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How To Not Lose Motivation in College


College is not always rainbows and butterflies. In fact, it can be a real struggle that requires constant compromises, work, and high levels of focus. Nevertheless, as you’re trying to have some fun and study in the meanwhile for upcoming exams, your motivation might fade away quickly and unexpectedly.

During the college time, we’re all facing numerous mixed up feelings and lots of new experiences, so we can easily become overwhelmed by college life.

At this point, finding your motivation to get back on track to be able to face the exams might look almost impossible. Therefore, in today’s post, EDUopinions is going to share several tips with you to help you preserve and improve motivation as a student.

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Change Your Mindset

As Jane Stephen, the HR manager at a book review service company, relates, “In life, things don’t always work how we’d like to. Sometimes it even feels like nothing seems to be in our favour. Same happens when we’re in college, but things can get more dramatic. In these times of worry, we must take our time, introspect, and reflect on both our internal and external environment.”

You see, sometimes we believe that everything is going against us only because we’re approaching life with the wrong attitude. Therefore, we must change our mindset and start approaching life in a different and more positive and optimistic manner. To change your world, it’s just enough to change your habits, beliefs, and attitudes.


Create an Effective and Realistic Schedule



Your time-management skills are a highly important aspect that’ll define your college lifestyle. For that reason, if you lack time management skills, you’ll have a hard time trying not to lose your motivation.

So, you’d better start by setting your priorities – i.e. the things that come before anything else. It would be best to set your priorities according to the goals you want to achieve. Furthermore, create a plan and a schedule that will help you achieve your goals and be in line with your priorities.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that you have to be realistic and keep a flexible element while you’re planning. Also, don’t overload yourself with tasks and chores.

Take it easy, make baby steps, right until you feel that you can step up your game. If you get used to keeping things simple and you manage to stay self-disciplined, it’s highly unlikely you’ll lose your motivation ever again.


Remember to Take Care of Yourself

During the college years, we can easily forget, or we can fail to spare some time to take care of ourselves, from our sanity and mental health to physical health. And that’s where stress, depression, and anxiety strike.

You must take some time for yourself on a regular basis. Instead of spending the last two hours before you go to sleep watching TV, try some alternative relaxing practices. These small habits will not just help you relax but will also boost your mental health performance. Reading, yoga, and meditation are some of the best examples of relaxing activities.


2 Tools That Help You Stay Motivated

Here are some resources that can prove to be really useful if you’re struggling with your college life right now. They’ll help you change your perspective, improve your productivity, and deal with your pressing challenges:


Fabulous – Motivate Me!

Do you want to stay motivated during college? Look no more. Fabulous is exactly the app you need to keep yourself inspired and ready for challenges. It has numerous features, from health advice to weight loss programmes, just to make sure you’re not losing your motivation. As well, you can add your goals and set up your morning routine. Because I don’t want to give you any further spoilers, just try it yourself and discover the rest of the app’s great features.


Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

Here’s to a funny approach to life. Habitica app is here to help you gamify the way you’re achieving your goals. The more goals you’ll achieve the more features you’ll unlock, which will be really useful when competing with other people. This innovative app will surely help you stay motivated while achieving your goals.



What to Take Away

Keeping yourself motivated constantly is one of the most important keys to making it all the way to the end of your college years without experiencing high levels of stress and frustration. Always keep in mind how important motivation management is and remember that the sooner you learn what makes you “tick” the faster you’ll grow in performance.


No matter what you’ll be doing after college, being able to control what you think, how you feel, and how you act will represent a huge trait that every employer and client will appreciate!


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