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Why you should study Business in Switzerland


Switzerland is the motherland of international organisations and a hub for trade, finance and business. It is only normal that such high professional value has resulted in an outstanding educational system. This is particularly true for students who want to pursue business studies. Hence, in this article EDUopinions introduces you to one of Switzerland’s most renowned schools and tells you why studying business in Switzerland is great.

Why is Switzerland a good place to study?

Swiss fondue

Chocolate, skiing, fondue,… You have probably heard about all these Swiss delicacies and yet, they are only the cherries on top of the cake! There are several reasons why Switzerland is such a good place to pursue your education, and quality of life is definitely one. Indeed, Switzerland consistently finds a spot among the happiest countries in the world (fourth in 2021, according to Forbes). Moreover, it is home to many renowned educational institutions that attract individuals from around the world.

Switzerland is located in the middle of the European continent and is part of the Schengen travel area. In other words, it is very easy to discover the continent and broaden your horizons. Yet, that might not be necessary as the country itself is already extremely diverse thanks to its four communities: French, Italian, German and Romansh.

One major challenge for many students in Switzerland is the high costs of living.

Why should you study Business in Switzerland?

When it comes down to business studies, Switzerland is a true hotspot for ambitious students. Here are three reasons why:

Financial institutions

Zurich and Geneva, the two largest Swiss cities, are world-renowned financial hubs that host countless banks and welcome many business conferences every year. In other words, a lot of networking takes place, commodities are traded, and deals are closed. Moreover, the country is home to several prestigious international organisations such as the World Economic Forum and the World Trade Organisation. Finally, the famous low tax levels and privacy laws attract many companies and professionals from which the country and its infrastructures benefit.

Humanitarian world and international organisations

Many of the most active NGOs were created in Switzerland. Yet, even more, organisations have established their headquarters there. Think of Doctors Without Borders, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the GAVI Alliance, to name a few. Whether you want to work in the corporate sector, the humanitarian sector or in international policy, Switzerland has it.

Multicultural environment

In addition to its pluricultural communities, Switzerland also enjoys a multicultural business environment. Millions of people travel to this country to work with the multiple international institutions established there. Therefore, as a business student, you get amazing networking opportunities that you could hardly get anywhere else.

Why does Switzerland have one of the best education systems in the world?

Switzerland is home to some of the best business schools in the world. As described above, its quality of life and business environment attract countless companies and professionals. One of the country’s top schools and leading innovators in business education is the Business School Lausanne.

“At Business School Lausanne, not only do we teach Business Administration, we create Business Administration practice and knowledge!”


Business School Lausanne - campus

Business School Lausanne offers bachelor’s, master’s, MBA and DBA programmes that aim to create a new generation of leaders capable of addressing the fundamental challenges and changes of the 21st century. The creative courses, experienced faculty and business-driven sustainability philosophy of the school attract students from all around the world. On average, the student body is made up of over 60 different nationalities! In order to best accompany students through personalised education, classes are small and the school encourages everyone to interact with other students, teachers and business partners to truly take advantage of what the university has to offer, and hence blossom.

Business School Lausanne is accredited by the ACBSP and its programmes have been ranked among the best business programmes in Switzerland:

Conclusions on why you should study Business in Switzerland

Switzerland has a lot to offer to motivated students who are eager to meet highly qualified professionals in various field. In addition, the country is beautiful and life is good there. Thanks to numerous renowned school such as the Business School Lausanne, we are confident that you can find a programme that suits you to pursue your business studies. Get in touch with us to receive free guidance!

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