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Student Visa Requirements

If you are an EU national or member of a country within the European Economic Area (EEA) then you do not require a visa to study in or travel to Ireland.

If you are from a country that does not have EU/EEA membership then you will need to apply for an entry visa along with your student visa. All non-EU/EEA country residents must obtain permission to enter Ireland at their port of entry by reporting to an immigration officer.

There are two types of visa required depending on the amount of time you need to stay in Ireland – a ‘C’ visa for stays of less than 3 months and a ‘D’ visa for longer stays.

In order for your application to be successful, you will need to provide supporting documents which include a letter of confirmation of your enrollment in an Irish university, evidence that your tuition fees have been paid, evidence that you are able to financially support yourself (€7,000 initially) and also confirmation of medical insurance.

All documentation must be original documents and be written in English, or be an officially notarised translation.

Student Accommodation In Ireland

All Irish universities have student accommodation in the form of halls of residence which are offered to international and domestic students at much cheaper rates than private accommodation. These halls usually include 6-7 other students and have a shared bathroom and kitchen.

There are plenty of private accommodation options in Ireland also, especially in the larger cities like Dublin and Limerick. The cost of these varies depending on what kind of accommodation you are looking for and if you are looking to house/flat share with other students.

Contact your university which will likely have an accommodation service that will be able to help find the ideal accommodation for you if you are an international student.

Applying To Irish Universities

Ireland uses the Central Applications Office to handle all university applications in the Republic of Ireland, allowing prospective students to apply for all of their university choices and programmes in one place.

Some universities may have separate admissions procedures that run concurrently with the CAO so you should double check the admissions process with your university before applying.

All programmes at Irish universities are conducted in English, so if this isn’t your native language then you will need to provide evidence of proficiency in English alongside your supporting documents.

Irish Tuition Fees and Finance

Ireland has the free fees initiative that supports fee tuition for students domestic and international if you meet the correct criteria. This criterion includes being a first-time applicant to a course that is more than 2 years long, being a citizen of or resident in an EU/EEA country or have family that are, or if you have been granted refugee status in Ireland. The university you apply to will determine if you meet these criteria upon application.

If you do qualify for the free fees scheme then there is a fee that students have to pay to take part in it, but this is capped at €3,000 and varies between universities.

If you do not qualify for free fees then you may qualify for EU fees, another scheme to help international students. However if you don’t qualify for either, you will need to pay the international student fees as defined by the choice university. These will need to be paid up front before your first year begins.

There are several student loan options for domestic and international students to study in Ireland which include low-interest loans, grants and bursaries.

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