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Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre - UFCSPA Review

Porto Alegre, Brazil
Diuly Mie
My five years of experience

I studied medicine at UFCSPA for 5 years and I consider it an excellent college. The physical part is well enough, except for the lack of rooms in some periods mainly for meetings and extraclass activities. We have a good library, computers on different floors, cleanliness, ambiance and aesthetics all brand new. We have improved, as far as possible, the encouragement of science and scientific production. Good teachers and adequate precepts in most disciplines and internships. A curriculum framework that has been updated and improved despite still faults. A criticism that has improved in recent years but which is still a problem for me is the lack of space for students to participate in the construction of the university, we do not have much space in commissions, bureaucratization to carry out extension activities, lack of annual evaluation in courses and disciplines and difficulty performing elective placements outside the curriculum.
Despite these difficulties, I was able to participate in some commissions, extension projects and internships in other places.

Programme: Medicine
Graduation: 2019
Student Life
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