Toulouse Business School vs Paris School of Business

Posted on 28/01/2019

Are you looking to study business in Europe? There are many award-winning institutions there, and today we are exploring some of the finest ones – Toulouse Business School and Paris School of Business. But where should you choose to study? Here, EDUopinions takes a look at the comments from those who studied at Toulouse Business School and Paris School of Business to see which school offers what.

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Toulouse Business School


What You Need to Know

This is a fairly new university with a little more than 100 years of history. Even though it is a young institution it has already achieved many valuable accreditations like EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB in the Business field.TBS is present in three countries: Spain, France, and England.

The teaching system in all three universities is personalised with a big commitment to professionalism and an international atmosphere. TBS Barcelona has been ranked high in many international rankings.

Toulouse Business School has 56 reviews and the students have given an average rating of 4 stars.


Most Frequent Comments

The most frequent comment about TBS is that even though the campus is small it’s located in the city centre.  Antoine said, ‘I had a chance to spend one year at TBS for my student exchange. Campus location was perfect as it was at the center of Barcelona. The building is small but student facilities are enough for studying. Especially at business management school provides many different master programs.’

Josaine talked about how she spent her year as an exchange student. She said that TBS is located at the heart of Barcelona. In its small building, the school provides every facility for their students. She particularly noticed that the French speaking students prefer Toulouse because of its connectivity to France.

Students also seemed to like the professors here as they are educated and the classes are presented well. They also liked the fact that doing an internship is mandatory as it helps the students to apply what they learnt in the classrooms to understand the problems in the real world.


The Good

There’s a lot of practical learning here that is not present in some other universities and even the teachers are very willing to help even in their own time.

Some students also praised the fact that since the teachers come from a business background the method of teaching is very task oriented. This helps the students understand business from a real world point of view and not just theory wise. It is a good way to start a career in the business world.


In Conclusion

There are mostly positive comments about TBS by students who have loved the fact that the school is in the centre of the city so that commute to their home towns can be easier. They also like the task-oriented teaching style by the business professors which enables learning faster. The fact that TBS organises internships is also a plus point.


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Paris School of Business


What You Need to Know

Paris School of Business was founded in 1974. It is a European elite Grade École management school with international focus that offers a wide range of Higher Education fully taught in English. PSB offers a three year BBA programme in Finance and Accounting, International Marketing, International Management, and other such courses.  Executives who want to specialise in economics and socialism in an international environment should apply to the Doctorate in Business Administration programme.

Paris School of Business has a four-star rating thanks to its six reviews on EDUopinions.


Most Frequent Comments

Students exclaim that Paris Business School is one of the best business schools in Paris and the curriculum is not only gruelling but demanding as well. Moreover, all students must have at least 1 year abroad in the 3rd year, in a partner university. There are some around the world which leave a great choice to the students as to their destination. This is a great practice as all the students are more globalised and open to new cultures.

Students also mention the Campus Cluster, which is a place to interact with new teachers and students. It gives the students an opportunity to get to know their classmates and teachers in an open environment.

However, several points can be improved. First of all the administration is not very present, the premises is small, and the opening of a campus in Ivry (20 minutes away by transport) is not a solution, supervision (especially during exams) is to be reviewed.

The Good

The students praise the environment and say that it is a nice place to study and the professors are very experienced as well.

In Conclusion

The most common view of Paris School of Business is that it is a great place to study and the students are globalised. The Campus Cluster is a great initiative by the University to make students and teachers interact with each other.


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