Top Universities & Business Schools To Study In Spain Part III

Top Universities & Business Schools To Study In Spain Part III


Today we at EDUopinions are taking a closer look at Spain’s EU Business School (Barcelona) and ESERP Business School (Barcelona and Madrid). Let’s dive right in and see what students at these institutes have to say.

You can go back to the first and second article to have a better understanding of all the universities and business schools from Spain we have reviewed in this series.

For more information on studying in Spain, including information on tuition fees and student visas, then you can visit our dedicated Spain page.

The Top 7 Educational Institutions to Study in Spain Based on Students Reviews:

  1. ESADE Business School
  2. IE University
  3. IESE Business School
  4. Universidad Complutense De Madrid (UCM)
  5. Universitat de Barcelona (UB)
  6. EU Business School
  7. ESERP Business School

Today we will be ending this series of articles and we will talk about EU Business School and ESERP Business School we hope this final article and the interesting reviews from students can help you decide if these Business Schools are a good fit for you.

EU Business School – 3.7 stars, 121 reviews

In Spain EU Business School has a campus in Barcelona, with further campuses in Montreux (Switzerland), Geneva, and Munich. Of course as previously mentioned, the advantage that is being located in Barcelona is massively important for students. Aside from this, however, students’ EDUopinions comments on EU are wildly varying and can be confusing to read. Some opinions on the university are so different about the same topic that they are like black and white. Let’s take a look at some of the points EU students are talking about.

One of the main points of contention is the high fees students must pay at the EU Business School. Some believe the rates are justified, as students are given an individual tutor for help with their thesis. Others believe that the high rates are not justified whatsoever, and feel so especially because they believe that the level of education received at the business school is not worth the price paid for it. One student notes that they paid 600 euro extra for a tutor only to work with the said tutor for four hours a week.

Leading on from the opinion that the education received at EU is not worth the money is the fact that numerous students have left comments on EDUopinions declaring the easiness of their courses and examinations. Similar to this, many have voiced concerns over the admission process to the business school, as numerous students have stated that they found themselves working with fellow students who did not possess an adequate level of English for studying and working through the language. A student studying engineering mentions on EDUopinions how they were aware that a certain level of mathematics would be required to study the subject, but that not all of their classmates had achieved such a level.

Another subject with mixed criticism regarding EU Business School is the administration and organisation there. Some compliment the staff in these departments and outline how well looked after they felt during their time at EU. Others desire an improvement in this part of the university, especially as some students have experienced problems with buildings and classrooms not being big enough to hold the required number of students, and another student stating that there is no place in which to eat lunch on campus.

A vital piece of information aspiring students ought to know is, according to current and past EU students, there is a maximum of three absences allowed per semester, which students find tough. This may be strict, however, it must be said that universities all over the world struggle with massive numbers not attending their classes, and so a limited allowance of absences may be a good thing.

A further point about EU which creates extremely mixed reviews in its EDUopinions comment section is its career support services. Some students regard it as great, and even EU Business School itself has officially replied to several EDUopinions comments noting that many of its former students have gone on to be CEOs and CFOs of many well-known companies, such as Nestlé. Conversely, several students are of the opinion that EU does not have a widely known reputation in the business world and so it is not an outstanding part of graduates’ CVs. One student in particular outlines on the EDUopinions site that they learned no practical knowledge during their studies that could help them in their professional career as a graduate.

One final area that needs improvement and is mentioned a handful of times is the extracurricular activities at EU Business School. A portion of students would like to see this part of the university grow and develop.

As for good points about EU, countless EDUopinions commenters praise the multicultural environment and love that they can and indeed have made friends from all over the world through EU.

Lots of students also compliment the teachers at the business school, calling them professional. Many EU lecturers are from Great Britain, and so bring with them the advantage of being lectured by a native English speaker.

Also, there is the option at EU to start an MBA from beginner level, no doubt giving more students more choices in their professional lives, despite whatever they may have studied in the past.

So, there are – a little confusingly – students’ opinions on EU Business School in Barcelona. It seems the institute may have to rethink their educational programmes a little, but they are definitely already at a good level to work from.


Top Universities & Business Schools To Study In Spain Part III


EU Business School appears to offer its students a scholarship to study in Boston, USA, as well as some scholarships that cover 20% of the costs of some programmes. Here is some information from EU’s website.



ESERP Business School – 3.9 stars, 87 reviews

Located in both Barcelona and Madrid we have the ESERP Business and Law School.

Like many of the institutes in this article, the beautiful Barcelona location, where ESERP has a centrally-located campus, is a major plus for students.

Additionally, students mention several times the affordable cost of studying at ESERP. They outline how it is relatively low in comparison to similar institutes, but you will likely still receive the same level of education.

Another commonly occurring ESERP characteristic in students’ EDUopinions contributions is the ‘international atmosphere’ at the university. Students can make friends from all four corners of the globe and educate themselves on a wide range of different cultures as a result.

Teaching practical knowledge and therefore going beyond the theoretical is yet another commonly recurring theme in this article and indeed for universities all over the world today. ESERP is no different. In addition to teachers using real-life cases in many classes, the university also stages events such as unconventional workshops which make students re-evaluate and think differently.

Further upsides to ESERP according to its students are the well-kept facilities, and the ability to work full time while studying at the university.

A topic garnering mixed student reviews is teachers at ESERP. Some think they are good, some bad. Some have no complaints about the professors at the business school, while others believe that several teachers need to improve their English.

The other point turning up differing opinions is the administration at ESERP. On the EDUopinions site, you will find contributions from students who found the administrative workers at the institute to be very helpful (even in multiple languages!), with other students experiencing a lack of organisation at the university. This may be down to uniquely personal experiences over a number of years and depending on a wide variety of factors.

Again, these may often pertain to personal situations, but here are some other ESERP downsides from students; some believe that ESERP’s one-year masters programmes are too short, some believe that ESERP is more suitable for those looking to add to and upgrade their qualifications, and not those starting out, and finally, one student, in particular, was not happy with the university policy that at ESERP students must sign over the rights of their final project to the university – specifically because this student had completed a business plan. He felt he was not adequately forewarned about this.

To conclude, ESERP Business School is, as admitted even by its students, not a school that is usually found in top national, European, or international rankings, but many treat it as if it should be, and as if it deserves a place in this top tier – so the future looks bright for ESERP Business School.


Top Universities & Business Schools To Study In Spain Part III


ESERP seems to be quite broad in its application process for scholarships. The school makes these opportunities available ‘with the objective of allowing anyone who fits the profile required by our rigorous admissions process to enter our programmes, we offer financial aid to students through Scholarship programmes, financing, and financial guidance.’ Follow this link if you would like to apply for an ESERP scholarship, or if you would like to know more about them. 



And that brings us to the end of our descriptions on a handful of Spanish universities. The wide range of choices is unquestionably there, so perhaps it is for students thus to decide on an institute based on the differences between them, and to base this decision on their highly personal preferences. We sincerely hope you have found this article helpful and useful – please let us know in the comments, and please contribute to the EDUopinions site about your own university experience!


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