Shanghai. They offer a Master in Management, MBA, Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA and a PhD in Management.

IESE’s focused and specialised programmes give students the ability to develop their leadership skills, learn new techniques, and transform their careers. Students at the university come from 64 different nationalities which makes IESE one big global community with limitless opportunities. IESE also offers exchange programs and even semesters abroad in the USA, UK, Australia, or South Korea.

Most of the reviews by students on EDUopinions have been great. One student says that ‘at IESE students have the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge, complementing our previous training, thanks to the case method used by teachers. This is very useful, especially for those of us who have just entered the world of work, since it allows us to be better prepared and with much clearer ideas, since here we also have the opportunity to get to know companies from different sectors.’

Another student says that IESE is a first-class business school and they give an opportunity to meet some world-renowned professors who have a balance of practical experience and theoretical knowledge. Therefore, this allows us to learn from people with real experiences and knowledge, which is why they understand the reality that is taking place in the business world beyond theoretical models.” He also commends the classmates and says all of them were passionate and qualified which is essential when working a case in which it seeks to generate a discussion and deepen in different methods of analysing a situation of a business.

One student says that the method of teaching is very intensive and a case study method. “ At the end of the course, everything learned is highly valued and a practical vision of all areas of the company is achieved.” Read more here.

Another student praised the technical knowledge by the faculty on EDUopinions. ‘The way of working is very pleasant since you avoid going to pure theory and focus on exposing and trying to solve real cases in the world of finance, HR, etc. Thus, the student learns based on constant challenges that are presented in the classroom.’

4. ESIC Business and Marketing School

ESIC Business & Marketing School is a leading business school in Spain, with an experience of over fifty years of training business and marketing professionals. It strives to incentivise, promote, and maintain a direct relationship with the business environment in order to provide you with practical academic training which focuses on the needs of the labour market. They have 12 campuses in Spain alone & many other partnerships across 4 continents. ESIC was also ranked the Best Business Schools in 2017 by Bloomberg Business Week, the school has a slightly different approach in teaching compared to its counterparts, by offering additional courses in communication & editorial related fields. The same year, ESIC was named one of the seven “Top-Tier Employability” business schools in Europe within QS Global 250 Business Schools.

Students come here from all over the world and praise its campus, the professional training given to students and also the commitment to learning is praised.

One student says, ‘For me, ESIC has been and is my school in reference marketing. I completed a Degree in Marketing with international experience in the UK. I am very grateful for everything that has brought me both academically (great professionals), professionally (school highly recognised by professionals in the sector), personally (fellowship, effort, improvement and support in all personal areas).’ Read more on EDUopinions.

Another student who studied Advertising and marketing at the Madrid campus praises the general quality of teachers. He says, ‘Many practices are done during the race as well as presentations that help your training. The job placement internship is great, I had the opportunity to work in two large companies during my studies. You finish the race with a quite complete formation and with ample possibilities in the labour market.’ Read more here.

5. EAE Business School

They have campuses in Barcelona and Madrid. EAE Business School is a higher education institution that was founded in 1958. The school has a multi-national campus and has had students of more than 100 nationalities walk through its doors.

EAE offers bachelors’, masters’, and Executive MBA programmes. EAE also has partnerships with both Spanish and international companies, resulting in students of the school graduating with practical experience in the commercial world as well as theoretical knowledge.

Most of the students at EAE Business School term it as the best business school. Even international students find the atmosphere at EAE very comfortable. One student says, ‘I came from my country Venezuela to study here because a friend recommended this school. I am more than happy with my decision, the teachers are always willing to help you. The school level with the students it’s very high and that pushes you to be better. There is a multicultural atmosphere that makes me feel comfortable, it’s easy to make friends. Most of my classes are in English and I am really happy with the level.’

Another student, Bremen, says that he ‘not only I learned academically but also about the values of the university, which served me for my professional and personal growth.’ He also adds, ‘it is a university with excellent teachers, a very good academic environment, with a focus on getting students out of there with a high level of knowledge and competence in the workplace, always being hand in hand with the current world.’

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