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Barcelona, Spain
Could be better

In general, the education might be considered as acceptable. However, only a few professors really know their subject. Most of them have poor English, use presentations from the Internet without even get deeper into the topic they are talking about. You also need to learn mostly by yourself, search a lot, because the information given in classes differs significantly from the one, which is asked in the assignments.
Besides many misunderstandings with professors, your problems will never be solved. The administration simply does not care about that. It is a waste of time and nerves…
To conclude, I can say that basically, the education process is very interesting and fascinating, you can learn a lot and get good experience. Nevertheless, it does not worth paying for the education that much, and also paying extra for each event.

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April 4, 2017
EU Business School - Official Response
EU Business School - Official Response
Official Reply

Thanks very much for sharing your opinion. In studying for any degree, independent research and independent learning are essential. As entrepreneurs, consultants and business leaders, our lecturers bring to the classroom a priceless blend of the academic and business worlds. They are experts in their fields and they work hard to pass on their in-depth business knowledge to EU’s eager students. Beyond this, EU offers students a huge range of completely free networking opportunities through guest speaker sessions, industrial visits and events such as the recent careers fair in Barcelona. Students are not asked to pay for any of this, and there are no additional fees charged for these prestigious events.

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