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How to Write a Killer MBA Application Essay


Every year the best MBA schools receive thousands of applications from potential students, but only a few fortunate ones will be accepted. So, how can you make yourself stand out amid a crowd of applicants? For starters, you need to prepare a killer MBA application essay. But, MBA application essays can be tedious, not to mention notoriously difficult. After all, this isn’t assignment writing.

One of the requirements of MBA application essays is that applicants must give an overview of themselves briefly that will compel the admission officers to recommend him or her favorably to members of the admissions board. In addition, the applicants should also provide an insightful view of what he or she has to offer. But, that’s not all. Everyone will be attempting to present themselves to the admission board with their essays. The key here is to differentiate yourself from your peers in compelling ways and a unique and impressionable MBA application essay will help you do it.

Steps for Writing a Killer MBA Application Essay

If you want to write an engaging essay, make it informative, but not superfluous. Merely adding irrelevant information will make your essay dull and will bore the reader. Take some time to envision a clear picture of yourself and ask yourself why you are seeking to study an MBA, and how it can help you to further your academic and professional career.


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Tips on How to Write the Ideal MBA Application Essay:

  1. Reveal why you are embarking on this field of study. Be informal, no harm there. Also, share the life experiences that have made you what you are today.
  2. Eagerly demonstrate your motivation for wanting to earn an MBA. Your presentation should also show your passion and drive. Your readers should feel convinced of and inspired by the adamant pursuit of your goal.
  3. Explain why you have decided to pursue your MBA in the school you chose. Most applicants fail when it comes to the first impression here, but in fact, this is your opportunity to make a truly strong and long-lasting impression. Avoid unnecessary banter, fluff, cliché compliments, or flattery; rather state a unique and compassionate reason for what made you choose this school over others.
  4. Having explained your reasons to choose the school of your choice, explain which MBA programme you have chosen and why it is the one for you. Explain why you are seeking this MBA programme and how it can advance your career.
  5. List all your past and present academic as well as professional achievements in every field of life. Try to provide as much details as possible. Do not leave out extracurricular, sporting, or social achievements. This is your chance to showcase and reinforce your strengths and versatility to your readers.
  6. As much as you mentioned your successes, do not ignore to mention your failures. Every person has his or her moments of glory and disappointments. So mention those.  Furthermore, mention how you rebuilt or dealt with your failures and how it motivated you to get back on track and achieve your goals.
  7. Education is an investment and eventually will impact your long-term plans in life. Explain to your readers what you are planning to do after earning your MBA.

Things to Remember While Preparing Your MBA Application Essay

Now that we have outlined the important things on which you need to focus while writing your MBA application essay, all of it will be in vain if your essay lacks cohesion between the sentences and the essay is not grammatically correct. Therefore, revise your essay for correct spelling and grammar. Always remember that you need to create a larger than life image of your personality in the minds of the committee members and that your essay is the only medium in which to do it at this stage of the process.

Your essay should exude a positive outlook on yourself. Do not hesitate to explain that you are the ideal choice for the programme.

Try to mention your attributes that bring vibrancy and colour to your life and enhance your self-esteem and confidence. Such approaches will give you an edge over other applicants in the admissions process.


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