What is to study at the University of Birmingham

What is to study at the University of Birmingham


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Located in the west midlands of England, the University of Birmingham is the first of the famous ‘red brick’ universities to receive its own royal charter. The university highly values excellence in research, pioneering spirit, purposefulness and pragmatism. They are a founding member of the Russell Group of British research universities and have been involved in many scientific breakthroughs and inventions until today. Their vision is to challenge and develop great minds and to break new ground following their tradition of innovation, pushing forward the boundaries of knowledge and making an impact on people’s lives. In September 2018, the University of Birmingham will launch a new campus in Dubai, which makes them the first of the global top 100 universities to establish a campus in Dubai.


Get to know the University of Birmingham


The University of Birmingham offers over 350 undergraduate programmes, 600 postgraduate taught courses, and many research courses and PhD opportunities. The five main colleges at Birmingham are:

  • College of Arts and Law
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • Life and Environmental Sciences
  • Medical and Dental Sciences
  • Social Sciences

The university has more than 5,000 international students from more than 150 countries, and 31% of their academic staff are from overseas. Their striving international community is but one of the reasons why Birmingham is an outstanding university and renowned for transforming society.


Applying at the University of Birmingham

As in most UK universities, you need to apply via UCAS. You also need to match the English language requirements to study at the University of Birmingham. For international students, the university offers the Foundation Pathways, a one-year programme to make you eligible for the first-year undergraduate entry to universities in the UK.

If you are aiming to apply for an abroad year, you can do so directly at the university. You will need to send academic reference that you come from one of the partner universities, as well as evidence of your English language ability. The university reserves itself the right to decide whether they will make you an offer or not.


Students’ Opinions on the University of Birmingham


What is to study at the University of BirminghamWhat is to study at the University of Birmingham

Ani shares her amazing and inspiring academic story from the University of Birmingham with us. Highly-qualified lecturers and tutors make the university one of the best in the UK regarding employability and academic preparation, but also student life. The university provides lots of extracurricular activities and also financial support, so you can meet great people from around the world and grow both academically and individually. Countless options for a practical experience like the UN Society, refugee charity programmes, or the various possibilities for studying a year abroad gave her a unique experience in Birmingham which made her the person she is now. We highly appreciate her detailed opinion, and if you have something you want to ask Ani, feel free to do so now!

What is to study at the University of Birmingham

Giorgos praises the high academic standards of the University of Birmingham, including the courses, staff and facilities. The campus is beautiful and a great place to spend your time as a student. Compared to Panteion University in Greece, where Giorgos studied, the academic level is extremely high. This could be due to the different educational system in Greece, but this is still a valuable point to make here. He definitely recommends studying in Birmingham. What’s your opinion on the Greek and UK educational systems? Discuss it now!


What is to study at the University of Birmingham

Ivan has a very interesting opinion to share with us, as he enrolled in a PhD programme at the University of Birmingham and was also part of the staff there. The university is striving in research and offers a modern and ever-changing environment. The quality of the PhD programmes is very high and the supervision at the doctoral level makes it highly rewarding. From the staff perspective, it was not always easy for Ivan. While you will find many great and qualified academics among the staff, there are others who simply don’t feel encouraged to help students or to take care of their problems. This way, simple administrative issues can become a big problem for the entire department as they only get delayed and emails stay unanswered until they become a problem. What was your experience with the staff at the University of Birmingham? Share your thoughts with us now!



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The University of Birmingham is a highly renowned research university, that comes with the usual high standards in the UK: high tuition fees and strict entry requirements, but also the high encouragement of individual thinking and going the extra mile for delivering world-class research. For ambitioned researchers and PhD students, the university offers great staff, modern facilities, and a striving academic culture, so you can participate in the leading global research and try to make the world a better place.


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