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Settling into University: Business School Prep


If you are heading off to university to study a business-related course, you will need to be sharp-minded, socially aware, and well organised. If you can demonstrate these traits, you will succeed in a business environment. Preparation is the key when it comes to your studies, and this is no different when you are going to business school.

If you can identify the elements that will help you perform well in your course early on, you can create a plan that will benefit both your academic performance and the development of your life skills. We have done the difficult part for you by identifying some key ways that you can prepare for your business-related course. You can use these tips to create a plan that drives you towards academic success.

Attend the Introductions

For students who are starting undergraduate degrees, the introductory week at university is often overlooked completely. The settling-in process will involve social events that typically take precedent over admin-type introductory lectures and classes, but you can’t afford to make this misstep if you are on a business course.

The opening lectures are not just a formality – here you will find out about your tutors and the core reading for the course. The course leader will spend time actively researching the ever-changing business landscape and will base your learning around that. Plus, getting ahead of the learning will keep you on top of the trends and at the top of the class.

Business is all about relationships, and your tutors will be well established in their chosen fields, so making the right impression and building those relationships can play a major factor in not only your academic success, but also your professional success.

Read Up on Your Tutors

As we just mentioned, your tutors will be well connected in industry and could create opportunities for you in the future. Successful business professionals build networks of relevant people to turn to when needed, and this is no different. Your tutors will almost definitely have been successful in their fields, and have likely published research papers about what they do.

By reading up on your tutors, you will know about their specialities and be able to use this to your advantage when building your network. By reading their materials, you will not only gain a better understanding of the course content, but you will know which tutors can help you in certain situations.

Work on Your Numerical Skills

Business courses are analytical and often require a good level of mathematical knowledge. You will likely be balancing numeracy-based modules with reporting-style modules, meaning mathematical ability is essential to your eventual success.

It might be some time since you have studied basic mathematics, and refreshing your knowledge of numeracy before you start your course will give you an advantage when you get to the number-focused modules.

Work Experience Helps

If you know that you are starting your course in a few months’ time and you have nothing to do in between, building prior industry experience can help you to understand the theoretical side to your course. This is because you will have already put this theory into practice, and this will solidify your understanding of the core principles.

If you already know the type of industry that you would like to work in, try to get yourself some relevant experience. Shadowing a professional, or simply getting used to the office environment, will give you an advantage both academically and professionally.

Outline and Plan

When you have found out about the course content, and you know what type of industry you want to go into, and you have started to network with tutors and other relevant professionals, you can create a functional plan. The exercises above will give you a clear goal that reflects your personal and academic ambitions, and utilises your available resources to help you to achieve it.


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