Study Event Management at SSHE and embark on an exciting career!

Study Event Management at SSHE and embark on an exciting career!


Today, we are excited to share with you a conversation we have had with a student at the Swiss School of Higher Education – SSHE.

SSHE is a private boutique university, focusing on personalised learning in Business Education and its campus is nestled along the shores of Lake Geneva in the city of Montreux, Switzerland. It is accredited by EduQua, the first Swiss quality label geared towards providers of continuing education and training (CET) programmes and it offers a variety of specialized programmes.

Student interview about the BBA in Event Management at SSHE

Enna Zubler SSHE

In this article, we spoke with Enna Kanciana Zubler, a first-year student of the BBA in Event Management.

Enna will tell us about the reason she applied to this programme and her experience so far in terms of the study content, favourite topics, networking and life in Switzerland.

Also, she shares with us some tips for all the students who are considering to study the BBA in Event Management at SSHE.

Why did you choose SSHE and The Bachelor in Event Management?

When I was looking for a University I wanted to go to a different city. So I was looking for something farther away from Zurich and also at schools outside of Switzerland. I’ve always loved to travel and experience new things and that’s why I wanted to move away. But the reason why I decided to go to SSHE is that I found the concept of the school the most interesting. SSHE isn’t a big school. The campus is small and the classes don’t have that many students in them. I find small classes to be better than big ones. The process of coming up with the ideas of an event to planning and executing an event needs a lot of different skills. The need for using diverse skills and being able to help plan a major event are things that motivated me to go in that direction.

How has your study experience been so far?

We don’t have an overwhelming amount of classes which allows us time to learn and understand the topics that are being taught. On request, you can always take up more classes. If you decide to learn a new language the staff help you to find a teacher suitable for your needs. I decided to continue to learn French and the school helped me find a teacher who spoke English and German as well to make it easier for me. The staff is very friendly and the teachers take the time to help you understand the topic.

Which has been the most interesting topic covered in the programme?

The most interesting classes for me were the International Events Management class and the Business Game seminar. In the International Event Management class, we have a teacher who has been in the business for many years. He makes the classes very fun and enjoyable. In the Business Game seminar, we used the Glo-bus application where we had to run a business and compete against other students in the class. The application is used worldwide by many schools.

Have you made a good student Network?

I do enjoy talking to the other students. Before the current pandemic became more serious and we were forced to move the classes online I used to do weekly pizza nights with two friends and sometimes other people would join us. The staff are easy to talk to and you can enjoy drinking some coffee with them in the break room.

What is the professional path you want to follow after studying?

After I started my studies I started to think more about which direction I wanted to go. There are all kinds of different events like concerts, festivals, weddings, business meetings or sports tournaments. I’ve never been someone who liked to go to concerts or was a big fan of sports. I’ve been to anime conventions and I enjoyed going there. I also enjoy playing video games and sometimes watching streamers. So I would like to do something more involving conventions and esports.


What tips would you give to future students for the Bachelor in Event Management?

Don’t be afraid to ask a question during or outside of class. The teachers are always happy to help. If you want to take a look at the campus you just have to send them an email and they will happily show you around or answer any questions you have. The accommodation provided by the school is limited. You can look for accommodations by yourself or ask the school for their help in finding one that fits your criteria. Montreux is a peaceful city and is known for its Jazz festival. Public transport in Switzerland is well managed and easy to use. You can always take trips over the weekend to explore different places in the country. It’s not a problem if you don’t speak any of our national languages because a lot of people speak English.


This unique Bachelors gives students the techniques and skills to organise a very diverse range of events from festivals to music concerts, conferences, sports events and even exhibitions. Students obtain valuable knowledge on the creation, finance, marketing, risk assessment and human resources of event management. Knowledge is acquired not only through lectures but also through case studies, workshops and guest speakers. The small groups allow a particularly personal learning experience. Graduates of the SSHE Bachelor in Event Management are highly sought after and have found employment in major companies such as the UEFA, FIFA, the IOC, World Cup, Carnival of Rio de Janeiro or the Davos Economic Forum. The Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Event Management is accredited by EduQua. Start dates are in February and September.

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