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How EDUopinions Connects Students with the Right Institutions


EDUopinions, the essential bridge between students and institutions

It gets harder every day to attract international students because competition among business schools is rising. However, the presence of a bridge that connects the right students with the right colleges, makes everything easier. That bridge is EDUopinions.

You may be wondering how EDUopinions connects the right students with institutions. The answer is easy and is explained below.

Our current customers enrol over 15% of the leads they receive from us. This conversion rate is not random. In fact, it is achieved because of our four-step stringent lead quality management process:

  1. Acquisition: EDUopinions attracts only high-quality organic traffic of business students on our portal, mostly through verified student reviews, an up to date catalogue and quality editorial content.
  2. Qualification: on-site, students are offered various tools that help them select courses that match their specific needs.
  3. Verification: we verify with individual conversations that information gathered on students is accurate.
  4. Matching: we match students needs with the specific criteria you have set with us for your lead acquisition campaign.

The way we help your international admissions department is straightforward. By matching the right student to your institution, the international admissions department does not have to filter endless applications. But this is just one of the many benefits of cooperating with us. In fact, you decide which verified student leads you pay for. There are no minimum commitments nor regular charges. This makes it high-value and low-risk for you.

Students appreciate our effort in finding the right business school where they can continue their studies. Therefore, let’s hear it from them directly:

student testimonial - herby


“I don’t know how I could ever thank you for all your great support & direction.”
– Herby, a prospective Master’s student of International Marketing & Business Development.


student testimonial - marienne

“Since my focus is international marketing, there are quite a lot of courses on this subject, so the students’ opinions are really important to me.”

 Marienne, a prospective Masters’s student of Business & Management. 




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