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The 10 Best Summer Schools in Europe in 2024


Summer schools can be a totally different experience in ways of normal university life. Some summer school alumni even go as far as to say that the experience was transformative and is the reason they have the job they do. So is it worth investing your time and money in a university this summer? Many summer school students would tell you yes! EDUopinions has done the research and discovered the top 10 summer schools in Europe. Looking for an MBA online? Find which MBAs are the right ones for you.

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1. IE University – Madrid, Spain

IE University offers great summer school programmes for one or two weeks, designed for pre-university students, current students & recent graduates and executives. IE University’s international reputation, combined with the summertime in Madrid, makes this option unbeatable!

2. University of Oxford – Oxford, United Kingdom

The University of Oxford offers The Oxford University Summer School for Adults, full of multiple courses for you to choose from. This school’s duration is between one and four weeks and there are over 100 courses to choose from!

3. London Business School – London, United Kingdom

London Business School offers great summer course options.

The Entrepreneurship Summer School, in particular, will give you insights and teach you skills that enable you to shape your business idea and bring it to life.

4. University of Cambridge – Cambridge, United Kingdom

You can’t go wrong by attending a summer programme at one of the leading universities in the world. At Cambridge, you have multiple course options to choose from and the chance to be on one of the world’s most beautiful campuses!

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5. Tilburg University – Tilburg, The Netherlands

Serious fun – that’s the motto of the Tilburg University summer school. You’ll get to attend challenging courses, but the emphasis is on the social programme. The green campus itself is a huge advantage. You can choose from several academic and language courses. Just to give you a glimpse of how fun the school is, check out this course: Bible and Video Games. How cool is that?

6. EU Business School – Barcelona, Spain

This EU Business School programme is for high school seniors (final year), BA students, recent graduates, and young professionals. Whoever wants to boost their business skills, can attend the summer school. Bonus: Summer in Barcelona!

7. Utrecht University – Utrecht, The Netherlands

Utrecht is a wonderful city. The summer there is not too hot, so you’ll enjoy your day and evening walk around the charming neighbourhoods. But you’ll also enjoy the education you get at Utrecht University. You can choose from several courses in different disciplines, including languages, healthcare, life sciences, business, social sciences, culture, science, and more.

8. Catholic University of Portugal – Lisbon, Portugal

Speaking of charming cities, Lisbon will definitely impress you. The Catholic University of Portugal summer programme will change your perspective, as the university says. You can choose to focus on marketing trends or international ventures and the programme lasts for 12 days.

9. ISC Paris Business School – Paris, France

Would you love to see Paris? Why don’t you use the opportunity to improve your business skills while exploring one of the most beautiful cities in the world?

Luxury Products Management is quite an attractive programme at ISC Paris Business School. It is very specific, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll do with your business idea by the end of the 3-week session. To enter the programme, you need to prove you’ve completed two years of higher education or a BA degree.

10. Technical University of Berlin – Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a highly urban environment, where young people from all around the world connect. It’s the cultural heart of Europe. TU Berlin offers several summer school programmes, lasting from two to four weeks.

You can choose to study German, precision engineering, programming and Java, BioDesign, and much more. With the exception of the German language programme, the lessons are provided in English. Given the fact that you’ll need to write projects, you might need to rely on academic writing help if English is not your native language.

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So, yes, you’ll need to make an investment to attend any of these summer schools. But you’ll get a high-quality education in return, and you’ll get to explore a beautiful European city. Can you think of a better way to spend your summer?

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Editor’s note: This article was first published on the 9th of January 2019. We’ve updated it for current readers.

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