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Pros and Cons of Studying in Switzerland


Switzerland is one of the best places to study internationally. There are four official languages in Switzerland which makes it a true melting pot of cultures. The postcard picture beauty, the top-notch institutes and the lovely people, all come together to make Switzerland one of the best places to study. EDUopinions will talk about the pros and cons of studying in Switzerland.

pros and cons of studying in Switzerland

Pros of studying in Switzerland

 Beautiful Country

Switzerland is on the bucket list of many people around the world. The number one pro is that this is one of the most beautiful countries on earth to visit. From mountains to lakes, the geography of Switzerland is very diverse and there is always a lot to see. When studying here, a great way to relax and rejuvenate is to explore the beautiful landscapes that the country has to offer. Another great factor for students living here is that Switzerland is well connected with some other European countries like Germany, Italy and France. They are only a few hours away and can be explored during the weekend so you do not have to miss any class.

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World-class Swiss Education

Education in Switzerland is extremely demanding, however, it is equally rewarding as well. If you are considering going to Switzerland to study, then be assured that you will get the best academic training you could ask for. Some of the best universities in Switzerland are:

social and cultural events

Switzerland actively supports and has a lot of festivals and carnivals that promote socialising for its citizens. Students often want to interact with the locals or just relax after the tiring classes all day. Some of the most famous events are:

  • Paléo Festival, which is the country’s largest open-air festival.
  • Basler Fasnacht, which is the largest Swiss carnival.
  • Montreux Jazz Festival, which is the biggest in Europe.
  • International Balloon Festival…


While the cost of living may be high, there are many scholarship opportunities that the universities in Switzerland offer. When you apply for university, make sure that you apply for scholarships well in advance. Getting a scholarship will help you to save a lot of money. While some scholarships cover college expenses and fees, some scholarships even cover living expenses. A couple of scholarship providers in Switzerland are:

  • Swiss government excellence scholarships
  • IMD MBA Scholarship

Cons of studying in Switzerland


As most of you may already know, Switzerland is one of the most expensive places to live and to study. For example, Zurich and Geneva are reported to be two of the most expensive places to live in worldwide. We highly recommend planning your study abroad experience in details before choosing Switzerland as your next home abroad.

Strict country

If you are planning to stay long-term in Switzerland, then it is important to know that people are very strict when it comes to rules. They love following the rules and they get almost vicious when the rules are not followed. Even the smallest rules are paid heed to. Make sure you study the laws of the country before you move there. For example, did you know that in some cantons you cannot recycle or cut the grass on Sundays? Also, if you are planning to bring your dog with you, just know that you will have to register the dog and pay an annual ownership tax.

Getting a job is difficult after graduation

If you want a future in Switzerland and are going to study there because of that reason; then pay attention. Getting a job or internship is not an easy task. One of the main reasons is that you might be required to speak the local language fluently. If you do manage to find a job, your employer will need to get a work permit for you. He or she will have to submit an application to the concerned authorities stating that they have hired a foreign student. Sometimes the process discourages employers who then decide to hire local students over foreigner ones.

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After analysing the pros and cons of studying in Switzerland, it is safe to say that studying in Switzerland can be quite a blast! Of course, one should also keep in mind the tuition fees and the living cost of this country prior to moving there. If you’re interested in studying a business-related subject, take a look at our article on the 4 Best Business Schools in Switzerland.

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