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Top 10 Ways to Stay Organised at University


College seemingly puts less pressure on young people, mostly because there are less obligatory classes and more free time. This increased flexibility is often a trap that many students fall into, finding it hard to organise themselves.

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1. Make Plans

According to a study by staff at SOA University in India, 51.9% of all students had very low scores on time management tests. Organisation at university is only possible if you plan everything you do.

Both free time and studying will be more pleasant if you know your daily schedule in advance. Improvising will only lead to mistakes and problems in the future. Plan every day.


2. Include Long Term Plans

Planning shouldn’t just be on a day to day basis. To stay organised, you have to have both long-term and short-term plans.

First, make a list of all the tests and exams you have in the near future. By knowing the dates and the number of exams, it will be easier to make short-term, daily plans to stay organised.


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3. Sleep Regularly

In recent years, the culture of studying all night has taken a toll on many students’ health. In a recent study, 70% of students showed signs of sleep deprivation, whereas 7.7% had indications of severe insomnia.

Sleep is important to achieving organisation at the university. It allows your brain to rest and be ready for challenging days ahead.


4. Make a Priority List

A good way to make every week easier and be more organised is to create priority lists. Don’t list all your obligations chronologically, but do it in order of importance. This is instrumental, as there will often be changes in your daily schedule.

Just by looking at your priority lists, you will be able to know which things you can do later and which ones are more important.


5. Know What’s Important

After you visit EDUopinions to gain information about different courses and you’ve made a study schedule, the biggest challenge awaits.

Free time often presents a temptation to students, which leads to many ruined schedules and failed exams. No matter how enticing a party or a coffee date are – know your priorities.


6. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

Even the most brilliant students with impeccable work ethics have times when the amount of work is overwhelming.

Instead of panicking, calm down and think about the resources around you. If you need help with an essay, perhaps ask a friend for help.


7. Consistency is the Key

It’s better to study thirty minutes every day than to spend 10 hours every day on weekends.

Our brains can easily be tricked by forming habitual actions. While studying may be hard in the beginning, forming a habit will make every study session much easier and more pleasant. Just stay consistent and don’t give up, no matter how hard it may seem.


8. Take up a Sport

Believe it or not, taking up a sport at university can be a life-changing decision. By working out a couple of times every week, you will feel healthier and much more powerful, in a mental sense.

As physical activity increases blood flow, your brain will function like a well-oiled machine in times of need.


9. Expect Failures

Students often go to great lengths to become organised, only to be discouraged by failures. There are always factors and elements you can’t influence.

Accepting them and staying persistent is the best path to becoming organised. Accept your failures and remember them as valuable lessons that will teach you how to battle adversity in life.


10. Have Fun

University is the best time of your life, and you should enjoy it. As surprising as it may seem, having free time and enjoying oneself can be a great motivating factor.

Plan something for the weekend, and you will be inclined to organise your week. Knowing that a reward awaits you for your accomplished goals will urge you to get yourself together.



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Concluding Thoughts

Staying organised at university is challenging, but all you need is to sit down and think about your goals. Once you have a clear view of what you need to accomplish, you can implement these 10 efficient ways to become organised. The beginning is going to be hard, but with persistence, there will be nothing you can’t achieve in the academic world.

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