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The Financial Time’s Global MBA Ranking 2019 is out! The top 10 business schools which ranked this year were the same as last year. However, some notable shifts have been there in the list. The biggest leap was made by the Shanghai-based Ceibs (China Europe International Business School) from the 8th rank in 2018 to the 5th rank in 2019.

UK business schools have been able to provide a better employment opportunity to its students because of its job market which is in better shape now. However, because the UK has tightened its visa rules, few foreign students have been able to capitalise on this. Read on to discover the other results found by EDUopinions.

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#1 School: Stanford Graduate School of Business

Located in California, Stanford Graduate School of Business maintained its number 1 position since last year. The MBA programme of this school is a full-time residential course that challenges its students and teaches them to become better leaders. After graduating from here, the students reimagine industries and impact the world in great ways. The faculty members are experts in their fields and also leaders of the industry which helps the students imbibe as much knowledge from them as they can.

Because of such great attributes, Stanford School of Business alumni have had the highest weighted average salary, $228,074, up from $214,742. The students also praise the close-knitted alumni the school has.


#2 School: Harvard Business School

One of the most recommended schools, Harvard Business School located in Boston, this university ranks number 2 in the list. Ranked number 5 in 2018, the school is slowly climbing the ranks in the Financial Time’s Global MBA Ranking.

Their MBA programme is two-yearar course which focusses on general management and real world practice. Students learn through through the renowned case method of instruction, where they step into the shoes of case protagonists daily, learning to make difficult decisions and being challenged by the diverse perspectives of their classmates.



#3 School: INSEAD

The top European school in the list, INSEAD Business School dropped one place to number 3 this year. The average alumni salary three years after graduation at INSEAD is $180,527, which is actually among the top in European schools. With its campuses in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East,  INSEAD is a top choice for MBA for European students. The one-year programme at INSEAD is about academic rigour, amazing diversity, excellent career opportunities and an outstanding alumni network. The accelerated full-time MBA programme curriculum develops successful, thoughtful leaders and entrepreneurs who create value for their organisations and their communities.

Now half of its graduates surveyed for this ranking by Financial Times work in lucrative sectors, whether consultancy, finance/banking or IT/telecoms.


#4 University of Pennsylvania: Wharton

After maintaining a solid #3 rank since 2017, University of Pennsylvania jumped down one rank to number 4 this year. There are two types of MBA programs- the full time one and the one for executives. During their first year, all students pursue a required core curriculum that covers traditional management disciplines—finance, marketing, statistics, and strategy—as well as the leadership, ethics, and communication skills needed at senior levels of management.  The MBA program annually receives around 7000 applications for the 850 places in the class. The average weighted salary of an MBA graduate is $199,883.


#6 London Business School, London

Going down two ranks in 2019 to 6 from 4th position in 2018, London Business School calls its MBA the world’s most ‘flexible MBA.’ The students can customise their MBA to their individual interests and career path. With 70+ electives and applied learning opportunities, there’s a path to suit everyone. Their employment rate after graduation is also great, 93% of their MBA students accepted an offer of employment within three months of graduation. The average salary of a London Business School Graduate is $169,988.

Based in one of the world’s most dynamic capital cities, their MBA provides an unequalled opportunity to build a global network. The duration for this course is from 15 to 21 months.



#22 International Institute for Management Development, Switzerland

This school located in Switzerland is ranked as number one for its International mobility based on alumni citizenship and the countries they worked in before their MBA, on completing it and three years later.  According to the Financial Times report, an alumni said he built relationships with professionals from around the world that helped him to find opportunities in international businesses. 99 percent of its class is from abroad.

IMD stands out as a world leader and pioneer in corporate leadership development. Working together with top organizations worldwide and their CEOs, division CEOs or learning and talent executives, IMD brings insights, tools and mindsets that help the organisation deal with its real issues and challenges to enhance learning and create positive business impact.


#23 University of Darden, Virginia

Touted as the number 1 University for its corporate social responsibility, University of Darden is ranked number one because of its teaching on the subject of CSR in its core curriculum. In 2008, the school set an aim “to be a top 10 business school for teaching and research on sustainability and a zero waste, carbon neutral enterprise by 2020.”

Darden offers its students several dual degree programmes in connection with other schools and departments at the University of Virginia. These joint degree programmes are designed to enhance the educational experience beyond what could be achieved if the two degrees were pursued independently. Admission to all dual degree programmes requires acceptance to both Darden and the participating programme through each school’s normal admissions process.


#27 Cornell University: Johnson

Going down by 2 notches, Cornell University went from 24 to 27 this year. Cornell is a privately endowed research university and a partner of the State University of New York. Founded in 1865 Cornell has around 1600 professors and around 23600 students. They have a two year and one year MBA degree which is offered at their Ithaca Campus. Johnson’s full-time Two-Year MBA programme features one-of-a-kind curriculum, with fully integrated leadership development components and the opportunity to take advantage of programming offered in partnership with Cornell Tech in New York City.


#34 Fudan University School of Management

The Fudan University School of Management showed the highest increase in salary with a 195 per cent increase three years after graduation and an average salary of $110,062. Fudan also made an entry to the Financial Time’s Global MBA Ranking this year.

Fudan University School of Management is one of China’s most prestigious schools. Fudan is now composed of four campuses in Shanghai – Handan, Fenglin, Zhangjiang, and Jiangwan – which share the same central administration.

It has 1500 approx. international staff and around 4700 international students. Fudan is beginning to spread all over the world, with academic exchange programmes and partnerships with more than 200 universities and research institutions, including Harvard, Columbia, and the London School of Economics.


#35 Carnegie Mellon: Tepper

Going up 3 notches from number 38 in 2018 to now number 35, Carnegie Mellon: Tepper is the business school of Carnegie Mellon University. Located in Pittsburg, US, the Tepper School of Business is guided by a mission to transform the world, pioneering and innovating at the intersection of business, technology, and analytics. The Tepper School offers a future-focused business school experience, tailored for the complexity of today’s marketplace.

The MBA at Tepper is agile, data-driven and has an innovative curriculum. The course teaches its students the analytical skills required to understand the complexities of business and the leadership skills needed to lead people and organisations at a higher, more advanced level of performance. They have the full time MBA which is for 21 months. They also offer the part time online MBA and the part time Flexi MBA which can be taken online too.


#39 University of Florida: Warrington

The fourth highest climber overall, up 19 places to 39 to the Financial Time’s Global MBA Ranking this year, University of Florida is ranked number 1 in terms of value for money. This criterion is based on alumni salary, course length, tuition, other costs and lost income during the MBA.

This is because of the tuition and financial support available at the University of Florida, which helps to reduce study costs. The cost of living in Gainesville, Florida, is also “exceptionally low” as noted by one graduate according to Financial Times.

“At UF MBA, nothing is more important that providing a student experience where transformation and growth are easily achieved,” said John Gresley, Assistant Dean and Director of UF MBA.

90 percent of the full-time MBA alumni surveyed indicated their aims were achieved during their time in the programme, meaning the extent to which alumni fulfilled their stated goals or reasons for pursuing an MBA.


#42 Sungkyunkwan University GSB, Korea

Up nine places in the Financial Time’s Global MBA Ranking this year, Sungkyunkwan University GSB is at number 42. Alumni of this school ranked Sungkyunkwan in South Korea top for its careers service, up two places from 2018. This school is known for its career progress and also value for money.

Since Sungkyunkwan University GSB first launched its full-time MBA programme in 2004, it has been the icon of Korea’s MBA education. Students earn a rigorous MBA degree in 18 months through an accelerated programme.  The Full-Time MBA curriculum provides career and professional development opportunities for graduates, including leadership workshops, real-world consulting projects, networking opportunities with alumni and recruiters, and a host of other career-building activities and learning opportunities. The full-time MBA is for 18 months and is taught in English.  They also offer specialisation for students seeking to build expertise in particular academic areas such as Finance, Management, and Marketing. Dual Degree Programmes (DDP) with Indiana University Kelley School of Business are also available.


#49 Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

IIM Calcutta was the biggest riser in the Financial Time’s Global MBA Ranking this year. Up 29 notches from 78th to 49th, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta is one of India’s most prestigious colleges. IIM Alumni have the 9th largest percentage increase in pre-MBA salaries which is up from 117% last year. They make up to  $158,138 on an average of three years after graduation.

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta is also known for its stellar alumni, great professors and a wonderful campus in the outskirts of Calcutta.



Other Ranking News

China’s Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Antai, lost ground this year, dropping from 34 to 51. IE Business School, which was not listed in last year’s Global MBA Ranking, re-appeared at spot number 31. Most of the top half of the list remained the same as the past couple of years.

To determine the rankings, the FT looks at a number of factors, including post-MBA salary, salary increase, and international mobility. The data is from three years out, that is, for the 2019 ranking, the class of 2015 was surveyed.


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