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6 Jobs You Can Do With A Sports Management Degree


A sports management degree is the perfect choice for students who are passionate about sports but are also interested in the business side of things. But what kind of sports management degree jobs are actually possible?

This kind of degree will introduce you to a range of traditional business concepts while maintaining a specialised focus on the sports industry. This means you’re prepared for a range of careers, whether you’re interested in entrepreneurship, management, marketing, or business development.

So, let’s see what kinds of jobs you could aim for with a sports management degree.

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What is Sports Management?

Sports management is the study of business and management skills that relate to the sports industry. You’ll study many of the same subjects as on a traditional business and management degree, including:

  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Law
  • Finance

However, every subject you’re taught will be directly tied to the sports industry. You’ll also explore the sports industry in detail including investigating large sports organisations, sports policy, and sports economics. This isn’t limited to one sport in particular, either – you’ll cover case studies from the entire world of sport including football, F1, athletics or boxing.

Sports Management Degree Jobs: What Can You Do?

On a sports management degree, you’ll learn all about the intricacies of the sports industry and gain practical skills in important business subjects. You’ll be prepared for a wide range of careers, whether that’s in sports or elsewhere. Graduates might go on to work at agencies, major sports organisations, news outlets, marketing agencies, or sports clubs.

Some of the skills you’ll pick up on your sports management degree include analytics, project management, human resources, and customer service. Sports management degree jobs range from leadership positions to roles in communications and marketing, so there’s something for all interests.

1. Coach

Coaching Career after Sports Management Degree

One of the most popular paths for sports management graduates, a team coach will have the sports knowledge necessary to lead a team. However, they’ll also have the business acumen needed to do behind-the-scenes administration for your team.

A coach’s job is diverse and will range from in-person coaching, attending events, finding sponsorship opportunities, and organising funding for your team. It’s an ideal job for graduates who have a passion for a particular sport.

2. Sports Development Officer

A sports development officer will normally work for either an educational institution or community and will help distribute information about sports opportunities. They will organise events based around sport including lessons, programmes, and coaching opportunities.

However, an additional element to this role is in policy and health. A sports development officer will work alongside other organisations to improve community health and access to sport. As such, they need to have knowledge of local and national healthcare policy.

3. Agent

If you’re interested in the legal side of the sports world, then a career as an agent could be the right sports management degree job for you. An agent will represent an athlete and help negotiate contracts and other sponsorship deals for them.

They’ll have stellar sales and negotiation skills, as well as be comfortable in people-facing situations. They might also have to do statistical analyses in order to bolster their arguments for a higher-paying contract for their client.

4. Marketing Executive

Sports Management Degree Jobs in Marketing

For sports management degree grads who have creative skills, marketing is the perfect industry. A career as a marketing executive will allow you to combine your passion for sport with business acumen and creativity to help represent sports teams online and on social media.

You’ll need to know how to create a buzz around teams or major events, and understand marketing strategies to help maximise outreach for your sports team or organisation.

5. Sponsorship Executive

Sponsorships are a huge element of the sports industry. A good sponsorship can help boost a sports team’s finances, and provide necessary promotion for the sport itself. However, behind every sponsorship deal is an executive who knows how to make that happen.

Your business skills in sales, negotiation and finance will help in this role, and you’ll also be required to analyse statistics to evaluate the success of the sponsorship deal.

6. Athletic Director

If you’re also passionate about education, then a career as an athletic director might be right for you. As head of a sports department at a college or university, you’ll be responsible for multiple teams as well as coaches and administrative staff.

Running the athletic department, you’ll have the sports knowledge to make decisions to boost the success of your teams and choose the right coaches to bring your teams to wins.

The Best Sports Management Degrees

There is a range of sports management degrees to choose from depending on your level. A bachelor’s degree in sports management will be broader and lead to entry-level jobs in the industry. If you want to specialise further, you might consider a master’s in sports management. Whichever level you’re studying at, there’s a wide range of sports management degrees to choose from all across Europe.

Master in Sports Management at Universidad Europea (Spain)


Based in Madrid, Universidad Europea benefits from a partnership with globally-renowned football team Real Madrid. There are hands-on opportunities to explore how the club is run and participate in events, as well as a host of networking events. The course itself includes general modules on business topics, and there are four specialisations to choose from depending on your area of interest.

BSc in Business Management with Sport at University of Salford (UK)

University of Salford

The Business Management with Sports degree at the University of Salford offers students a strong foundation in business concepts. Later, in the second and third years, students follow specialised courses in the sports industry. Based at Salford Business School, you’ll also follow a Professional Development module to make sure you’re ready to take the first step in your career after graduating.

BA in Sports Management at EU Business School (Spain)

EU Business School

If you’re looking for an international experience while you study, EU Business School is the place. The university offers plenty of opportunities to work in groups with your peers, and you’ll be based in Barcelona, home to the famous FC Barcelona. The degree includes modules on sports psychology and events management – so it’s a broad and diverse curriculum.

MSc in Sports & Tourism Management at Rennes School of Business (France)


Rennes School of Business is renowned for its tourism management degrees, and this Master’s offers an additional specialisation in the sports industry. The programme prepares students to work in sports and tourism companies, offering courses on hospitality management and international sports policies.

Masters in Sport Business Management at INSEEC U (France)


Located in Monaco, INSEEC U is the place to be if you want to explore international sporting events like the Grand Prix, E-Prix, and Tennis Masters. With all this on your doorstep, you’ll have the chance to network and gain practical experience, as well as apply your knowledge to real-world problems in the sports and business industries.

Master in Sports Tourism Management and Organisation at HTL International School (Spain)


This one-year programme blends knowledge from the tourism and sports industries. However, it also includes the opportunity to complete an internship while learning. The practical experience gained at HTL International School sets students up well for their future careers. Modules are also diverse, covering events planning, mountain sports organisation, and competitor analysis.

MBA in E-Sports Management at IU International University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

IUBH_CS_bad_honnef_Studieren in Bad Honnef-min

Got a specific interest in e-sports? Then this specialised MBA from IU International University of Applied Sciences is perfect for you. Taught at a higher level, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge of the e-sports industry, preparing you for careers in higher management.


A sports management degree is ideal for students who have a passion for sports but want to combine it with a high-earning and rewarding career. There are plenty of jobs out there after a sports management degree, and the path you choose will depend on your specific interest and skills. A sports management degree will also teach you vital business skills for non-sports-related jobs in marketing, finance, and leadership – so there are plenty of careers open to you.

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