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How to Study Abroad in Ireland


Are you looking for a good place to study and grow? Have you ever thought that Ireland could be that place?

Ireland is a globally connected country whose people will welcome you with their beautiful and old heritage. In other words, Ireland is an old nation with a strong history, and it has been able to compete and collaborate with much bigger countries thanks to its entrepreneurial spirit. This probably explains why so many multinationals that we all know, such as Ryanair and Primark, have been created in Ireland. Additionally, many other leading firms such as Google and Apple have settled in the the country, also called the Silicon Valley of Europe. Moreover, the country has achieved high academic standards and the general level of education is high.

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In this article, EDUopinions runs you down some practical things about studying in Ireland as an international student. After reading, you will have an idea of how much it costs, what kind of country Ireland is, and what the job market is like.

How much does it cost to study in Ireland?

Irish tuition fees vary greatly depending on several factors. The main ones are whether you are an EU national or not, the university you want to study at, and the type of program you want to follow. Here is a little list to give you an idea of the prices:

  • Undergraduate degrees for non-EU students: Free under the following conditions:
    • Residing in Europe for three of the last five years
    • Starting a university degree for the first time
  • Post-graduate degrees for EU students: 3,000 to 30,000 euros (Business programs tend to be the most expensive ones)
  • Undergraduate degrees for non-EU students: 9,000 to 55,000 euros (Medicine & Health Science programs tend to be the most expensive ones)
  • Post-graduate degrees for non-EU students: 10,000 to 34,500 euros (Business and Medicine tend to be the most expensive ones)

Note that you cannot change your fees if your nationality changes throughout your degree. Independently from your nationality, there are basic costs that you will also have to pay fees if you want to access student services, student clubs and societies, and other extra-curricular areas of university life. Don’t worry, there are numerous scholarships available based on need, merit, and nationality.

Living in Ireland is not particularly cheap, though it will always depend on your lifestyle and the type of accommodation you choose. The average student rent is 450 euros per month. In general, you should budget between 7,000 and 12,000 euros per year. If necessary, you will have no problem finding a student job.

study in Ireland

What do I need to know before leaving?

Did you know that Ireland is one of the most peaceful countries in the world? It also ranks on the 15th position of the Global Innovation Index. It is a country with a high quality of life and a competitive mindset for business. The multiple cities of the country illustrate that well. For example, Dublin is a real capital city, with lots of universities, bars, cultural activities and history, an more. On the other hand, Cork is more of an industrial city with the European headquarters of Google, Apple, Microsoft, AirBNB, Facebook, as well as a booming housing market. The Irish are also very warm people that should make you feel at ease. Their culture is rich and traditions hold an important place in the public space. In that sense, cities offer lots of activities that you can enjoy outside of your university.

Being an international student in Ireland

Ireland works with a central application procedure, called the Central Application Office. This means that you have to use a centralised national system through which you can apply to one or more universities. After that, the system will manage your application. However, certain institutions might require you to provide an additional independent application directly to them.

Regarding your education as an international student, you should check whether you need to apply for a visa. In case you are confused or unsure, do not hesitate to seek free advice from one of our experts by clicking on the yellow button below. In general, Irish universities also offer outstanding student support. There usually is a dedicated staff to help you and other new students settle in upon arrival, and make you feel at ease while you start studying in Ireland.

Getting a job after you graduate

You will find most job opportunities in cities. There are many options, but as we already mentioned, it is a competitive environment. Indeed, about 65% of the population goes on to study a higher education degree. This means that there are more people on the market for jobs requiring a university degree. However, it is also a system that rewards hard work and talent – if you seize opportunities you will be rewarded. The numerous big companies throughout the country are often hiring new managers, software engineers, statisticians, financial analysts, interns and many other professionals. Besides, the high level of education also makes you a competitive candidate for markets outside of Ireland.

Eduopinions Irish university pics

Below, EDUopinions has compiled a list of the best Irish institutions, based on students’ experiences, that might interest you.

Dublin City University – DCU

Dublin City University DCU (and their Business School) is a relatively small university (around 16,000 students). It enjoys a strong culture of communication between teachers and student, which creates great academic relationships. The campus is located in the suburbs of Dublin, and is very modern. There remains a few old buildings, but they have benefitted from new interior designs to provide students with an excellent study environment.

UCD Michael smurfit Graduate business school

Smurfit campus

The UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School is one of the bigger universities in Ireland, with about 35,000 students. It is a pioneer business school that introduced the first European MBA. The university holds a “Triple Crown” accreditation, which makes it one of the best business schools in the world. It is also an important research centre. Therefore, it has worked on offering excellent PhD opportunities in HR, finance, marketing and other business related fields.

dublin business school – DBS

The Dublin Business School is located in the city-centre of the capital. A particularity of this business school is that it emphasises the psychological aspect of the business. The school has an extensive psychology section with entire bachelors and masters programs in psychotherapy, addiction studies, applied psychology and many others.

Trinity business school

Trinity campus

The Trinity Business School is part of the famous Trinity College Dublin and is located on the university’s marvellous campus next to the Science Gallery of Dublin. This institution has become known throughout decades of academic excellence. Indeed, it offers one of the best Executive MBAs in Europe. The university also welcomes a very diverse body of students in its different branches and curricula.

We hope that this article was informative and helped you with your choices of study. If you have realised that Ireland is not the right place for you, or if you want to learn about other countries, check out EDUopinions’ blog. There, you will find articles about Studying in Greece or France, and many other places. If you haven’t studied away from home before, check out this article for pointers that will help you settle in your new environment quickly. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experts for free.

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