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A Closer Look at Geneva Business School



Geneva Business School – an elite educational institution. This can be said in terms of the attractive programmes it offers to students, through the many accreditations obtained, and the popularity offered by the presence of notable graduates.

Get To Know Geneva Business School


Originally called the Institut de Formation en Gestion du Patrimoine, Geneva Business School, or as the students prefer to call it, GBS, was founded in 1995. In 2001, the institution’s name was again changed to the School of Finance. It is located in Geneva. Since then, the university has added another campus in Switzerland, located in Villars and also expanded internationally with four other campuses worldwide. There are two campuses in Spain, located in Barcelona and Madrid. In addition, the Astana and Almaty campuses in Kazakhstan offer students several different experiences and curricula.

Over the years, the programmes of study that the university specialises in have evolved. Initially, the focus of instruction was on providing students with private banking expertise. Nowadays, finance courses are more varied to include the necessary breadth of knowledge needed to be prepared for careers in international banking and financial services institutions. Along with this change, the university has developed the discipline Business & Management to provide an extensive array of potential studies.



Geneva Business School offers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. There is a wide variety of majors that students can select from in order to develop their studies for a specific industry. Some of the undergraduate studies that young people can follow are: Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration in Digital Marketing, Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Business Administration in International Management. Also, a few of the postgraduate studies that students can follow are: Master of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration in Digital Marketing, Master of Business Administration in International Relations, Master of Science in International Finance. Plenty departments even offer doctoral studies, for those who want to further dedicate themselves to their field of study.

Applying to Geneva Business School

As an elite university, the admissions process is very selective. In order to apply to Geneva Business School, students must complete an online form that is accessible through the website of the university. The first step is to create a student profile on the application platform and log in. After this, the next portion of the process involves providing key information about academic history and personal details. The application asks hopefuls to fill in programme details, academic information, and upload supporting documents.

After reviewing the application, there is a fee required in order to submit the form. Potential students can pay this fee online through the platform. Then, the last step is to confirm submission of the application. Once the application is submitted, the Admissions Committee will check it to see if it meets all the conditions and if the application is completed correctly it will be considered along with the personal interview and is a very important component that the committee uses to evaluate and make a final admission decision.

Fees, Funding, And Scholarships

Along with traditional classes, Geneva Business school also has a distance learning programme and offers more flexibility in scheduling. For GBS e-learning, those who want to apply need to know that they initially have to pay an application fee and an administration fee. Those fees are non-refundable. These fees include tuition which is based on the number of credits a student enrolls in. A payment plan is also available for this expense. The programme is comprised of 24/7 access to the e-learning environment for a two-year programme as well as round the clock access to the GBS Online Library resources. More details and helpful information about the university’s internet-based courses can be found at this link.

To be a student at GBS, prices varied in 2017; around 5,730 euros per semester, excluding the administration fee and application fee, for undergraduate studies. It is worth mentioning that these studies usually last 3 years, which means six semesters.In order to apply for master’s studies, the prices varied in 2017 of around 7,460 euros per semester, excluding the administration fee and application fee. The master’s studies are usually 1.5 years, which means 3 semesters.

To apply for doctoral studies, prices varied in 2017 of around 6,000 euros per semester, without the administration fee and application fee. You need to know that doctoral studies usually last 3 years, which means six semesters.

Payments can be made by credit card or bank transfers. Please click here to find out more details.

Scholarships vary by location and also depend on your financial situation and/or circumstances. To get a better picture of what costs you can expect to pay, you will first need to talk to your local financial aid counselor at the campus you are applying to. They will be able to help you understand what aid you are eligible for.

Students’ Positive Opinions on Geneva Business School

At Geneva Business School, professors value students’ passion for learning. Because of this, professors are actively involved in developing student’s studies. As for what the school expects from those attending, students have to do their homework, and there are some times that students have to teach themselves key aspects of the material. Some teachers particularly serve as mentors that are able to guide students academically and in making important decisions about their future. According to student reviews, teachers are able to combine the theoretical and practical part in a way that is very gratifying to the students. Other skills such as teamwork or communication are tested by the teachers and developed through their courses and the themes offered to the students.

At the same time, many professors continue to actively work in the field of banking, so they know very well the intricacies of the field. They can speak to how the material relates to current events and the present state of the industry. Professors are able to share their personal experiences in an authentic way with the students. As a result, this gives students real-world examples to connect the theoretical studies and supplement their learning.

Another common theme that students who attend the university described is that they feel they truly learn what is needed for a job.


It is very apparent from the opinions offered on the site that students are very fond of their university. Students report that they feel supported at the university and, on the whole, describe a wonderful experience at the institution. In particular, attending Geneva Business School is an exceptionally beneficial way to learn and develop a skill set. The strongly respected reputation of the university is also appreciated by the students.

The surrounding city of Geneva no doubt contributes to this positive impression of the university. Students describe the city region as peaceful and that the campus is located in a generally safe area.


Another aspect to consider is the student body itself. The university enjoys great cultural diversity, which contributes to the development of students and provides an opportunity for students to learn from each other. They get a new perspective from meeting people from different backgrounds and can expand their way of thinking. Overall, interacting with the multi-faceted student body helps students become more open-minded. Another added benefit is that working and communicating with their fellow students who come from all over the world is a great way to practise their English. Students say they can definitely notice the improvement in their English language skills.


In Conclusion

Given all this info, you can see that Geneva Business School is an elite education institution that is highly appreciated by its students. Cultural diversity, very useful and relevant study programmes, post-graduate employment opportunities are the most discussed topics among students on the EDUopinions website. At the same time, the university is highly valued, with students demonstrating their affection towards their school.

Would you like to study at Geneva Business School? We are curious to find out your thoughts. If you want to share with us your opinion about the university at which you are studying, you can write an honest review on the EDUopinions website. We look forward to hearing your story!



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