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The Best Masters in Management in Germany


For those wanting to take their business knowledge to the next level, a master’s in management is a great way to advance your career prospects. Germany offers some excellent masters programmes in this field, complete with in-depth classroom learning and industry placements to ensure students graduate ready for real-life work. This article will outline the best masters in management in Germany to give you an idea of what options exist for business education in the country.

Is MIM free in Germany?

While many university courses in the country are free of cost or offered with highly reduced fees, this, unfortunately, does not apply to all masters in management in Germany. The majority of these degrees are offered by private institutions and require at least some tuition fees. That said, these fees vary widely; the costs of the programmes on this list range from €0 to €30,000. While this is a rather large range, it means there are at least a few affordable options depending on your budget.

Is it worth doing a masters in Germany?

Even if masters programmes in Germany are not always free, the country is a great place to study. Students in the country benefit from many discounts and a generally low cost of living. In addition, for students with business-related degrees, it makes sense to study in Germany, as it is one of Europe’s strongest economies, with several hubs of business, commerce and innovation.


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Is it easy to get a job after studying a Masters in management in Germany?

While it is never 100% certain that graduates find work immediately after completing their studies, a master’s in management will certainly help. Many of the programmes included on this list see 85-95% of their graduates find work within six months of graduation. Further, graduates of masters in management in Germany are often paid well, with salaries between €45,000 – €65,000 being fairly commonplace.

EDUopinions’ list of the best masters in management in Germany:

ESCP Business School

ESCP Berlin campus

The first on our list of the best masters in management in Germany is the programme offered by ESCP Business School. ESCP is an excellent network of business schools, with campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw. Their masters in management can be completed at any of their six European campuses, with opportunities to study abroad at one of their 100 partner universities.

In terms of content, ESCP’s masters in management covers core concepts of intercultural management and includes the option for specialisation. As well, ESCP emphasises foreign language acquisition as an important aspect of the modern business world. Altogether, students can expect a well-rounded and international education in business management at ESCP.

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences is a leading private university in Germany that specialises in media, business and management. design, and creative arts. Specifically, it offers one of the best Masters in Business Management in Germany. This Masters degree gears students up for leadership positions in the digital and international business world. lt offers cutting-edge tools and methods in order to advance graduates’ careers as top managers. Some of the main areas covered are: marketing strategies, digital transformation, strategy, innovation, business intelligence and analytics.


PFH - campus

PFH Private University of Applied Sciences is a  state-recognized university in Germany that focuses on key technologies education for future managers and specialists. PFH stands out by offering a unique “job guarantee” initiative within 9 months from graduation!

PFH offers the MSc in General Management which can be taught either in English or in German. This 3-semester programme is characterized by its practical approach, internationality and a pronounced orientation towards the career. It will provide you to develop skills managing projects with leadership responsibility in companies and organisations globally as well as to undertake an academic career. It will also enable you to proceed with a doctorate.

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Frankfurt School of finance and Management campus

Another one of the best masters in management in Germany is a programme at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Their MSc in Management provides students with a strong base in business practices in the first year, then focuses on specialised concentrations in the second year.

The Frankfurt School’s three-day study model, in which classes take place in a condensed school week, crucially allows for part-time employment. This way, students benefit from both classroom and industry learning. Finally, the school’s network of leading global corporations helps students make industry contacts well-before starting their professional careers in earnest. All in all, the Frankfurt School is one of the best when it comes to masters in management.

CBS International Business School

CBS International Business School

Next up, we have CBS International Business School’s Marketing Management MA. The programme lasts four semesters, with two different intake periods across three campuses in Cologne, Mainz and Potsdam. As such, this degree is ideal for those who may need some flexibility when it comes to their graduate studies.

Between the two years of study, students undertake an internship, either in Germany or internationally. The school helps students find these internships, as they are a mandatory part of the study programme, meaning you will be well-supported in gaining real-world business insights. It is no wonder why the Marketing Management MA at CBS International School made EDUopinions’ list of the best masters in management in Germany.

European School of Management and Technology – ESMT Berlin

ESMT Berlin campus

The European School of Management and Technology is located in Berlin and ranked as the best business school in the country by Financial Times. Naturally, they offer one of the best masters in management in Germany, too. Lasting two years, this degree offers students the opportunity to choose one of four specialisations, including business analytics, finance & investments, entrepreneurship & innovation and global & digital strategy. ESMT also focuses on developing their students’ soft skills, as a necessary complement to the more concrete learning taking place in classrooms. Without a doubt, this programme offers a lot to students, equipping them for whatever field they may want to go into afterwards.

TUM School of Management

Tum school of management campus

The TUM School of Management is the business school attached to the Technical University of Munich. Because of this affiliation, the programme is aimed mostly at those with degrees in engineering and the natural sciences. Students at TUM have the chance to study in either Munich, capital of Bavaria and a major hub of the German economy, or Heilbronn, an innovative, entrepreneurial city in south-western Germany.

For those with a background in STEM, this programme may be perfect for you, as it is designed to add business knowledge and context to your prior education. Even better, there are zero tuition fees for this course! For all these reasons, this degree at TUM easily ranks as one of the best masters in management in Germany.

EBS Business School

EBS Business School-Campus

EBS Business School offers an MSc in management, another top-notch business degree in Germany. What is unique about this programme is that it is offered in two different formats; the regular track lasts 20 months, and the accelerated track lasts 16 months. Depending on your needs, you can tailor this degree at EBS to make for the best study experience possible. Unlike other schools on this list, EBS Business School has its own non-urban campus located in beautiful Oestrich-Winkel.

Some may worry about the university not being located in a city because of missing out on certain networking or internship opportunities, but thanks to EBS’s career services centre and specialised coaching team, this should not be a problem.

Otto Beisheim School of Management-WHU

Finally, Otto Bleisheim School of Management offers another one of the best masters in management in Germany. With campuses in Düsseldorf and Vallendar, Otto Bleisheim students have the chance to choose where they study not only within Germany but from a list of over 200 partner universities for their semester abroad. On top of this international experience, Otoo Beisheim provides a particularly global atmosphere on campus, with over a quarter of students being from outside Germany, representing 45 nationalities. What’s more, graduates of this programme are known to be highly successful in their careers, with average salaries three years after graduation being €101,100.

Conclusion about the Best Masters in Management in Germany

This list includes some of the best masters in management in Germany. Hopefully, some of these programmes caught your eye, but even if not be sure to reach out to EDUopinions for advice and anything related to university!

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