Erasmus in the UK and the effects of Brexit

Erasmus in the UK and the effects of Brexit


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Erasmus grants funded by the European Union are the mobility grants for excellence. We have all met an Erasmus student who has come to our university or know someone who plans to go to Erasmus soon. And me? Why not?  In this post, we evaluate the world of Erasmus scholarships with special attention in the United Kingdom, the first country in the reception of  Spaniard Erasmus. Let’s talk about what it is to be an Erasmus in the UK.


The first steps:

Each person is different. There are students that the first year of college already comes thinking about going abroad to see the world. Many others are expected a few years until they have advanced in their university career and feel more secure or with more knowledge to take advantage of the time studying abroad. There is no simple reason why we do it, but the reality is that at some point we are all interested in changing and testing what the world can offer us, and the university is the perfect environment for this.


The different types of Erasmus

The major mistake most student commit is not being aware of the Scholarship offering at their disposal. This way one only ends up knowing about the existence of only those aids that are spoken by the halls or those that have requested other partners. As is often the case, these students are underestimating the opportunities available to them if they are not willing to do more research and strive.


“Erasmus” is not only the scholarships that allow you to continue your studies abroad and return to continue with your career.


Although less known, you should also consider the option of doing an Erasmus internship. This option is especially interesting for those who prefer to advance in their studies and, later, have their first experience in the professional world. Usually, each university has agreements with different companies that offer scholarship positions, usually with shorter days and with someone who teaches you how to work from scratch, a supervisor. On a more personal level, Erasmus is also a great experience both for learning the language – usually English – and for seeing the world, expanding cultural horizons, and also discovering other ways of learning and living.



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Advice from an Erasmus in the UK

If you are interested in embarking on a Master or Doctorate program, you will be happy to know that Erasmus scholarships offer you a one-time application for a specific “study period.” This means that you could apply for them once during the Degree, again during the Master and even again during the Doctorate. This means that you can even triple your stay abroad, your resume and your international experience.


How much time do I go?

Erasmus scholarships are usually awarded for a full academic year, although you can also apply for one semester, either first or second, or even for more than one course. For example, you can request to stay for a year plus a few months to do the end-of-grade work during the summer. Here we go into personal preferences, but the margin is usually between 3 and 12 months of scholarship. If you decide on an Erasmus Internship, the duration is even more flexible and will depend on the agreement that is agreed with the Host Company or institution, usually between 2 and 12 months, without being subject to test dates or end of the semester.


Where do I go?

Each university offers you the opportunity to stay in different places, depending on the agreements that have been established with other educational institutions. One of the favorite countries in Spain to do an Erasmus is the United Kingdom, for different reasons. Perhaps the most essential is the language. We all know that as a lingua franca at the international level, having a certain command of English has become an indispensable requirement for a competent CV. In other posts, we will talk more about the importance of English and the titles that are usually requested. However, taking your studies in this language will always put you one step ahead of other students, demonstrating your ability to learn and adapt to a new medium and language.

Other good reasons to study in the UK are the supply and quality of their programs. British universities have a very high quality of teaching and offer degrees and Master’s degrees that in countries like Spain are directly non-existent. This is especially important when our studies are of the scientific-technical branch since in the UK the degrees work by modules that allow you to specialize in your field, giving the opportunity to focus your studies towards a subject that interests you especially.



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How does Brexit affect me?

To date, most students who plan to do an Erasmus in the UK ask these same questions: what do I expose myself to with BREXIT? Can something happen to me while I’m there? The reality is that BREXIT – as it is known popularly to the process by which the UK tries to stop being part of the European Union – is a slow process that will take years of negotiation to solve all the eventualities that can appear.

Specifically, as long as the UK continues to be part of the EU, it also continues to participate in the Erasmus program. This program is funded by European funds so all citizens who are beneficiaries of one of these scholarships will be safe and your stay will not be affected at the moment. If someone is afraid of being ‘hung up’ in the United Kingdom, they suddenly won’t want to attend a British hospital in an emergency, or they won’t be allowed to pass at the airport, they should know that they have nothing to fear.

Violating these fundamental rights in a time of tension like this alone would mean more trouble for the British government, in addition to calling the unwanted attention of the world press. It is true that, at some point in time, it is possible for the UK to leave the Erasmus program altogether, but this can be perceived as speculation which may not occur for at least two years. If your university offers an Erasmus scholarship to England, you can accept it without fear. Of course, the BREXIT is underway so you should not expect much since this situation may change in the coming years.



I hope this post has helped to clarify your doubts about Erasmus scholarships, especially if you are interested in doing them in the UK. In the future, we will continue clarifying more topics so remember to follow us on Facebook to not miss a single post. Also, if you have a specific question that you cannot solve, do not hesitate to leave a comment so we can give you personalized help.

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