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What it’s really like studying at ESCP Business School


Are you looking for a global bachelor’s degree in Business or Management? ESCP Business School’s BSc in Management is certainly one of the best in the world, giving also students the opportunity to choose where they study for each year of the three-year programme. These options include BerlinLondonMadridParisTurin and Warsaw.

ESCP Student Interview

Today, we share with you our conversation with a student in this programme. His name is Laurent Högl-Roy, half French-half German. He is studying the BSc in Management, Class of 2020.

Why did you choose ESCP Business School and the BSc in Management?

I had a look at different universities especially in Germany, the UK and France and when I came across the BSc of ESCP Business School, which offers a course over these three countries, I was very intrigued. The international point of view was therefore very important to me.

The reputation and the name of the institution was also an important factor.

– I also liked the idea that it was not a program only focusing on “classic business studies” but that it also had a focus on humanitarian courses and languages.

This mixture makes the programme even more exciting and prepares us better for the real working world after uni. Of course, the “hard skills” are important, but the better you can improve your soft skills, the better you are prepared for any future situations.

– Further, being a business school, the advantages are:

  • Smaller classes, direct contact with the professor
  • Hands-on approach, learning by doing, more active in class
  • Contemporary subjects
  • Many extra services such as Career Service
  • Student life, with the many associations and clubs, it’s amazing

It is also important to note that the program is a BSc (i.e. Bachelor of Science) and not a BA (Bachelor of Arts); this means that we have more quantitative subjects in our curriculum and have a slightly more valued diploma overall.

The atmosphere on the information days during the selection process was also very relaxed, which I really liked. So I felt like the general atmosphere was great right from the start!

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How has your study experience been so far?

My study experience has for sure exceeded my expectations – these three years have gone by in a rush. I got to enjoy the above-mentioned hands-on-approach of a business even more than I thought and learned some valuable skills for which different employers congratulated me for. I could go on for hours but here are some key points about what added to my student experience:

  • The quality of the faculty is brilliant, there is always a specialist of a specific domain teaching us in that domain
  • We learned the material with case studies which gave us a glimpse at future issues we might face
  • We got to see many facets of Europe
  • Discovered new cultures with which one would otherwise never have dealt so intensively; Understand a country better; maybe one can find an internship or a job there and knows what journey they are embarking on
  • Becomes acquainted with the different administrative systems in all the different countries and can quickly get to grips with a change like this later
  • My peers come from many different backgrounds and thus add a valuable point of views in discussions

What impresses me most are all the opportunities we bachelor have after graduating! The previous cohort already had some great prospects the years before. But which impresses me the most is that this year, in the middle of a pandemic, we still have absolutely incredibly great opportunities. Some of my peers got accepted into great and challenging master courses whilst others have started a well-paying job somewhere in the world.

Looking at all the chaos this pandemic has created, it feels like we are living in a parallel world. And this is thanks to the great and approved education we get and the weight the name of our business school has.

To be honest, I sometimes regret that this is only a three years course, I would love to extend my studies here 🙂

What is the professional path you want to follow after studying?

I knew that I was embarking on a journey to later work in a business environment. But it had not been really clear to me what aspects there were to a business and wherein an enterprise I would like to work in. During my studies, I got to like lean management (process optimisation/planning) and confirmed my interest in that field during my internships. I’m doing an internship at Deutsche Bahn in logistics. I’m applying to different places to get a job and was recently accepted to PwC as a Young Associate!

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How is study life in the cities where you’ve studied?

Every location has its own charm; and as mentioned before: the best thing is that we get used to different systems in the different countries which makes it easier for us to adapt faster to new realities. All our campuses are in very local areas of the specific cities, hence we can get a good feel of the places and mingle amongst locals! My personal favourite location was Paris for the city and the atmosphere but Berlin for the great times I spent with my friends there.

What tips would you give to the future students for the Bachelor in Management?

The best tip I can give is: talk to current student ambassadors on the program – we are here to respond to all your questions and will try to give you the best insight into our daily experience as possible so that you can imagine if this program is for you. Other than that, stay open-minded and take advantage of every situation, the time will fly by very fast and you won’t want to miss out on the great chances the university has to offer you! And in general: you won’t be alone in this experience, everyone will be new to this situation and will stick together; everyone supports everyone! The university is also here to help the students develop their full potential!

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