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Best Bachelors in International Business and Management


For students who know their interests lie in the realm of business, a bachelors in international business and management can be a good way to set yourself apart from others early on in your academic career. Most people study business only at the graduate level, but doing so as an undergraduate can increase your chances of being accepted to the MBA of your choice. It also provides you with an additional three or four years of knowledge about business strategies, theory and contacts. Below, EDUopinions has compiled a list of Europe’s top bachelors in international business and management to help you decide which programme is best for you.

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What can you do with an international business degree?

A degree in international business and management can open many different doors. Graduates of this type of undergraduate course often find employment in marketing and sales, consulting, human resources and finance. In addition, completing a bachelors in business can be a great way to bolster your application to an MBA, with many universities reserving spaces in graduate-level programmes for high-performing undergraduates. Finally, the international aspect of this sort of programme is highly regarded in today’s ever-globalising world. With business taking place on the global stage, employers are looking for those who understand the international complexities of modern commerce.

What do you learn with this programme?

Students studying an international business and management bachelors can expect to gain an industry-focused education, with some room for elective modules depending on your university’s requirements. Many of these courses include modules on finance, accounting, marketing, quality assurance and business strategy. As well, more and more courses are offering modules focusing on the digital aspects of business. And in the end, a bachelors in international business and management is still a bachelors degree, meaning many programmes will include common first-year modules like statistics, foreign languages and research methods. Together this combination of highly-specific business modules and general education modules will ensure you graduate ready for work or further study in business.

Top programmes in international business and management:

ESCP Business School

Various campuses of ESCP business school

ESCP Business School is one of the top institutions of its kind. Its BSc in management offers a uniquely international experience for students, with the possibility to live in three of six different campus locations, including Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Warsaw and Turin. With classes in subjects ranging from law and politics to statistics and probability, there is room for students to orient the degree to their needs. ESCP also places emphasis on the importance of learning languages, giving students the opportunity to learn two additional languages by the time they graduate. Without a doubt, this programme is one of kind, launching graduates into successful academic and business careers.

Dublin City University (DCU)

Dublin City University campus

Dublin City University offers a four-year bachelors in international business studies. While this programme is longer than other business bachelors, students have the opportunity to spend a year abroad in a country, learning a foreign language (French, German, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese). Another advantage of this programme is its highly developed international exchange programme, bringing students from across the world to study in Ireland. In the final year of the degree, students specialise in one of the following areas: business economics, finance, human resources, management or marketing. Altogether, this programme equips students with high-level knowledge of business practices as well as competency in cross-cultural relations, opening up countless opportunities.

Karlshochschule International university

Karlshochschule business students working on campus

Located in Karlsruhe, Germany, Karlshochschule offers three different bachelor degrees in international business, each with a specialisation. Students can choose to focus on intercultural management, responsible business or marketing during their three-year course. For the first five semesters of each programme, students will learn basics in international business and hone in on their chosen specialisation. To support this, students undertake a placement semester in their final year, gaining real-life insights into the business world. With such a multi-perspective focus, this degree prepares students for whatever their aspirations may be after graduation.

SRH University

Business students at SRH university leaving campus

Another German institution, Berlin’s SRH University provides an international business administration BA. This degree takes place over six or seven semesters, depending if students choose to complete both a study abroad experience and an internship. A benefit of this course is its flexibility, providing students with numerous extracurricular modules to guarantee graduates receive a well-rounded education. Further, modules take place for five weeks at a time, allowing students to dive deep into one subject before moving onto another. Graduates of SRH University can expect to come away from their degree not only with business knowledge but highly-developed “social, intercultural and personal competencies.”

ESSCA School of Management

Business students at ESSCA walking on campus

ESSCA’s three-year bachelor in international management is designed to provide students with skills sought out by today’s leading companies. Learning at ESSCA takes place differently than at many other universities, with a semester abroad and project-based lessons based on real business case studies. A leader in business education both in France and Europe, ESSCA has campuses in Paris, Lyon, Budapest and Shanghai as well as partnerships with 55 universities across the world where students spend part of the second year of their degree. Adding to this international focus, students at ESSCA are supported to go abroad for their mandatory first and third-year internships. With so many options, students at ESSCA are sure to receive a uniquely customised education in international management.

Toulouse School of Management

Students exiting Toulouse School of Management

Also located in France, Toulouse School of Management’s bachelor in international management is another top-notch programme. Lasting three years, this programme provides students with a comprehensive base in management through modules on business theories, international business, information technology, finance and ethics. In addition, during their second year, students partake in an international exchange with another European university or stay in Toulouse to intern with an international company. Finally, third-year students can take a module called ‘the business game,’ in which they simulate decision-making in a complex business environment, providing them with experience of what it is like to work in management even before graduating.

International School of Management

Students at the International School of Management studying in class

ISM’s international management BSc combines a traditional bachelor degree in business with an international education to prepare its students for work in a highly-globalised market. With modules in economics, maths, law and ethics, students benefit from a broad education which forms the base of their business learning. To bolster students’ international knowledge, ISM provides intensive and mandatory language training in German, French and Spanish as well as an integrated term abroad with one of their 190 partner universities. For students especially keen on this international component of the degree, there is also an option to take a second semester abroad.

Jönköping University

Jönköping university students enjoying time on campus

One of the top research universities within the fields of entrepreneurship and business, Jönköping University is a great choice for those considering a bachelors in international management. Their programme starts by covering the basics of business and management through interactive hands-on learning and group projects. During their fifth semester, students can either study abroad at one of Jönköping’s partner universities, or remain on campus and take a semester of elective modules. Another advantage of studying at Jönköping is the lower cost of living compared to other universities located in large cities. Further, all international students are guaranteed accommodation, taking off the pressure of finding housing. In all, Jönköping offers a unique and attractive bachelor degree, which is sure to set up graduates for success.

La Rochelle

Students walking on campus of La Rochelle

La Rochelle is one of the world’s most well-known business schools, backed by the Excelia Group. Their four-year bachelor in international business administration is structured to focus on four distinct geopolitical regions: Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. This approach provides students with an in-depth knowledge of nearly every corner of the world’s markets, preparing them for work wherever they land after graduation. In addition to a year abroad in one of more than 30 countries, students study a second (and optional third) language to support the translation of their business knowledge across cultures. La Rochelle’s signature innovative pedagogy means students will learn about business in an engaging and impactful way, preparing them for work in nearly any sector of the business world.

Having gone over Europe’s top bachelors in international business and management, we hope this article will help you through your journey in higher education.

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