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BSc in Management at ESCP Business School (Interview)


ESCP Business School is one of the top-ranked institutions in the world which offers rigorous undergraduate and postgraduate studies. ESCP’s wide range of companies network makes it an excellent option for those who are looking to boost up their career prospects.

Additionally, ESCP’s campuses are based in some of the most fascinating European cities, including BerlinLondonMadridParisTurin and Warsaw.

Last time we focused on that institution was when we interviewed a BSc in Management student. There, we were impressed by Laurent’s perspective and we saw the multiple benefits he’s gained through his studies and we got a first-hand feeling of what it’s really like studying at ESCP Business School.

This time, we wanted to see what the Senior Head of Undergraduate Studies in Berlin says about the same programme, the Bachelor in Management BSc. So, we spoke with Charlotte Hillig and here we share with you our conversation!

BSc in Management at ESCP Business School (Interview)

ESCP Head of undergraduate

What is the most important reason to choose the Bachelor in Management at ESCP Business School?

The idea of diversity in the international student body is an invaluable advantage for our students on the educational and job market. It is the perfect preparation for an international career after their studies. Students’ class includes more than 50 nationalities and they study in 3 different European countries and metropolitan cities within 3 years. This, combined with learning 2 other languages in addition to a perfect level of academic English, secures that graduates from ESCP are top-notch candidates for any job already with a bachelor degree.

Is the programme based more on theory or does it also have practical elements?

The programme is well balanced between theoretical preparation and practical experience. Each course has at least one main module that is entirely focused around group work with a practical application. That could be a video created by two or three classmates about an actual product out in the market in a specific field or it could be a case study with multiple questions about a real-life scenario in a company.

What kind of soft skills do students obtain, and why is this important?

Throughout the 3 years, students are forced to develop multiple aspects of intercultural communication. I believe that this soft skill is the most important for anyone who aspires to be successful in working with people: The ability to communicate with people from various backgrounds, cultures, interests and personalities. On top of that students acquire real flexibility in the 3 years in terms of travelling a lot and moving every year to a new country, register with local authorities etc. This experience strengthens their self-esteem and confidence to take new assignments and step out of their comfort zone.


What is the background of current students and alumni?

Students are mostly from a European background, however, in a very broad term as European culture is wildly diverse! All students have graduated from high schools in the top 25% of their cohort. On average, ESCP bachelor students speak 3-4 languages and are more mature in terms of self-awareness and open-mindedness than other 18-23-year-old people.

What are the career prospects after graduation?

Our latest data from 2020 show that 51% of our graduates continue with a master degree, 46% with an international professional career and there is a 3% having a gap year. This balance is an effect of the COVID-19 as the same data from 2019 are 33% masters degree and 67% international professional career. For both years, the main career sectors are Management, IT, Logistics, Purchasing, Finance and Marketing.

Does ESCP offer scholarship Opportunities?

We do offer an ESCP scholarship 10% to 50% academic tuition fees, renewable each year and based on academic & performance merits and financial needs. We also organise in June 2021 a scholarship contest to win a scholarship for the first academic year.

Do you have any application tips and suggestions for prospective students?

We recommend them to be as authentic as possible. During our admission sessions, we have personal interviews with all our candidates in order to get to know them better and see if they are the right fit for our programme, as well as if we are the right fit for them. As our programme is very international, we expect our students to be open-minded and flexible to changes.


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