Cardiff Metropolitan University Vs University of Manchester

Cardiff Metropolitan University Vs University of Manchester


Today at EDUopinions, we would like to present you with a comparison piece about the Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales and The University of Manchester in England. Let’s see what students from both universities had to say about their experiences. Ready for a new comparison article? Let´s dive in our newest Cardiff Metropolitan University Vs University of Manchester comparison.


Cardiff Metropolitan University – Pros



The treatment of students at Cardiff Metropolitan University is easily the most frequently mentioned positive in its EDUopinions comment section. From the praise of the university’s student union – namely the large number of events, they organise for students, to the ‘lovely tutors’, the ‘amazing’ student services, and the support from the career service (and the opportunities they create for the students e.g. networking events). One EDUopinions commenter even states that Cardiff Met ‘surpasses my other university experience with regards to student wellbeing.’

Cardiff Metropolitan University Vs University of Manchester

Following the high regards in the comments about student treatment, the next most popular positive at Cardiff Met is its facilities – particularly, according to students, at CSAD – the school of art and design at the university. A reference to the good facilities on campus is made in the majority of Cardiff Met’s EDUopinions comments, a credit to them – as one student describes it – ‘brand new campus and equipment.’ Another Cardiff Met student (as you can see above) expresses gratitude for the Starbucks on campus which is ‘always a pro.’

Cardiff Metropolitan University Vs University of Manchester

Other Cardiff Met pros consist of the teaching staff at the university – such as in the end of the comment below – who are also quoted as being ‘very good’ and that they ‘care about the students and their wellbeing.

Cardiff Metropolitan University Vs University of Manchester

Finally, another observation of Cardiff Met’s apparent positive points is its high quality of and focus on art – with the good facilities at CSAD and the high number of courses related to art, drawing, etc., on offer at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.




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Cardiff Metropolitan University – Cons

The ‘pros’ side of the list heavily outweighs the ‘cons’ concerning Cardiff Met. The handful of areas in which students are not totally satisfied to include the university’s location – students recognise it is not located in Cardiff city centre and that is not located right in the ‘happening’ parts of Cardiff. Although as the following student admits, Llandaff (where you will find Cardiff Met) is nice too.

Cardiff Metropolitan University Vs University of Manchester

As is mentioned in the above comment, a further negative is the lack of punishment for poor attendance at classes, and perhaps, therefore, a lack of incentive to then go to class.

An interesting element raised in the Cardiff Met’s EDUopinions comment section is the organisation at the university. In the first ever comment posted about the institute you will find a student complimenting the ‘well-organised staff,’ but read on and you will find two conflicting comments declaring the college to be disorganised, saying that ‘sometimes things are a bit scattered and disorganised,’ and that ‘timetabling organisation is always a bit of a nightmare […], which is not always fun if you like to plan far in advance.’



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The University of Manchester – What’s Good About It?



Students most often mention the plus that is the city of Manchester concerning this section. They describe it as a ‘great,’ ‘vibrant’ city with ‘amazing nightlife.’

Cardiff Metropolitan University Vs University of Manchester

The second most frequent compliment made by The University of Manchester’s students is the facilities on offer. One commenter describes the campus as ‘beautiful,’ another notes the various ‘well-equipped’ libraries to be found at the university, and finally, yet another student tells us that the institute has been renovating a handful of buildings in recent years – no doubt modernising the college a great deal.

Quite a general upside to The University of Manchester appears to be its focus on science at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. One EDUopinions commenter even goes as far to say that the university is ‘famous’ for its level of science education, with a further noting the high-quality placement options they were able to choose from as a med student, and even more impressively, the jobs that will be available to them as graduates – specifically graduates of The University of Manchester.

The last of the more commonly appearing positive comments on this university is the chance to have a personal experience while there – to grow as a person, and not just as an academic subject. One student states their time in Manchester was ‘also a great life experience’ with a previous commenter detailing that there are many support services available at the university run by ‘great staff,’ in addition to the ‘many events and seminars’ put on by the college.

Other compliments include the multicultural population at the university, the accommodation choices (ranging from ‘uni halls to lots of private houses’), and quite specifically, an EDUopinions contributor mentions that the ‘business school dissertation topics may be varied in order to help students to make better decisions.’ From students’ opinions, it seems all are treated well at The University of Manchester.



Where Students Think The University of Manchester Could Get Better

Extremely impressively, this section is close to non-existent in the student comment section on the EDUopinions site. The only point that warrants a mention here is a comment about the academians at the university being ‘adequate’ – giving an impression that the teaching staff is average. There, is, however, no other criticism about the educators at The University of Manchester in any of its EDUopinions comments.

Cardiff Metropolitan University Vs University of Manchester

This criticism is in fact conflicted by a couple of other comments praising ‘high quality’ teaching and ‘great lecturers.’ Of course, every individual’s experience is unique and depends on an endless mix of elements. It is likely that both viewpoints here are true to their own experience at The University of Manchester.

Cardiff Metropolitan University Vs University of Manchester


In Conclusion

So, there you have it. Two very different British universities with a lot to offer – depending on which discipline in which you wish to study.

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