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Best Bachelors in Sports Management


Did you know that your passion for sports could be combined with a business degree? The sports industry is one of the most steadily growing ones and will always be because sports are so important to society. Whether it is to build a small boxing club in your community or run the biggest football club in your country, you will need managerial skills to meet your goal. 

In this article, EDUopinions runs you down the job opportunities that degrees in sports management can lead to. Moreover, it covers how much they pay, and what you will learn at university. Here, we focus on bachelors, but we also have an article about the best masters in sports management that you can check out.

What jobs can I get with a bachelors in sports management?

A degree in sport management opens the doors to a great variety of jobs. You could become an athlete development specialist, a public relation manager, a contract negotiator manager, a sports event coordinator, a marketer, a sports agent, a financial analyst, and many others. Some jobs, though, will require you to further your studies to acquire skills that cannot be gained on the grounds. This is the case if you want to become a sports lawyer.

Which jobs are the highest paid in this field?

The salaries for the jobs mentioned previously vary greatly. Additionally, they vary per country. Generally, the highest paid jobs in Europe are:

  • Sports lawyer at around EUR100,000
  • Public relation manager at around EUR80,000
  • Sports agents at around EUR40,000 with 5 to 10% of each contract they complete, which can be a significant amount of money

What will I learn on the programme?

You will learn about finance, marketing, ethics and other business-related fields in the context of sports. This means that you will learn about the economic inner workings of various sports industries, how to manage a team, organise sports events, trade players and manage players. Students in sports management usually also learn about fitness and the role of sports in society.

Bachelor in Sports Management at The American Business School of Paris

American Business School Paris -igs-campus

The American Business School of Paris offers an accredited American education in the heart of the French capital. It is a truly international institution that attracts students from different cultural backgrounds. The bachelor in sports management will introduce you to all the fundamentals of the field with modules in law, psychology, media writing, to mention a few. Each class is worth 3 American credits, which are equivalent to 6 ECTS. This programme appeals to many who do sports themselves. Indeed, it works with a flexible schedule to provide the opportunity for students to train with state-certified coaches and pursue their sports career throughout their studies.

The fee for EU students is EUR8,960 and EUR9,510 for internationals

Global Sports Management Degree at Universidad Europea (Spain)

Universidad Europea

At Universidad Europea, you can build the foundations and advance your understanding of the International Sports industry. This versatile 4-year programme will help you be at the front line of Sports Management and develop your international vision. You will not only grow your management skills and competencies within the sports sector but you will also have access to experts, data and events at the Real Madrid Graduate School.


Bachelor of International Business Management with a Specialization in Sports Management at Geneva Business School (Switzerland)

Geneva Business School - campus

At the Geneva Business School in Switzerland, you can obtain a diploma in international management with a specialisation in sports. You will follow courses in various discipline, with a great focus on communication and public relations. As of student of the Geneva Business School, you are given the option to spend a semester at one of their campuses in Geneva, Barcelona or Madrid. Additionally, this school will help you to find internships in your field of interest to start acquiring professional experience.

The programme costs EUR6,950 per semester and is 6 semesters long.

Sports Management B.A. at EU Business School (Spain)

EU Business School campus

The EU Business School is a very international business school with various campuses in Europe. The sports management BA is based in Barcelona but can also be followed in Geneva (Switzerland) and Montreux (Switzerland). You will learn directly from leaders in the industry and follow lectures from alumni with a career in some of the biggest sports institutions. Next to that, you will work on several group projects and case studies.

This international university allows you to start your degree in October, February, June or August, and costs EUR6,450 per semester.

Sports Studies and Business (Joint Honours), BSc/BA at University of Northampton (United Kingdom)

University of Northampton - campus

The joint honours bachelor in sports studies and business at the University of Northampton gives you the opportunity to combine business with your passion for sports. Next to theoretical courses, you will work on practical projects and have the chance to interact with local partners such as Northampton Town FC and Northampton Saints Rugby. Additionally, the university will give you the opportunity to qualify for full-time employment for one year or 3 to 6 months paid internship.

The programme costs GBP9,250 per year for UK nationals and GBP13,000 for others.

In conclusion, there are several great university options to get a bachelors’ degree in sports management. We have a list of tips for applying to top universities that might be useful for your application process. Do not hesitate to check it out. In addition, you can reach out to one of our experts for free and receive more specific information about a specific programme.

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