When Are the GRE Test Dates for 2019

Posted on 30/11/2018

Are you planning to take the GRE test next year? The GRE or the General Exam test has two test formats. The GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test. Both the exams have different syllabus as the test format is different as well. For more specific courses, a Subject Test might be required by the college, as it focuses on judging the candidate’s expertise in specific fields.

The test is organised and administered by Education Testing Services (ETS). GRE is conducted in offline mode three times a year and in online mode throughout the year.

Basically, the GRE is a test taken by students all over the world who are seeking admission into Masters programs in various fields in universities of the US and other countries across the world. It is also available at more than 1,000 centres in more than 160 countries.

EDUopinions has done some research and we’re here to tell you on what dates you can take this test in the near future. EDUopinions is a unique platform where you can read real, verified student reviews about universities from all over the world as well as get free information about them.


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What does the GRE test assess?

Basically, the GRE intends to test a candidates’ verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills. The candidate can take the test over 5 times in 12 months. And the score itself is valid over 5 years.

The registration process is simple and the candidates can register for the GRE General Test either online on the official website or via phone. The fees range between US $205 – $230 depending upon the region a candidate is registering from.


GRE Dates for 2018/2019

Unfortunately, there’s only one GRE paper-delivered test remaining for next year on 2nd February 2019. The last day to register for this test is 28th December 2018. The scores will be available online the day after the exam. Visit the website to find out more information tailored specifically to your own needs e.g. location.


Types of GRE Tests

There are broadly three types of GRE tests:


This is for testing the knowledge of a specific field and there’s a separate paper for every field and subject. One can take a GRE test for six subjects: Biology; Chemistry; Literature in English; Mathematics; Physics; and Psychology.

The Subject Test is available in a paper format over 3 times a year in September, October and April.


GRE scores are a widely accepted format by thousands of business schools all over the world including Ivy League schools like Harvard Business School, Stanford University, HEC Paris, London Business School, and University of Oxford. GRE General Test assesses candidates on parameters learnt over time, therefore, it is easier to score high on the GRE than on the GMAT. Another great advantage is that the GRE costs less than the GMAT.


Law is and has always been one of the most lucrative careers to pursue. No wonder thousands every year apply for the GRE for Law School. The GRE General Test is used for admission into numerous Law Schools for the JD Programme. Juris Doctor (JD) is an entry professional degree in law. It is basically a postgraduate course and can be used to practise law in the US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


How to Register for the GRE?

GRE registration can be done online or via phone. Candidates must apply at least two business days before their preferred test dates.

Now that you’ve done your registration, it’s time to hit the books!


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