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Cheap MBAs in France


Many of us secretly wish to move to France. Quality of life is high, the culture is rich, the art is breathtaking, the food is delicious and, last but not least, education is top-notch. However, for many students, making sure that your student fees are cost-effective, so you can maximise your budget on all that fabulous food and culture, is a key consideration. We look at cheap MBAs in France, giving you some great educational options, without sacrificing on quality.


Is studying an MBA in France worth it?

France is a leading country for many industries, including fashion, automobiles, electronics, agri-products, and aerospace. In addition, it is home to some of the best business schools and many businesses are headquartered there. Paris, the French capital, is also an important hub for business tourism. Additionally, TopMBA places France as the 4th highest paying country in 2019.

Is it expensive to live there?

The cost of living in France varies drastically depending on where you settle in the country. However, Paris is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. In other blog posts, we’ve covered the pros and cons of studying in France and the best student cities in France.

Which MBA has the highest salary?

There are various fields students can specialise in when they study an MBA. Among all, General Management, International Management, Strategy, Consulting, and Finance are the most in-demand at the moment. According to Emolument, MBAs are the highest paying degree in France with an average yearly salary of €97,000.

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Cheap MBAs in France

MBA Programme at The American Business School of Paris


If you are interested in studying in Paris, ABS has an MBA with five concentrations: Entrepreneurship and International Business Development, Communications and Project Management, Hospitality Marketing & Development, Information Technology & Data Management, and International Real Estate Management. International students pay €14,930 for the 1-year programme. ABS is part of the IGS Group and was founded in 1985. In addition, the school also offers Bachelors and a DBA.

MBA Programme at CASS European Institute of Management Studies

Also known as CASS Europe, this institute has an academic campus in Paris but has partnerships with institutions in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. It offers a 1-year MBA for about €11,000. Teaching happens in English and students can choose one Major out of eight options: Global Business, Global Finance, Marketing in the Digit Age, Human Resources Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Supply Chain and Operations Management, ICT Management, Healthcare Management.

MBA at ICD Business School

ICD Business School opened in Paris in 1980 and has also a campus in Toulouse. The school is specialised in marketing and offers education on a bachelor and masters level. Both campuses offer a 1-year MBA with a slight difference in cost and specialisation options. The Paris programme costs €9,500 and offers specializations in Luxury and Digital Branding & Banking and Finance. The Toulouse one is €8,000, also with two specialisations available: Wine and Tourism Marketing & Marketing and Digital Communications.

MBA at Grenoble École de Management

Grenoble Ecole de Management

Back in 1984, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Grenoble founded GEM, which is now one of the few business schools in the world with the triple accreditation. GEM has two French campuses and twelve international ones. It offers an MBA for around €16,000 per year. Students are on-campus during their first year of studies and can choose from eight specializations. The second year of the programme consists of a final management project, which can be completed remotely and students can work at the same time.

International MBA at Paris School of Business

Paris School of Business - PSB -campus

PSB opened its doors in 1974 and offers undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programmes. It also has a campus in Rennes and offers programmes in French and English. The core managerial courses of the International MBA are Accounting, Corporate Finance, Human Resources Management, Corporate Law 1, Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Organisational Behavior, International Perspective (either American, European, African, or Asian Markets). The programme is AMBA accredited, costs €16,800 and lasts 12 months.

MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy at EMLV


If you are keen on understanding digital marketing, the EMLV MBA might be the right option for you. Students will gain managerial but also technical skills during the 1 year MBA course. The learning includes understanding how businesses organize their tools, processes but also their digital resources. Tuition fees for the course are €14,700.


Looks like you know what your next study abroad destination is going to be! As you can see, there are plenty of cheap MBAs in France to choose from, many of which are affordable and accredited. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.

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