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Why to study International Business?


The world has become more interconnected and collaborative than ever. And with this, it is also essential to understand international business and international relations. Companies also now operate on an international level and they often look for students who understand the international dynamics and can solve problems on such a level. For this reason, studying international business has become more important than ever. In the next few paragraphs, EDUopinions will explore the reasons to study international business.

Japan, India and China are some of the world’s biggest economies right now, which means that the majority of gross domestic product (GDP) is now generated outside of the USA and Europe.  This trend will continue for the next few years until 2050, where even Russia and Indonesia will join and become some of the world’s biggest economies. With these new dynamics, companies with international offices are now looking for business management students from all over the world who can understand international business.

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What are the benefits of studying international business?

Since the economies and the global business environment is constantly changing, studying business where there is an international perspective is essential. Graduates who work across international business and cultures are preferred by such companies.

By studying international business, students gain a broad mindset and it helps them be successful in international business. Studying international business also allows the students to see how globalisation has affected the economy. Working across countries has become a norm across many international firms today. Which is why the need for students who have studied international business is also growing. This is not only for senior managers, but employees of all levels who have to interact with international customers and suppliers, partners, or international colleagues.

Plus, there are some really valuable skills that you learn from studying international business that remain with you all through your life. These skills are highly sought after and make a profile a polished one also.

What can you do with a degree in international business?

After studying international business, your career opens up to a variety of options. Study in international business can also develop into careers in consultancy, international finance, non-profit organisations and entrepreneurial ventures. One can also explore options such as accounts, financing and HR.

With an international business degree, one can expect to have titles such as business adviser, marketing executive, human resources executive, management consultant and much more.

With this degree, you can also apply to countries such as Singapore, Australia, Canada, Germany and India.

To stand apart from the crowd, you should take all the opportunities that your university has to offer. You can take part in business events, career services, internships in international companies. These activities can really help build your resume so that you can stand apart from the crowd.

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What is International Business Salary?

The most exciting thing about an international business degree is you can choose to study anywhere in the world and your skills will definitely be relevant anywhere. An international business can vary across different specialisations and also where you are working and in which company. Below are some of the average salaries for international business students:

If you study in international financial management, then your median annual salary will be around $125,080. If you are a financial analyst, then you can expect an annual salary of around $84,300. An international marketing manager can expect a salary of $132,230 per annum. Whereas if you start your career as a translator, then it is $47,190 per annum.


Which are the best universities for international business in Europe?

There are several universities in Europe that have some great degrees for international business. Some of them are:

If you are looking to develop a lucrative career in international business, then the Warwick business school is one of the best places to apply. The focus on international practice will give you a detailed insight into the contemporary challenges faced across global economies, meaning our graduates are ideally placed to work in a variety of settings throughout the world.

King’s College is a public university located in London which also provides International Management (BSc). In this course, you will examine emerging economies, learn new languages and study economics, sociology, marketing and more. The languages that you will learn are Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, French, German and more.

This university provides an undergraduate degree in international business. Here you will spend a semester studying abroad developing your cross-cultural skills and confidence to operate internationally. Along with that, you will also acquire a strong understanding of business management.

They provide a BSc in international business administration. This three-year programme is taught by international staff and they give specific attention to the development of IT, research, and communication skills.

They provide an MSc in International management. Here the students will learn the crucial elements of business and management while developing the skills required to succeed in business on an international scale.

They provide an MBA in international business. This can be an ideal starting point for the next step on your professional path – a career as a successful manager. They are 100% international, in fact, they speak English, they have a wide range of partner universities abroad, and offer internationally relevant course contents.

They provide an MBA in International management. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Major in International Management is designed for professionals interested in deepening and expanding their knowledge of management.


International Business will prepare you for the future in the most unique way. You will be able to meet colleagues from all over the world and hopefully study and work abroad to enhance both your personal and professional skills.


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