7 Nontraditional Career Options For Business Graduates

7 nontraditional Career Options for Business Graduates you will want to try


Are you in college to obtain a degree in business or considering this option? It is safe to conclude that there will be various types of employment you can pursue. You should start weighing out your possibilities early to give you an edge over the competition. There is a reason why business degrees are one of the most popular credentials. Business graduates are finding that the degree applies to a variety of industries. Employers see the skills you are obtaining as an indicator of how versatile you will be as an employee. The workplace is ever-changing, the concept of business administration no longer means only office environments with a conservative dress code and working a typical 9-5 shift.


Here are seven types of nontraditional roles business administration graduates can pursue.


Nonprofit Management

For some reason, many people see non-profits as a foreign concept. In reality, they operate with similar principles as a conventional business. Therefore, they require many of the same skills business graduates have. In many situations involving a nonprofit, you can gain more experience because you will be included in many areas of the nonprofit since resources will be fewer in comparison to a traditional business.


Fashion Management

Business graduates are the type of employees who can handle industries that move fast. The fashion industry is no different. It takes drive and ability to keep up with changing environments. Business students study business changes. In fashion management, you might have an opportunity to work with brands and create a strategy for getting new styles in front of their ideal customer or buyer.



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Events Producer

People who can manage a business can often produce excellent events. If you are social, good with details and organization is your middle name, you can use your degree to create great events. Small, medium and large companies hire business graduates to plan marketing events, social mixers, holiday parties, and company meetings. You could consider running your own company and produce events for clients.


Online Instructor

You can teach online. People will pay you to learn what you have mastered. Typical online courses taught by business administration degree holders include business communication, marketing, general business and whatever skills you feel are your most marketable. You can instruct and earn in different ways such as creating online courses or partnering with another company to teach their students.



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Business Language Trainer

This option is similar to being an online instructor. However, in this role, you will be working one-on-one with international business professionals who are looking to do business with countries that speak your language. Therefore, they are counting on you to help them perfect their business language skills.


Market Researcher

Your degree in business administration and an interest in market trends can make you an asset for employers. Researchers help companies make informed predictions about the likely success of a new product or service. In this role, you will help businesses either make or save money.  


Contract Negotiator and Vendor Management

In this role, you can help a company effectively negotiate contracts and manage relationships with their vendors. Depending on the company, this position can play a significant role in the success of an organization if the business depends heavily on contracts to operate.


Obtaining a business administration degree doesn’t have to be limited. This degree is a general study of business, and it can open up many opportunities both inside and outside corporate offices. How you decide to implement your degree is in your hands. Start planning early and use the degree to meet your overall career goals.


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