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MBA International Business vs MSc International Business


Are you applying for graduate degrees in international business? You may not be sure if an MBA or MSc will be the right fit. If this matches your situation, keep reading. This article will help you identify what you need to know about both MBA and MSc programmes. EDUopinons has done the research and you will discover how the programmes are different and similar. Before making your selection, you should research the degrees in detail.

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Overview of MBA International Business Programmes

An MBA international business degree exposes learners to a broad set of management skills. Students will also learn specific international business practices. Please note that these programmes may require experience in the industry before admission. This requirement is because there is an emphasis on peer learning from each other’s experiences.

An MBA programme graduate will have a set of skills that can be of use to other areas. These programmes produce graduates that can qualify for positions in other fields. This benefit can be helpful should a graduate become interested in a different path. Also, it can help if students need a backup option.

MBAs are the preference over other business programmes because these degrees are usually more recognised on a global level within academia and the workforce.

Overview of MSc International Business Programmes

An MSc in International Business often emphasises management with a cross-cultural perspective. These programmes will often incorporate language and culture lessons with an emphasis on international business practices. Students may find this programme more friendly to learners without professional experience. MSc programmes usually build on undergraduate learning.

Key Differences of MBA and MSc Programmes in International Business

There are differences between MBA and MSc programmes concerning eligibility, focus, and cost. The significant difference between MBA and MSc International Business programmes include the following:

  • Professional experience of students doesn’t play a significant role during the MSc programme
  • MBA students gain value from the expertise their peers have in the classroom
  • MSc programmes can be a more cost-effective option
  • MBA programmes emphasise the practical side and MSc programmes are heavy on theory
  • The MSc helps graduates to start a career
  • An MBA allows professionals to enhance and develop their management careers

What You Can Do With an MBA or MSc International Business Degree

With both International Business degrees, graduates will be ready for various career options. There will be opportunities both abroad and in the student’s home country. Here are some of the possible positions graduates currently have with either degree:

  • Logistics Manager
  • Global Marketing Manager
  • International Accountant
  • Multinational Director
  • International Economist
  • International Trade and Customs Director
  • International Foreign Policy Advisor
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Deciding between an MBA and MSc in International Business can take time. Before you make a decision, consider your goals, finances, and other relevant factors. If you are looking for options for inexperienced students, the MSc welcomes newcomers. If you have experience and seek a programme that will provide skills transferable to various areas in business, the MBA will be a better option. So, what are your thoughts about MBA and MSc programs focused on International Business?

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