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An In-Depth Look at UCLA


The University of California is said to be one of the best universities in the world, perhaps due to its excellent classes and good environment on campus, its technological advances, or the students’ involvement in everyday activities. EDUopinions is going to look deeper into this university!

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Get to Know University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California, Los Angeles – commonly known as UCLA – is a public research university in Los Angeles, United States. It is one of the leading schools in the US. It was ranked 15th in the world for academics, the 1st US Public University for academics, and 13th in the world for reputation by the Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2017-2018. The university is renowned worldwide and offers over 3800 programmes, with a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree courses.

The school’s “can-do-attitude” and optimism is what makes studying at UCLA an enriching learning experience, with its 31,000 undergraduate and 13,000 graduate students (2018 numbers), who strive for excellence and always give their best in order to have a promising future. The employability of UCLA graduates is very high, as students are well-equipped for their future careers upon graduation, and possess the right mindset to enter the professional world.


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Currently, it has good relationships with its sister campus, UC Berkeley, and with other universities as well, with several partnerships. The university attracts students from all over the country, as well as international students, because of its unique and excellent teaching methods. Over 140 companies have been established based on technology that was developed at UCLA.


Applying to UCLA

To enrol in UCLA is certainly not an easy task. Not only because of the number of applications, as there were over 100,000 submitted in the Fall of 2017,  but also because of the quality of them, as more than 60% of the admitted students had a GPA of 4.30 and higher.

To apply to the university, the minimum requirements are the same for every student, which is the transcript, the high school diploma, the results of the test, among many other things such as the citizenship status and your household annual income. If you want to apply, check the following website.

If you are an international student, the requirements are the same, with the addition of having to do the SAT or the ACT plus the ACT Writing Test, and as well you must have an excellent level of English (with aanIELTS certificate of 7 or higher, or a TOEFL result of at least 100). If you are an international student and you intend to enrol at UCLA, check this website.


Fees, Funding and Scholarships

All the information regarding UCLA’s fees, funding, and scholarships are on this website. According to an estimate made by the university, the full cost of a year in UCLA is around $65,000 if you live on campus. The tuition for a non-resident student is about $29,000 per year.

There are many ways to fund the fees, and UCLA aids its students with four types of financial aid: scholarships (mainly merit-based), grants, student loans and part-time jobs for its students. In 2017, over 9,000 students worked part-time on campus to help pay their expenses.


Students’ Point of View

According to the reviews that UCLA students wrote on EDUopinions, the university is one of the best universities there are. Despite having some issues, that every university inevitably has, it is an excellent place to study.


Anonymous student
Good Location, Typical Big University Problems

UCLA has a really nice campus and is in a great location. The surrounding area is safe and walkable, with lots of necessities like Trader Joes, Target, CVS, etc. Lots of clubs to get involved in and pretty easy to start your own club. Classes can be hard to get into, like most large universities. Professors tend to be good but there are exceptions, of course. Overall, I would recommend it.

Campus: Los Angeles, California

Anonymous student
Excellent Extension

UCLA Extension has excellent programs for people wishing to continue their education or receive professional training for their current careers or future ones. The certificate in Spanish translation and interpretation is a program that prepares you to be a legal court interpreter; providing the necessary tools to sit for the Legal Court Interpreter certification. It also prepares you for careers in medical interpretation and translation, as well as in other areas.

Campus: Los Angeles, California



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In Conclusion

UCLA is clearly a university where you leave your comfort zone, and you really develop yourself to a great extent, both in hard and soft skills. Completion of a UCLA degree is, for most companies, a gold star and it is definitely an impressive organisation where if you work hard enough, the sky’s the limit!


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