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In the past few years, Greece has been a top choice for many international students for studies. Aside from excellent educational programmes, schools, and MBA programmes, Greece is a hotbed for some of the best cultural experiences you can have. Pursuing an MBA degree in Greece is an opportunity to become a highly trained professional and also to immerse yourself in Greek culture which will help you grow personally and professionally.

With an MBA in Greece, students can choose an area of specialisation such as marketing, finance, international business, or entrepreneurship, among others. An MBA in Greece will also help students build a solid foundation in business and develop into a well-rounded professional who can then become a future leader of the industry. As a student, you can also have the flexibility of pursuing the course as an online MBA programme, part-time, or full-time. So, let EDUopinions tell you all about the top 5 business schools in Greece.

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1. MBA at Hellenic Open University

The foundation of Hellenic Business University occurred in 1992. The mission of the Hellenic Open University (HOU) is to provide high-quality university education via distance learning at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. It promotes scientific research and development of relevant technology and methodology in the area of distance learning. Hellenic Open University has developed appropriate methods of teaching for the welfare of its students. The Hellenic Open University is the 19th Greek State University.

Pursuing a Masters in Business Administration at HOU helps students develop the necessary skills and knowledge in order to become effective managers in businesses and organisations. The course also aims at developing students’ ability to evaluate and analyse external and internal data and strategic decision-making in any business environment. The course helps the students increase their confidence in evaluating and analysing complex business matters and decision making along with developing creative and strategic thinking.

The duration of this course is two years and the course is taught in English. On successful completion of the MBA, students will be able to understand the global economy and analyse the ever-changing international economic environment that surrounds modern business. They will also be able to understand the main issues concerning the management of investments and modern portfolio theory.

The subjects covered during the course of the Masters in Business Administration are economics for managers, financial management and accounting which includes investment Analysis & Portfolio Management, Advanced Quantitative Methods for Managers to help in their decision-making skills, and lastly management of people and organisations which includes human resource management.

The prerequisites for getting into the MBA at the Hellenic Open University is that the students should be graduates of Greek Universities and Τechnological Educational Institutes as well as graduates of Universities and Technological Educational Institutes from countries of the European Union and countries outside the European Union. Since the Postgraduate Studies Programme is taught in English, an adequate knowledge of English is required of at least the C1 level pursuant to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


2. MBA at Alba Graduate Business School

Located in Athens, Alba Graduate Business School operates at the American College of Greece, is privately run, and is a non-profit organisation. Located downtown in the centre of Athens, the campus features a range of medium size auditoriums & classrooms and smaller meeting rooms to facilitate the learning experience. Expect a modern yet friendly academic environment for students and faculty, while visitors experience prompt, tailor-made, and environmentally conscious services.

ALBA Graduate Business School classes and administrative and faculty offices are spread across three buildings covering approximately 6,000 square metres. Classes range from 20 – 60 students and there are various study rooms and labs available as well.

For the international students, Alba Graduate Business School maintains 12 fully furnished apartments (with en-suite kitchens, bathrooms, and cleaning facilities). The apartments are in walking distance from the campus and all apartments are located in the area of Ilisia in Athens city centre. However, the accommodation isn’t included in the tuition fees and is covered by the students themselves.

An impressive 37,000 people are alumni of ALBA, many of whom work internationally in influential positions. ALBA also conducts research with over 35 projects being worked on with more than 250 partner institutions – both universities and companies.



The MBA course at ALBA is available in both full-time and part-time capacities. The full-time course is for 12 months, while the part-time course is for 24 months. In its two-decades-long history, the ALBA MBA has always been a groundbreaking innovator, helping early to mid-career professionals take off to upper-level management or create their own ventures.

The MBA students are taught to create financial and social value through their business leadership skills in an increasingly paradoxical global environment. They are taught to balance analysis with creativity that helps them get the employers they want. Entrepreneurial creativity, enabled by technical competency and leadership skills, is at the core of the ALBA MBA. So far, around 2,000 students have completed this course and more than 60% of the alumni hold senior positions in more than 1,000 companies in 51 countries. The MBA course also combines immersive field experiences such as consulting projects, mini projects, creative assignments, and international exchange programmes to boost the students’ confidence and career.

Assessments take place via group reports/presentations, case study analysis, mid-term tests, final exams, online quizzes, peer evaluation reports, and self-reflection papers.

The ALBA MBA is designed for professionals with 3 years of work experience. It’s designed for people who want to change their career path (industry or function) and are ready to take a new challenge. It’s also great for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with a vision to take risks and create mindful business value; ready to capitalise on business opportunities.

ALBA is also accredited by AMBA (the Association of MBAs, the highest standard earned only by the top 3% of MBAs globally) and the prestigious U.S. based New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), the ALBA MBA has international credibility and status and enables access to networking opportunities to graduates of other accredited MBAs.


3. MBA at Athens University of Economics and Business

The university history of Athens University of Economics and Business can be traced back to 1903 when the great national benefactor Grigorios Maraslis donated 250,000 gold drachmas. The establishment of the Athens University of Economics and Business came about as a historic necessity following the economic, technological and social changes that took place in Greece at the end of the 19th and the early 20th century.

Athens University of Economics and Business is centrally located in downtown Athens. Since the university is very conveniently located many bus lines pass the front of the university campus and a metro station is located close to the main building. There are many restaurants, shops, and entertainment places in this area of Athens, while many museums, galleries, and archaeological places are nearby.

Athens University has over 200 resident faculty members in the university’s eight departments, and approximately 50 visiting and adjunct faculty, who publish in the top international academic journals, participate in various editorial positions, lead international conferences, and advise large corporations and public organisations.



The Athens MBA programme is a result of a collaboration between the two highest-ranked universities in Greece; the National Technical University of Athens and Athens University of Economics & Business, a collaboration of high value to the MBA-type studies. The mission of the MBA programme at Athens University is to integrate the strategic, functional, and behavioural aspects of management.

The Athens MBA programme is known to produce capable business leaders who are prepared with the necessary management and research skills to make high-quality business decisions and help professionals to become tomorrow’s industry leaders.

This MBA programme works best for students with at least 3 years of work experience and those who seek to gain further knowledge and expand their horizons. The programme has been designed so as to provide management professionals with pertinent knowledge for the business world. This programme would also help them to respond effectively to the drastically transforming business environment and become leaders of their organisations.

Students are expected to attend the scheduled classes at all times, to take written exams in 20 courses (12 obligatory and 8 optional) and write their own thesis during the fifth semester of studies. The Athens Alumni consist of many top business, corporate, industry, government, and academic leaders. The alumni also help the students in networking and getting referrals as well as in getting investments.


4. School of Business Administration – University of Patras

Founded in 1999, the  Department of Business Administration at the University of Patras aims to train students by providing students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to help them develop skills and their interests, academically or professionally. The MBA programme of the University of Patras has been recently reformed and provides specialised knowledge in key areas of Business Administration. The main priority of the university is to promote research in the field of Business Administration. In recent years, the department has developed collaborations with many institutions both in Greece and abroad to develop research as well as the mobility of students and staff.



The MBA programme lasts three semesters and consists of six core courses covered in the first semester.  In the second semester, students choose one of the directions and attend two compulsory four-course courses. Alternatively, they can choose three-course courses and one of the free-choice courses.

More than 30,000 undergraduate students and 3,825 postgraduate students have chosen to study at the University at Patras. The university has two campuses – one in Patras and the other one in Agrinion. The university has played an important part in the decentralisation of academic education in Greece. The university also prides itself on being a multicultural institution that welcomes international students from near and far.


5. School of Business – University of the Aegean

The Department of Business Administration was the first department at the University of the Aegean. The first admitted students were during the 1985-86 academic year with seven faculty members and 103 students.

The University of the Aegean is located in the centre of the city of Chios and is easily accessible by public transport. The buildings have been preserved for centuries and are a testament to the time and reminiscent of the rich architecture and history of Chios Island. The 3,069 square metres of the university house the majority of the educational and administrative activities of the school. Included are 5 lecture halls, the Auditorium, the General Assembly hall, the Library and Study room, 3 Computer centres, an Audio-visual foreign language laboratory, etc. Student housing is also built by the waterfront.

The department has always been ahead of its time and adopted many innovative programmes for its students’ welfare. These programmes have created waves in the educational world and have also been adopted by other departments of the University and by other Greek universities. Among them are the Summer Internship Programme (1986), the Liaison Committee (1990) (Educational visits to companies in Greece and abroad – Weekly guest lectures), and Tutors (1985).

Besides providing students with the essential theoretical knowledge and instilling in them discipline ethics and social responsibility, the curriculum of the department primarily prepares students for professional career orientation.


All in all, Greece is a fantastic country to study an MBA and further your academic qualifications. Don’t forget to check out EDUopinions for its students reviews on colleges to help you decide which university at which to study. 


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