Student review [2410] for ESADE Business School

Student review [#2410]
at ESADE Business School

Barcelona, Spain
31 Jul, 2017
Anonymous Student
"If you want to study hard, Esade is the right place for you"

Esade is a great Business and Law School. It appears in many rankings, such as in the Financial Times, where it appears as the first one worldwide in Graduate Career Progress, or in The Economist, where it appears as the second in Europe in Salary Increase. Esade is very well-known for its level of demand to its students, who after working hard, see their efforts rewarded with (almost always)a good job in a leading Business Company or Law Firm.
I am at the fourth year (of five years and a half) of the Double Dregree in Business Administration and Law. What I can say up to now is that you have to be a very hard-working, well-organised, determined person if you want to get into this double degree at Esade. It is the program at Esade (for graduates) that has a higher workload, therefore you have to be a person who can handdle the pressure, and who does not let nerves interfere its actions.
This Double Degree at Esade gives you a wild perpective, as you learn a lot from different subjects both in Business and Law. If your desire is to become a very competent person in your field, being able to work effectively, this is th right place for you. Esade is known for the level of competence it requires to its students. Personally, this is an aspect that I found very appealing when I chose to study here. In other words, knowing that Esade students are well-prepared when they leave the School is something that gives you security, in case you are the kind of “future- concerned” teenager.
And it is undeniable, that when you are in, you start to understand the sense of its reputation and the reason why Esade students are offered a (wide) range of jobs when they get out. You start to see that the focus is to study and study, and get the highest posible scores. At first sight, this is a positive aspect of Esade institution, as it really encourages its students to study hard and be the best ones. However, for the students that start to repeat certain subjects, it is a battle that never ends. The reason? Suspended subjects must be taken in the same examinations as the new subjects. So if you start to fail subjects, you are trapped in a vicious circle: while the others can study harder to improve their marks, you have to take all the new subjects and the repeated ones at the same dates, so schedules are terrible, and time is scarce. Notwithstanding, with a lot of effort and with Little time for your family, your friends and for you, you can recover and Little by Little catch up.
I would strongly recommend this double degree if you meet the characteristics mentioned above. However, always bearing in mind that in order to take it you may have to give up some things, as there are very heavy seasons in wich you must focus exclusively on studying.
Finally, the people of this double degree are very competent, and they sometimes can turn into very “competitive” students. I consider it can be a positive thing to a point, but sometimes the limits are overpassed. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the university is very good in general. All sorts of sportive, cultural, political, educational events and activities take place in Esade, and there are associations of all kinds (which you can join after passing a selection process which is supervised by the veteran students)
Studying is really what has most value in this Esade Business and Law School, however, it has many other activities, and the overall atmosphere is very good.

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