The University of Manchester experience

The University of Manchester experience


Research for a positive global impact

The University of Manchester is a public research university located south of the city centre of Manchester. With all higher education institutions combined, the university holds almost 40,000 students and a staff count of more than 10,000, making it one of the largest universities in the UK and Europe. Confirmed to be a research powerhouse, the University of Manchester strives for research with an impact beyond academia, tackling the world’s most pressing problems to become a global force for positive change. Research reaches from curing cancer to finding new global energy solutions. Among its past and present students and staff, the university has 25 Nobel laureates, including Niels Bohr (1922). In the UK, only the universities of Cambridge and Oxford have a higher number of laureates.



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Get to know the University of Manchester



The University of Manchester offers a ton of undergraduate programs, taught Master’s, and postgraduate certificates and diplomas. Subjects reach from Accounting and Finance over Law and Criminology all the way to Zoology. Since 2016, the university is structured into three faculties, each sub-divided into schools covering the specific field. The three faculties are:

  • Faculty of Biology Medicine and Health
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Faculty of Humanities

Tuition fees in Manchester reach from around £18,000 to £24,500, except for clinical years in Medicine and Dentistry degrees, reaching up to £40,000. There are a number of ways for students to pay their tuition fees. These include sponsorships, student credits, or career development loans.


Applying at the University of Manchester

Each year, the university accepts more international students than any other university in the UK. Currently, 6% of students come from the EU and 27% of students from non-EU countries. The application process is similar to most universities in the UK – by following the steps in the UCAS. When you get accepted by the university, you will need to apply for accommodation depending on which campus you will be studying on.

If you are planning to study in Manchester in an abroad programme or Erasmus, you will not need to apply via UCAS. You can apply directly to the university.



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Students’ Opinions on the University of Manchester


the University of Manchester experience

For Timur, the biggest quality of the University of Manchester lies in its scientific studies. The learning facilities, equipment and courses are of high quality and the professors and their teaching are on a high academic level. He recommends the university to anyone wishing to study chemistry, engineering, biology, or probably any other natural science degree. The conditions and research facilities are excellent, which is an important aspect of studying science. Are you interested in the natural sciences? Get in contact with Timur now!


the University of Manchester experience

For Ivan, the multicultural and diverse environment with students from all around the world is what made the university so great. Great lecturers and world-class collaborators in every field make the university a high-end academic environment and ensure the quality of research. Old and traditional buildings are constantly renewed by the university to match the modern requirements and for students to study in a clean environment. Studying in Manchester was a great life experience for Ivan, and if you are looking for a similar experience, you should definitely ask all your questions here.


the University of Manchester experience

Not only is this student fascinated by the city of Manchester, but also does he or she appreciate the great selection of libraries to study in and the variety of equipment offered. The supporting services for students, staff, events and seminars make the university a striving academic environment with many new people to meet, places to discover and things to learn. If you want to find out more about student life in Manchester, ask this student whatever you like!



The University of Manchester offers studies from all disciplines and is one of the top universities in the UK. They have high standards in the fields of natural sciences and are keeping up with their reputation with first-class research facilities and equipment. One thing we were missing in the students’ reviews are mentions about the academic culture, accommodation, or clubs and societies. So, dear students, what were your experiences at the University of Manchester? We highly encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences with us!


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