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Get to Know the University of Roehampton


The University of Roehampton is a public university situated in the South-West of London. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, short courses and doctoral degrees, and it is famous for its teacher training studies. It also gives the students the opportunity to enjoy most wonderful student life, among other reasons because it welcomes a huge number of foreign students – in fact, there are more than 1000 students from outside the UK. EDUopinions will help you get to know the University of Roehampton.

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Get to know the University of Roehampton

The University of Roehampton was founded in the 19th century. At the beginning there were four different teacher training colleges:

Whitelands College was opened in 1841 and was the first high education institution in which women could study.

Southlands College was best known because of its Methodist philosophy and was established in 1872.

Digby Stuart College, established in 1874, was very famous because it was a teacher training centre for Catholic Women.

And the last of these four colleges was the Froebel College, the “youngest one,” founded in 1892 where the Friedrich Fröbel method was used in instruction. This method studies the development of children from the very beginning of their lives. The main objective of these colleges was to help children in difficult situations.

In 1975, the four colleges became the Roehampton Institute of Higher Education. Then, this Institute joined the Federal University of Surrey and some years later, in 2004, it was established as the University of Roehampton.

Programmes Offered

This University offers many research and degree programmes. It also allows students to complete their doctoral degree. For those who want to become teachers, it offers an outstanding teacher training programme that is one of this university’s strengths. The institution has a partnership with more than 700 schools and 99% of their teacher training graduates obtain a job or further their studies.

Even though this University is well-known because of its teacher training course of studies, we cannot forget about the other degrees that are offered. You can find undergraduate courses at the University of Roehampton Business School. These include business management and finance or business management and marketing, for example. They also offer studies in other branches of knowledge like history, journalism and sociology.


The University of Roehampton’s campus is constituted by historical buildings, but they have all the modern facilities. The campus has green areas in which students can take a break. Its location makes student life really easy as it is close by Putney and Hammersmith. Additionally, the University has an accommodation programme in order to help students in need of a place to live during their student life.

Applying to the University of Roehampton

If you want to be part of this University, you must know what the requirements are.

If you want to study an undergraduate course, you have to apply via UCAS.

Those who want to enter a postgraduate programme require a second-class honours degree issued by a recognised British or overseas university. If there are people who already have an undergraduate degree, they can apply too. All these cases will be considered individually and in detail by the corresponding Programme Conveners. You will also need to have proficiency in English before entering any of the courses. For the PhD programme you need to apply through the University website but check out the application deadlines first. Normally, you are expected to apply while in possession of an undergraduate degree, or a degree related to the postgraduate study that you want to undertake.

Fees, funding and scholarships

In order to understand tuition fees, I must explain that there are two types of students: the UK/EU students and international students.

If you are an international student (unless you are from the USA or Norway) and you want to go to this University, you will need to pay a fee of £2,500 per year.

Undergraduate courses cost £9.250 per year for English and EU students, and for international students, the amount is £12.875 per year. However, you will need to pay additional fees in case your course needs extra materials. Extended degree fees are the same as undergraduate fees.

For postgraduate programmes, the tuition fees change. For example, if you want to study in the Business School a global financial management programme the taxes will be £8.095 a year (for UK/ EU students) and £14.670 a year for international applicants. Fees for other postgraduate courses might change.

There are possibilities for students’ financial support usually sponsored by:

  • Her Majesty’s Government
  • The student home Government
  • The British Council
  • Any other international organisation or university

There are also discounts and other scholarships available. Discounts can be given for those who pay fees online before the appointed deadline.

You can follow this link if you want more information about this particular.

Student life and students’ positive opinions on The University of Roehampton

This University has an International Office in order to help nonnatives to study at The University of Roehampton. Then, if you are thinking about studying aboard and you want to study in the UK, this university a pretty good option.

Student life at Roehampton is very attractive as it mingles cultures from all over the world and people from everywhere in the UK. There are clubs where you can join people who share your interests and hobbies. Students’ reviews about this university usually highlight the facilities that the University offers. They also point out that lectures and departments are really fantastic. You can find more opinions on EDUopinions.

However, some students insist that the University could improve its administrative system.

In conclusion

The University of Roehampton is a great place to study because it provides students with one of the best available tuition all over the UK. Its huge range of studies encourages people from everywhere to profit here from their academic years. The University of Roehampton is a wonderful reference to include in your CV. In fact, 94% of the total number of students that complete their degrees at this institution quickly get a job during the first year after college. In addition, their average salary is £21,000 per year.

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