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Nova SBE is – A new choice for a new future


Nova School of Business & Economics is a Nova [new] kind of school — a space for people, dialogue, and opportunity.

With a 40-year history under its belt, it always paved the way to develop top talent through degree and non-degree programs, generate cutting-edge knowledge, and attract the world’s best talent. Its success stems from its focus on a rigorous approach to teaching and research and by its naturally bold and vanguardist culture.

Nova SBE’s demanding expertise is patent in the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs it offers and in the multidisciplinary research its teams carry out, always pushing the boundaries to enhance knowledge and create meaningful solutions that can transform the world.

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Knowing how crucial it is to stay at the forefront of innovation to sustain excellence and prepare the leaders of tomorrow to contribute to an open, sustainable, and more inclusive world, Nova SBE continuously creates and improves its programs so that students can discover where they can excel and have a meaningful impact.

Aside from continuously improving the Bachelor’s in Economics and Management and the well-ranked Master’s in Economics, Management, Finance, and CEMS MIM, it strives to incessantly innovate its offer so that its community can always be up at the forefront of change and disruption.

Nova SBE

Last year, it introduced a stellar new area of expertise in the Master’s in Management – the Hospitality & Service Management, in partnership with Westmont Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, to leverage hospitality as a way to promote a better world and use the travel tourism industry as a model for success and development.

“Innovation is a major element of our courses, and we truly believe that with this approach and with this partner, we are able to transform our industry by introducing new leaders with new visions and a sustainable perspective on how to transform the world into a better place.” Underlines Sérgio Guerreiro, Executive Director of Westmont Institute of Tourism and Hospitality at Nova SBE.

With this new area of expertise, students will develop and manage organizations with unique customer experiences and be on top of the latest hospitality trends in brand management for hospitality, customer experience and behavior, international events, and revenue management. To allow students to assess their progress and go further, this area of expertise also provides privileged access to leading hospitality partners who will teach them solid management skills and offer field experiences through immersion programs and partnerships in hotels and other corporate entities.

Nova SBE

And that’s not all. This unique experience also includes study trips to renowned partners to understand current challenges in the hospitality industry. Students get to be part of dynamic events such as breakfast with experts, innovation competitions, culinary classes, etc., and integrate the Hospitality Experience Innovation Lab. This innovative program gives them the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills, create their own projects, and even start their businesses. This experience will sustain their excellence and feed the Work Project they’ll work on in the third semester.

This innovative integrated approach, which balances theoretical skills and a strong industry connection and hands-on experience, gives students the right set of tools to nourish their minds and pursue a global career in Hospitality & Service Management.

But Nova SBE believes change is unstoppable. That’s why it also created three innovative programs: the Master’s in International Development & Public Policy, the Master’s in Impact Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and the Master’s in Business Analytics.

These ground-breaking new programs aim to inspire students to design, build, and spark change.

Nova SBE

Knowing that decision-making is a challenging process with a growing number of variables and expectations to be met in several fields, it created the Master’s in International Development and Public Policy to provide students the tools to prompt personal and organizational development for public and non-governmental companies.

The Master’s in Impact Entrepreneurship & Innovation, the first-ever in the country, on the other hand, was built to foster societal impact and give students an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindset and also the perfect mix between the classroom format and a hands-on experience.

But knowing that knowledge is power and that true knowledge comes from relevant data that drives forward-thinking, Nova SBE prepared a unique Master’s program to allow students everywhere to be one step ahead of the game.

In a world where technology is the standard language for the future, Nova SBE prepared the Master’s in Business Analytics to helps students use technology and data to understand organizational and management problems and, at the same time, provide solutions. Organizations need translators – people who understand organizations and the issues they face and can use leverage data to solve them. That’s where you come in.

Nova SBE

As Professor Rita Cunha, the Master’s Academic Director, puts it, “Nowadays, companies face the challenges of sustainability, demographic change, and increased global competition. On the other hand, there’s a whole new world of opportunities that are open because we can analyze large data sets with the support of technology and data science. Our goal with this program, where we are combining the language of business and the language of technology in a very innovative way, is to allow you to develop your skills for the future, skills that will allow you to be efficient and effective, and also human. That will be your managerial choice.”

This offer makes the Master’s in Business Analytics a ground-breaking offer to develop solid technical, organizational, leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills for future managers and leaders of public or private, for-profit, or not-for-profit organizations in a context increasingly dependent on algorithms and hybrid (human-machine) systems for decision making.

So students will, indeed, become translators, i.e., people who understand organizations and the managerial problems they face and know how to use technology to help solve them.

Thus, this Master’s program stands out for its multidisciplinarity and unique learning experiences, such as the Project-Based Learning program. In collaboration with the Department of Computer Science of NOVA School of Science and Technology, this is a unique program that students can apply to work on a real-world data challenge alongside professional mentors and apply what they learn in class.

Nova SBE

Students are expected to learn from partner organizations, bridge the gap between the business challenge and the data science solution, deploy tools for data curation and develop their technical skills, thus becoming the ultimate leaders of tomorrow.

But it’s not just work and no play. This Master’s program also cultivates connectivity, the need to establish bonds with society and stakeholders, and promotes the need to create and incite inspiring talent and meaningful solutions. It’s where ideas and ideals can flourish safely and naturally and where its community is known to be an open one from which global citizens can grow confident, develop insight, and aspire to improve the world.

This is Nova SBE. A place where the academic rigor and the school’s values, which have continuously set it apart, have laid the foundations to move forward in creating real, significant impact.

A space where students can obtain the know-how and the attitude that breeds achievement and, ultimately, fosters their individual and collective potential. It is a living lab where business partners can test-drive and improve their technological solutions but also where its community can develop many entrepreneurial projects with national and international companies and social initiatives that have proven positive social impact.

Nova SBE

So Nova SBE is much more than a school of business and economics. It is an open ground for a new way of learning, sharing, and growing together. A place where one can find the perfect balance between academic goals, business aspirations, and the Lisbon lifestyle, and Carcavelos turned out to be that place.

Nova SBE’s bright new campus was made to offer the school’s community a New Way of Life. It’s safe, welcoming, and exciting, and aside from the modern student residences, classrooms and auditoriums, it includes several co-working spaces, health facilities, stores, restaurants, a gym… and then, of course, there’s the beach.

So dare to unveil what the future holds and learn more about the school, its programs, its subject areas, its vibrant campus life, and what your role in all of this could be.

Nova SBE is – indeed – a new choice for a new future.

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